[CH3] Ruk Gun Punlawan (Feel Good Entertainment) : Nine Napat / Ice Preechaya


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Maaaaan... this looks cute but I already had my reservations with the storyline at the beginning. Then the teaser had to end with THAT line: A tom like you needs to meet a man like me.
Ick. If they're going to have him fall in love with her, can't they do it without the whole..."I'm a manly man and I can turn all the lesbians straight"...*groans*
Nine and Ice make a cute pair.


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This is going to be in the next slot, but not sure exactly when it's airing since Thailand is going into mourning in October.


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I wished he would be in a meatier lakorn. This one is just...he is handsome enough to be an alpha male but has that charming appeal. Even if he was a jerk of a pra'ek you would still root for him lol. Hopefully, his next lakorn is better.


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He's a first timer for lakorn so light romantic comedy is probably for his benefit. There's still material for fans to swoon over I'm sure. It is Pa'Jaew.

But have no fear he's got another one lined up already with Jeena, the n'ek currently working with James Ma. No clue who it's with or what kind of drama but I have a feeling Ch3 is banking on Nine and Jeena to be their next big thing.


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Yes, it is good for Nine to start off with a light romantic comedy. I like Nine already and hope he does well for his first lakorn.


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Where can I watch rakkanpanlawan english subbed?


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Fell asleep while watching the end of ep.6 last night. I think matt sort of develop some feelings for tun. Sometimes he gave a little smile when tun not looking & sometimes he act jealous. Narak maakk...


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Omg, I can't lol.... This lakorn is ridiculous but still good rofl. Namcha trying to make Nine jealous, and he is jealous just not of her, but of Ice ahhahaha