[CH3] Ruk Lamoon Loon Lamai




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sarNie Adult
I only episode 1, but many seem to be in luv w/it :p
Ann t is beautiful in this lakorn :D

From what I read and see Ann is an actress in the lakorn, but since the newer generation is coming in strong they wanted to kick Ann off as a n'ke and to start playing mother roles. Ann does not like this idea so she quits?... She went to Switzerland to learn about hotel management cuzz her dad owns one and soon she'll take over....and that's where she met Kong :p


really really like this lakorn... it reminds me of those old lalita's lakorns back in the days... like. yum merh lome pud huon... prik kee noo kub moo ham... and so on... wouldn't it be so cool if this was lalita and willy? aniwaise... not complaining... it just very refreshing to see that this kinda lakorn is made! yippeeeee! yeap... ann is so pretty! and kong's character is kinda funny... cus his english is really FOB! but you can understand him if he speaks slowly...lol... i like aom sunisa since her singing days... so i really like that she is in here... and since it's summer over here in the usa... it is so nice to see snow! lol.... and the place don't look that cold... just a lot of snow! it is so beautiful! switzerland is on my list of places to travel to... someday.... just someday! but... if you guys haven't seen this... you are really missing out on something! :p


sarNie Elites
i think the lakorn is really cute and funny. the scenery is great. ne one who hasn't been to switzerland should definetly go there at least once in their life. it's one of my favorite places since i was young. ne way i think the lakorn is a little reminscent of older lakorns like some of you said. Perhaps it is because Nok Jariya (Johnny Enfone's wife), who was a nangek back in the day is directing or producing it. ne ways, have you guys noticed that there's quite a lot of music in the lakorn? it was just something i noticed, but i like the music so it's cool. the plot is pretty typical and predictable, but what lakorn isn't? ann's character is great. i know a lot of you might be reluctant cause you're not a kong fan or ne thing, but give the first episode a try and you'll be hooked. i can't wait to see num kunchai and aom's character hook up - that'll surely be hilarious as well...

i already uploaded the first two episodes (uploading epi 3 as i am typing) in the buddie section, so check it out if you want...


sarNie Egg
I luv this lakorn. Like what sunflower said it's refreshing to watch this kind of lakorn again. I love Ann's character she's so clumsy and funny. It's great that she's trying out new role, i don't believe I have seen ann in these kind of comedy role before. She's still the drama queen, because she is a celebrity in this lakorn, but she's still funny....like in episode 3 where she was walking down the hotel hall way to go to her room she triped on the rug and knocked down the vase... :lol: ...she was like thank god no one saw me...LOL...and the one time when she tried to get out of bed and tripped on the blanket... :lol: ...so funny. I like it when her and Kong argue, it's just so cute. I don't really mind Kong, he's a good actor but damn his hair is kind of annoying in this lakorn.


sarNie Adult
Hey Aom is in there! and that funny dude.. I forgot his name.. but he was totally silly in Kaw Paw lol


Yeah i love the snow..it reminds meeh of the movie Hua Jai Lad Fah with Donut and Film...hehehe soo much snowwwww..yay..man too bad i can't dl or else i would...stupid computer...oh well ill just go rent it...imm be so behind from you guys though...the way you guys talk about this movie makes meeh so excited to watch it.


sarNie Hatchling
this is a great storyline love ann in this :D but dont really like kong that much but i think they look cute together :wub:


sarNie Hatchling
yeah this lakorn is a great romantic lakorn to watch...I love to see Switzerland cuz I wanna go there so bad haha...maybe soon...and Ann is soo cute in here...I love the way she dress..Im about to copy it for when it gets cold over here haha..and Kong I like him..I like many of his lakorns..been liking him since I was veryyy young when he was with the band Nuvo.my father loved him haha...and as for Aom...she's soo cute in here..I love her character..gawd I just love her... :blink:


sarNie Adult
I love Ann. She's my favorite n'ek. Can't wait to watch it.


sarNie Adult
omg ive been waitin for ann to cme out with a movie...and now dat she does..is with kong!?....i uno if ill watch it but i guess ill wa tch it for her sake haha


sarNie Adult
Dude..Kong is freaking handsome and such a pro compared to the teenyboppers nowadays. Ann and Kong are so freaking cute in this one..and Switzerland is beautiful!! Hurrrrrr..can't wait to get my 2nd dvd. :D


sarNie Coma
i really love this lakorn..its very romantic and sweet..kong and ann has good chemistry and lots of sweet scenes..and ann looks very pretty as always..i like how its not so dramatic..cuz i seen alot of dramatic lakorn and now i just want to watch something romantic for now