[Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)


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thanks to jakjaan and pantown

interesting cast. i wonder if there will be 3 n'ek as well? it would suck if theres just 1


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O m g 3 hot looking guys seriously I hope there are 3 neks I was not satisfied when Barry got w/ nobody in there other lakorn


[font="'Palatino Linotype"]This is a remake again *-*/[/font]
Old version was with: Ton Jukkrapun, Au Thanakorn , Pip Rawit and Nang ek was Khem Rujira, Um Siriyakorn and Nan Chalida.
That means we have 3 new nang eks for this remake ^^
I hope these 3 guys will comfirm soon ^__________^


sarNie Coma
^^omg, i liked the old version! it was a cute lakorn. my fav. couple was Nan/Au. did they changed the title? doesnt sound familiar

i thought the other n'ek was Pok Piyatida?


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Oooooo three major hotties! especially Mark!!!! Please pick a pretty na'ek for these hotties!!!!


sarNie Adult
The second word is Noom (as in guy/man etc). Pok was the other n'ek paired with Jakrit. Oom S. wasn't in it. Au/Nan were my favorite couple too, they were the cutesy bickering funny couple of the 3. But I think Pok/Jakrit had the most romantic wedding of the 3 couples, Ford's Trab Dai was their theme song and played during their wedding and back then I was obsessed with that song.

Here's the opening credit and also the uploader has the entire series on their channel too.



sarNie Coma
the ost was really nice and sweet. its one of my all time fav. song of Ford. i hope they will choose a good singer for this version as well although i would perfer Ford.


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Oh wow. Interesting! Barry & Mark again.
Mario is cute but i'm not really a fan of his...
But anyways, Excited for this. Hope they confirm it soon!
Wonder who these 3 lucky n'eks are gonna be. Newbies possibly?!


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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN MEAH!!!! lol.. i'm gonna be so freaken happy if this is true!!! WHOOT WHOOT!! i love them 3 boys! now im just curious as to who the n'eks will be...

hmmm im kinda interested in watching the old one now.. lol..


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nice, all three cute guys but i'm not a fan of mario. i hope mark will get a pretty and cute nangek. I actually want Toey to pair up with Mark. I'm a really big fan of Toey, she's cute and adorable. They need to put 3 pretty and cute nangek for these young prakek.

a storyline please?


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I don't don't know if there a topic for this yet or not. If there is can't someone delete topic.

credit to: (Barry site) nadechworld.com

Title: สามหนุ่มเนื้อทอง (Can someone translate the title)


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yes, we have a topic of it already.

so it must be confirmed that barry is in here? i wonder whos the other 2 actors and whos barry pairing up with


sarNie Adult
Hmm all these three actors are handsome. I hope they can pull off the characters real well. Who is the oldest between these three? It's going to be hard to find the ladies to match them. I hope the ladies are newbies but one have to be young and mature. Pok's character needs to be young, mature and independent so the girl doesn't have to be newbie.


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Another thing i was wondering with the 3 hottie will act on which character from the old version. I reckon Mario is the oldest one out of 3 guys but he has this
baby face.