[Ch3] Poo Kong Yod Ruk (Good Feeling)


New pairing : Ter Chantavit and Margie Rasri Looks like a romcom & new script to me. Surely, they will be a fun pair to watch ^^ Nice to see Ter taking up more lakorn roles.


Thanks to bellher for sparking up memory lane for me lol This is a remake of Pood Kong Yod Rak starring Sornram and Tik Kanyarat in (02') version and Tui AF3&Diana in (07') version.

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sarNie Adult
wow.... i'm scream out loud... time for rainy of Margie's lakorn...
Ter & Great.... wow i'm cheer both Margie new pra'ek...
Anyone know the storyline? heard that this is remake for the 7th time...
n it's a very popular lakorn... anyone generous please share... :spin:

oppsss... google uncle help me...
here the synopsis...
~Pan Namsupan (Ter) is a graduate from law school, and has been practising law for almost a year, before the time when he could no longer postpone the military conscription came.He had to go back to his hometown for the event, but it seemed like his parents, village headman Pu and the wife Jan, were really agaist this military service. In the end (as you all can tell), Pan was accepted in the training (he did fake his profile completing the background section as high-school education) and was placed in the army unit where he met Capt.Chaweepong (MarGie) for the second time. She was his love-at-first-sight when they met coincidentally at the temple fair. Soon, he found out that she was a daughter of the over-protective father, Lt.Col.Puan Khemayotin and ever-so-stingy mother, madam Chawaiwong. Not only that, he also had to compete with Med Major Sudtisarn in order to win the heart of the beautiful Captain.


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This drama sounds like the lakorn Sornram was in way back. Idk the title but he played as a solider too and son of the village leader. Naek was also a Lt. It sounds similar to the story line


OMG you're right bellher! It is the one P'Num was in with P'Tik lmao I remember always seeing their version at the video stores but never rented it!! lol 
Yeah, it is a remake. Old version starred Tik Kanyarat and Num Sornram. I remember it was so funny. Lol.
Ter definitely suits funny roles. Margie makes the perfect poo kong too. Lol. I think they look cute together. Lakorn itself seems like a load of fun.
Looking forward to it!


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I saw pics on IG and was like like whattt??? My Margie & Ter in a lakorn?? Let alone a remake of Poo Kong.. lol... oh wow... I'm happy, I know they'll do well since they're both so goofy :3  Glad to see more of them onscreen.
I'm surprised this lakorn is being remade so much let alone at a fast rate too!!!


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Maybe it's just me ... but I always find Margie and Ter to have this certain appeal to them that just makes them so compatible with other actors/actresses... like I'm already loving this pairing LOL.  And most of the time their pairings always work our great or fine too! hehe :)
I love the pic of Margie pulling Ter's ear. :p


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here another video~ love Ter n Gie interaction... their chemy quite good...


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can anyone give me a link of where i can watch the original lakorn w eng subs? (i read the previous comments) i'm a bargie fan and i'm having a hard time watching other lakorn esp if they're being paired up with somebody else, but this one, i will give it a try since it looks like a rom com based from the pics!
The lead actor looks like one of the singers in my home country, that's what caught my attention haha!


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Ter and Margie? They look good together. :D So the lakorn is pretty funny, eh? Sounds perfect for these two. lol I can't wait to see this lakorn then. Hopefully I'll stay tune once that day comes. lol Thanks! :D


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older version is quite good and funny hope this Ter and Margie version will be even more funny but something unlucky production is GoodFeeling