[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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@Vimalee, thanks for the pictures, they're so adorable!!!
Here are the lists of the Top Awards 2012 .
Best Actors

Best Actresses

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Good Luck to Nadech and Yaya.


sarNie Adult
I think Nadech will win for best actor. For actress, I really hope Yaya wins, but when i look at the actress list, I think Janie will win.
Is yadech have coming up event on Jan. 31st?


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happy that yadech are nominated amongst the best, i am proud of them even if they dont win heh, but vimalee, who determines the winner, are fans allowed to vote?

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yadech esp yaya looks soooooooo cute here, bubba, vimalee and kittiya, what does the article say? please please help us out, thank you thank you


sarNie Hatchling
hope yadech wins again ! heart them 2 much ! love their lakorn.  may i know when will da award show be telecast ?
wish ryu & mayumi story is real in yadech's lives.....nadech waiting for yaya to graduate then go full swing to court her !!!!!  dream dream and will be sweetest dream if comes true !  yadech shippers will be so hapi !!!!


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Can someone explain why everytime I edit my post it come out looking like the post up there.


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MrscChum said:
Can someone explain why everytime I edit my post it come out looking like the post up there.
It happen to me when I posted a pict. sigh ..don know what wrong w/ AF new system..
OK I will vote. Thanks :cheer:


Dal said:
I am loving Nadech's hair!!!

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Hahahahaha love nadech so much. I really miss his acting of Daung jai akkanee remembering how young he was, he had much more of an baby face. Hahahaha Nadech. Love him. Waiting for RFTD.


I want a more sophisticated & grown up look for Yaya as Mayumi. She is a doctor after all. I wonder how they will do her hair.

@Somp, yes, I believe Ryu's hair will be like this ka. Mario has hair cut already too. Also, maybe they are in post production for "Koo Gum" so he has this hairstyle too. Fitting for this lakorn should be soon. Ryu will be in the first part here & there. I suppose that is why his hair is getting ready. Nadech looks really bad arse & hot with thus hair style.

@Fantastic, Ryu will be a more mature version if Fai. LOL. Ryu is similar to Fai...