[Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)


sarNie Egg
Isn't this the one Kim rumored to be in and start filming in April?If it's lakorn Thai, high chance to be true since they haven't opened any project yet this year. And I heard lakorn thai has booked Nadech again before GRGR finished filming. And I see this pairing coming ever since Nadech dropped hint on pantip last year. lol I thought they would pair in Yakuza. It would be all good if kim in this one and taew in Yakuza,hahahahah. wishful thinking. :dance3:

Hope this one gets confirmed soon. sounds drama drama and I like it. :dance2: More Nadech!!


sarNie Juvenile
I read at Kim fanpage at pantip two or three days ago. They said that Kim might be in this lakorn but don't know who is a p'ek. And now there are a rumour that is Nadech. Also,there are a rumour that this lakorn will start filming soon. Everthing is still not confirm. But if Kim will star in this lakorn than 2012 is really her year


sarNie Juvenile
I think that there are a high chance that Kim will star in this lakorn because the lakorn that Nadech star with yaya will finish filming in april.
And if you think in that way, Ann close to p' Da. P'Da might want to work in Kim too. But it' s up to channel anyway. But it' s true that my dream will become true. I wait them to pair up since last her.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I don't think Nadech will have time for this one unless they wait for him late next year. Isn't Wave Media booking him too?


sarNie Hatchling
Wave Media did book him but they haven't found a script for him yet. Lakorn Thai also booked him, so the chance of Nadech being in here is very high. Timing fits perfectly for his schedule also.


sarNie OldFart
oh wow, if it is true to be barry and kim then damn. they might have a chemistry just like kim and mark.
when i first heard kim/mark together i was like "no,man" b/c they were sibling but i was wrong. i love the
both of them now together. so i'll give kim/barry a chance if they're pair in here really. :)


sarNie Oldmaid
I love that photo of them together, they both a long structured face.. :)

Kim looks so gorgeous with that look -- hope she will have that kind of hair/wardrobe in future lakorn.


sarNie Adult
Oh man, Kimberley is on a roll because she has been getting a bunch of lakorn offers consecutively lately. Good for her. LakornThai production is my #1 favorite production too.... hope the pra'ek is really Nadech because that boy needs to pair up with other nang'eks.