[CH3] Sai Lub Jub Abb Series (Good Feeling)


sarNie Adult
Cr. Komchadluek
New project of Good Feeling production that is Sai Lub Jub Abb series. In this series, it has three story
insist of Luang (Tub) Taew Taek, Rueng (Lub) Kai Rahut Jai, and Jub Huajai Khun Chai (Toh...Toh)
Luang (Tub) Taew Taek
Cr. Booksmile


Pornnangfah will intend to do first mission of own. How do it hard ? that just find out suspect gay in boy brand group
that name is Blue Prince. When her target is superstar not people, so she have to disguise as innocent girl who is their fan.
Working isn't problem for her, but charming of four of them is malting hard-hearted detective girl, and caught in own trap
that catch a gay, and how she can know who is gay in Blue Prince.
- Lion a cheeky boy
- Kevin a annoying guy
- Jung Bae a half-Thai and half-Korean
or Kata a romantic guy.
It seem like she have to use her heart for found out.
Rueng (Lub) Kai Rahut Jai

Cr. Booksmile

Oranart worry about Panthit who is his son that don't have girlfriend, and she saw that he sleep to rest on Wathunyoo his best friend on the bed.
So she consult with Wanna who is mother of Wathunyoo, and get advice that hire detective
Buabunga a woman who have attractive for woman, and always have bad moment with gay. So she decide to join g-scan group, and take this job.
She ask for help from Treechawa a lady boy who she secretly love for that take her to set of Panthit for finding a prove that he is gay or not,
but he step forward for courting her. 
Meanwhile, he show suspect thing with Wathanyoo like holding ass each other, or acting like closing with Wathunyoo more than friend.
She start to confuse that hie is gay or not ? Panthit tell Buabunga that he confuse, and ask her for help. Buabunga almost be caught in trap,
but Anurak who is her friend can help her, and warn her that this target more dangerous than other target.
Her proving mission keep going among her shaken in a heart, and Buabunga must defeat him, and fall in love with him. Then, she sleep with him
in spite of she don't sure that he is gay or not ? and she don't know that she become his target, and he can win her heart.
Jub Huajai Khun Chai Toh...Toh
Cr. Booksmile


Anna fall in love with Doctor Tai, so people in his house call him as Khun Chai of Mutcha palace, because he like to feed ornamental fish,
and his mother and grandmother like to watch drama till thinking that both of them is Mom Mae and Mom Yah in lakorn.
Anna has a aunt that name is Parepin. She still be single, and she think that she is single better, because she's embarrassing that she was used by gay.
So she secretly join g-scan group, and stalk Doctor Tai, because she will make him admit that he is gay. She doubt him, because he have many straight behaviors,
and she have the way for caviling for many step, but Chayuth who she meet him at risky place, and she call him as Lek Anthato. He will always stop her,
and doubt that Parepin love Tai.
When Chayuth stop Pare in many times. It make her wonder that Chayuth secretly be playmate with Tai. Chayuth suggest Tai that pretend to be gay,
and pretend to be his lover. He need Parepin get angry, but the one who happy is Chayuth that like her more everyday. When everything is end in good way.
Parepin mean to prove that Chayuth is big like he siad...That it !



LOL> SarN. I knew you would comment bout the book covers. I's interesting, but it's involved with one thing, proving that someone is gay or not. Hahaha. I wonder who would be casted. :)


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Another series to look forward too...I hope to know who the cast in here and hope it not newbie and hope it doesn't lack like the Mafia series....


x.ATKD.x said:
Maybe newbies will be cast in this one. The covers of those books though lol.
sarN said:
gosh, all these six pack man on book cover , why do i feel like it's a softporn movie  :ghehe:
LOL. The only one that catches my eyes is the second one. The first and third one are too much. (Meaning the covers.) But seeing those covers make me think of a few guys. (Toey Pongsakorn, Denkhun Ngamnet, Phet Thakrit) LOL.


Boy again in another "gay" supposedly role?! I'll wait for it. I think Boy and Pat look good together. Can't wait to find out who the other cast are. :)


sarNie Adult
I cringed looking at the fitting pictures. It was def a bad idea to pair those two up. 


Mrs James Ma
The idea of Pat to work with Boy is Pat's mom's idea :)
I saw the fitting pics, awwww Boy sooo cute without beard :p he is looking young also :dance3:


sarNie Hatchling
I actually find them quite cute together. May even give this one a try. I love the way Boy smiles. It looks so happily playful. 


sarNie OldFart
I love Good Feeling productions the most right now at Ch. 3, so I'm looking forward to this. I adore Pat, too. :heart: