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crap, i type it up and it went away....sorry to lazy to type is all up...short summary..SPOILERS
N'k work for p'k as nurse for the sister...p'k is extremely mean...he R her...push her and hurt her. Doc help her...she later Pregger...P'k meets the girl that looks like his dead wife...he begin to court her...he jealous of his bro...try to make n'k jealous...still extremely mean...some1 dead...i miss the name 


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Iya said:
darn it, I can't understand thai. Anyone want to lend me a hand and interpret this for me. lol. I just happens love spoilers. 
Okay I also started typing it and then I hit close and didn't save so I had to start over so it has taken me longer than I wanted to spend on it.  I just listened to the video a sentence or two at a time and did my best to translate.  Although I would like to preface it by saying that I do not completely understand Thai so for the words I did not know, I kind of filled it in with words that seem to fit.  It's late and I'm editing for spelling or grammar but hopefully whoever wants to read it can get the gist of it.

Synopsis for lakorn Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, a Channel 3 lakorn on air every Wednesday and Thursday at …on Channel 3.
The synopsis: 
Nakin Kraitagoon, the owner of KTK Corp broke many ladies’ – both young and old – hearts by getting on one knee and asking the beautiful and luckiest
woman for her hand in marriage. The young Kanokwalee, his first and only girlfriend.  The sweet wedding was opulent, befitting their stations until the wedding night.  While Nakin was in the shower, Kanokwalee realized she forgot the oil painting of the lovers walking on the beach that she had preparedas a gift for her new groom. 
She hurried home to get the painting.  In her haste to return to Nakin, she drove fast while talkingto Nakin on the phone. As the painting starting falling
off the seat, Kanokwalee tried to grab it, losing control of her car and hitting Parntawan, a young nurse who was walking drunkenly across the street because she just had her heart broken by Patipat, her boyfriend of several years, who was marrying a girl named Mew.
Kanokwalee swerved and hit a large tree on the side of the road, throwing her out of the car onto the pavement.  Both women lay lifeless while Nakin heard his beloved
bride’s screams for the last time through the phone.  Nakin arrived at the scene where it was raining heavily; causing a heavy gloom but not as heavy as the pain in his heart having to see his beloved’s lifeless body laying in a pool of blood next the mangled car.
Kanokwalee died in Nakin’s arms while Parntawan was taken to the hospital.  Nakin watched with tears
darkened with anger and vengeance. Misunderstanding that Parntawan was at fault, he vowed in heart to get even with the woman he believed was responsible for causing his love never to return, meanwhile his own life was destroyed with not a shred of good left. 
Two years passed, the fires of revenge were fanned when Nakarin, his younger playboy brother played hooky from work to go out with his women,
leaving Nakin with the duty of interviewing his brother’s new executive assistant. Nakin was surprised when he saw the applicant in front of him was named
Prakaideurn Panpop.  His malevolence surfaced immediately and Satan’s spirit that was hidden deep in his heart decided to take revenge on Prakaideurn’s sister named Parntawan Panpop, who Nakin is positive is responsible for his wife’s death.
Nakin immediately decided to hire Prakaideurn as his brother’s assistant, baffling Prakaideurn and Partawan when she later hears the
news, unbeknownst to Parntawan that the fires of revenge was getting closer and closer because Nakin hired Prakaideurn to use her as a bridge to get closer to
Parntawan.  His evil was well thought out and it appears that hell was on his side when he learns from Prakaideurn that Parntawan is a nurse.  He immediately writes Nadnarin’s (his younger sister who is in a wheelchair as a result of an accident) private nurse a large check to immediately resign. 
He extends Parntawan an offer of employment as his sister’s private nurse with a high salary of 100,000 monthly and if she is able to make
his sister walk again she will receive an additional 5,000,000.  Parntawan was suspicious.  Nakin explains that taking care of his sister is difficult, she is spoiled, causing several nurses to resign including this last nurse. 
Parntawan decides to take the job because she has to pay the mortgage on the condo plus take care of Prakaideurn, her younger sister who she
has taken care of since they were left orphaned eighteen years ago.  But more importantly, the reason why Parntawan decides to take the assignment is because Nakin is very nice to her.  Her heart softens from his many acts of kindness including showing up at her modest condo, cooking her a romantic dinner,
plus doing all the dishes, and taking her to fancy functions causing many to speculate if this is the woman who has managed to capture the heart of the rich and handsome president of KTK Corp.
It is not difficult for him to leave his car on a busy road to board a private jet to take her to count stars in Khao Yai.  Parntawan loses her heart and falls
into Nakin’s trap willingly lugging her bags to live in Nakin’s estate as his sister’s new private nurse.  The evil plan bound tightly by an agreement drawn up by Nakin.  Parntawan questions why it’s necessary to sign an agreement. Nakin tells her it’s to secure her employment for the entire term.  He adds sweetly that he is afraid she will leave him prematurely.  His words makes Parntawan sign quickly sign the agreement without reading the details.
Later Parntawan is shocked when she reads the agreement.  The agreement states that if the employee terminates the employment prior to one year, the employee
will immediately pay damages equal to ten times the monthly salary received.  For example is the employee works for six months and resigns, she will repay 600,000 times ten or 6,000,000. Prakaideurn says an agreement is an agreement.  The employer has to protect himself.  What’s important is whether Parntawan will resign before the end of the term? Especially since the employer is as handsome and as rich as Nakin.  Plus the employer appears to be is very pleased with his employee.  Parntawan is shy and secretly agrees with Prakaideurn, unaware that she is walking in to the fires of vengeance that Nakin has started. 
And once the agreement is signed, Nakin is crude, abrasive, and abuses her physically and emotionally – anything that allows him to avenge
his hatred until he is satisfied.  He is capable of doing anything and everything to tear this woman apart.  Parntawan is confused by the new Nakin, who appears to have changed overnight for no reason.  But because of the agreement and because of the people in the Kraitagoon household including: Toithep, Savitree (Nakin’s
parents), Nadnarin, Nakarin, Akarin (Nakin’s youngest brother) – all love and adore Parntawan, making it bearable for her to continue to live in the house.
It’s only a year, Parntawan tries to comfort herself.
The night of cruelty arrives when Nakin takes Parntawan to rape in Khao Yai and tells her the reason for his hatred of her by taking her to the grave of Kanokwalee, his departed bride.  Parntawan almost collapses while standing, exclaiming she was not the cause of Kanokwalee’s death but it is her who almost died when
Kanokwalee swerved and hit her on the night when her boyfriend broke up with her.  Nakin is even more disgusted by this woman and proclaims that Parntawan was drunk.  She is a drunk who got dumped by a guy.  Parntawan was so out of it that she cut in front of Kanokwalee’s car. Parntawan argued that the case is over and she is
innocent.  Nakin argued that it’s because there were no witnesses.  The living can blame the dead.  Parntawan is an immoral woman and just because the law will not punish her, he will punish her. 
Nakin pushed Parntawan, her head hitting Kanokwalee’s gravestone, bleeding she fell unconscious.  Nakin is alarmed, rushing her to the hospital.  Akarin, Nakin’s brother, pays extra attention to her care, upsetting Nakin. Parntawan has to endure Nakin’s wrath meanwhile the relationship between playboy boss Nakarin and his assistant Prakaideurn, continues deliciously since Nakarin is accustomed to hitting on young women like Prakaideurn.  But because of Prakaideurn’s wit, she is always one step ahead of Nakarin.  Most importantly she is able to handle the Korean pop star Wiwi, and the sexy Katie who are constantly making a scene at the office, making them the gossip of the office staff including: Janjuree, Monlee, Luk Golf, and Parichat (Nakin’s secretary, who is possessive of Nakin like a mother bird guarding her young).
While Dr. Akarin falls in love with Pink Praopanarai, a young female doctor who is also Parntawan’s bestfriend. Nakin secretly has relations with Parntawan, who has been unwilling.  In the end Parntawan becomes pregnant.  Akarin knows of the pregnancy but Parntawan asks the doctor to keep it a secret making Dr. Akarin very grim so he closely cares for her health.  When Nakin sees this, he gets jealous, arguing with his brother.  Nakin then has morning sickness for his wife without knowing.  Nakin, even though he sometimes gentles because he has fallen in love with Parntawan but refuses to admit it, always find ways to argue with Parntawan and hurt her feelings.
Amidst the vengeance, the Kraitagoon household has good news when Koravit, Nadnarin’s boyfriend, returns unannounced from America to surprise her with a marriage proposal. Nadnarin is very happy and decides to surprise Koravit by walking on her wedding day.  She begs Parntawan to help her, making Parntawan unable to leave Nadnarin even though she is hurt deeply by Nakin’s cruelty.
Nakin goes to a diamond charity auction and is shocked when he meets a socialite named Kanokrat, who is a spitting image of Kanokwalee.  Nakin bids on an expensive diamond for the chance to dance with Kanokrat.  After the auction, Kanokrat tries to be part of Nakin’s life by making herself like Kanokwalee in every way in order to make Nakin love her.  Nakin brings Kanokrat into the house to make Parntawan jealous.  But Kanokrat sees Nakin’s interest in Parntawan, making her unhappy that he pays
more attention to Parntawan than to her.  Kanokrat starts exhibiting ownership of Nakin both at home and at the office, making people in the office unhappy, especially Parichat.  Parichat taunts Kanokrat.
Nakarin professes his true love to Prakaideurn, willing to give up all his other women including Wiwi and Katie. Prakaideurn sees his sincerity and signs a marriage certificate with him but doesn’t dare tell her sister, afraid of hurting her.  Nakarin and Prakaideurn secretly live together as friends, making Prakaideurn even surer of Nakarin’s sincerity.
Parichat learns of Kanokrat’s secret from Mew that Kanokrat had plastic surgery with Dr. Go to make herself look like Kanokwalee.  Parichat confronts Kanokrat, threatening
to expose to everyone her former face. Kanokrat is really upset.  In the end Kanokrat and Parichat argue, causing Parichat to fall from the balcony to her death.  It could not be determined if the death was an accident, suicide, or murder.
The next target for Kanokrat is Parntawan, the villain of her heart. This is the story of love and fury…how will it end?  Follow and enjoy it in the story of Sanaeha Sunaya Kaen, on air every Wednesday and Thursday at…







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fun said:
I really want to quit this lakorn now.
Yep, me too. As much as I love Janie, it's the first time I really can't stand her character. I wonder what made her choose precisely this role, what attracted her to this passive and whining thing. In general, this lakorn totally have a wave of Channel 7 lakorns. Too much drama and too little sense.
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I don't even want to start it...but I might watch for kan and lydia
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Pretty disappointed at the sound of all that- they made p'ek too evil he might as well be the bad guy. Does he stay like that for the entire lakorn? It seems that they put too much crazy stuff but not enough romance between the leads- this is different from the old lakorns where they'd at least get a clue halfway and stop the crazy. And I like Kan and Lydia but there seems to be a trend where the second couple eclipse the first one. :/ Oh well.
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sarNie Granny
Lmoa!! There going be rscene! OK the second lead are kind of crazy too . How can the boss sexually harass their employee so openly lmao and Lydia is such a flirt with those outfit they give her but the second couple are comic relief so it OK I guess.


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
I still need to finish ep. 3. -.- But all I got to say is, I'm enjoying this lakorn so faaar.


Expired Sarnie
They need to put a little reality to it. Janie has been starring in doing over the top unnecessary crazy drama stuff. I couldn't sit through Raeng Ngao, there was just too much over the top crazy. This is somehow following in that footstep... that is if the lakorn goes according to that summary. 
As for Deun... um... sorry but no one wears mini skirt to work like that!!! I have worked in office before and we weren't allow to wear tank tops and short skirt.


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Ummm wtf? In the summary read by the girl it said something about Nahkin repeatedly continued to assault Tawan until she got pregnant.... I love how Channel 3 got rid of R scenes between pra'nangs for quite awhile now, but Janie is the nang'ek that seems to have been the exception lol. Rang Ngao and now this one.. They need to give Janie lakorns with her sassy characters back... iE Nueng Nai Suang, Dao Kaew Duen, Etc


sarNie Adult
Raeng Ngao at least made sense, however, this lakorn just does not. Both of the revenge is different too, at least in RN she was revenging for her sister and not falling in love with the person that she was taking her vengeance on, but she was falling deeper as a bad person.

In this one, Nakin just seems horny haha. The script could have been written better and having other ways for Nakin to get close to Tawan without having to seduce her or hold her in every way as possible since he should be disgusted by her and not infatuated. The summary for this lakorn sounds a bit more better, and dumb or lacking at some part but the lakorn failed to follow through with the summary and was just overly ridiculous especially the dialogues and scenes. Also, how are we supposed to believe that Tawan could like someone like Nakin even though he is supposedly so handsome. What Nakin does is just creepy?...

I say Tawan is smarter than Duern since she sensed something wrong with Nakin, but Deurn kept pushing her towards Nakin. However, the lakorn did not show us how she liked Nakin enough in order to accept work as his sister's personal nurse.

I love Kan so much, but I have to say that his character in here is weak. I prefer him to be the moody/mature type. Why couldn't he also be a meany and dislikes Duern so that I can totally swoon with their OTP when he totally falls head over heels for her. 
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sarNie OldFart
he does, he doesn't know that she is pregger....I was listening to get and get annoyed by the storyline haha...
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Yep I think in that clip it said he kept assaulting her until one day she got pregnant... this to me sounds like he repeatedly rapes her ..


sarNie Oldmaid
From the whole scripts summary I read in manager site which is very accurate to the lakorn. there is 1 willing scene and 2 "R" scenes and then she became pregnant. first it was a willing scene and then the next two was a "R" scenes. but in the book there is more sex scenes between p'ek/n'ek like he come into her bedroom every day and before they have sex he would always say he love her.
the lakorn scripts is written out very bad cuz the people that read the book said the book is better. p'ek didn't come out creepy and crazy like the lakorn and n'ek is not this weak either. there is no n'rai in the book  but the only bad person is p'ek and his thinking but in the lakorn they added the n'rai (kanokrat) scenes too much which is annoying. and in the book aukarin and pink is more significant as a couple, he wasn't madly in love with n'ek like in the lakorn. and in the book aukarin and nukarin are twins bros.
and in the lakorn there is another character name Lek  who is in love with n'ek so make p'ek more mad/jealous/drunk which lead to the second "R" scene. in the book before p'ek end up happy with n'ek he has to paid back all the bad things he did to her and so make the readers felt sorry for him and at the end they got married. but the lakorn change to nek forgave pek too easily so make it look like he didn't get punish for the bad things he did to her, he got off too easy for hurting her which I don't think is fair and they didn't get married.
through out the whole lakorn he's mean to her so I don't get how she can be in love with him, he doesn't show he really love her till the very end of the lakorn which doesn't make sense that suddenly he will turn from hating her to loving her when through out the lakorn he didn't even really show that he actually love her so it's a very bad scripts. so annoy by the sound effects it's horrible it does make p'ek look more like a psycho killer.
agree Dome tend to over act like he's trying too hard so doesn't look natural. and Janie's acting is a bit weird. her character is bland and too weak. and their chemistry is not there either. they look awkward together. first thought this lakorn will be interesting/fun cause I like slap/kiss/revenge lakorn too and like Janie's acting and like Dome, but after saw it.. was disappointed. but will continue to watch it and see how worse or better this lakorn can get.
the writer and director make the lakorn come out so bad, bad scripts and directing make the actors over act and act weird. in pantip board there is many people that criticized this lakorn so hopefully Polyplus will bring the people's advices to improve their next lakorn to be better.


sarNie Egg
KhoOnxNouxWanxJai said:
Yep I think in that clip it said he kept assaulting her until one day she got pregnant... this to me sounds like he repeatedly rapes her ..
In that part of the video, it sounds like a part of the sound was cut off.  When I listened and translated it, I wasn't sure if that's what it meant but to me it does sound like he continues to sleep with her while she is unwilling/reluctant.
This is the part I'm talking about:
…peurn ruk peurn si khong Parntawan…[sounds like there’s a glitch where audio is cut off]…Sa ngan...Suan Nakin ep me sumpan gup Parntawan doi ter mai them jai mat tha lod. Sood tai Parntawan thung thong…
Parntawan's best friend...[sounds like there's a glitch where the audio is cut off]...Sa ngan (I'm not sure how to translate this word but the rough translation is "in that case")...while Nakin secretly has relations with Parntawan although she she has always been unwilling.  In the end Parntawan becomes pregnant...
Maybe the lakorn won't completely follow the synopsis and make Nakin's character more than one dimensional and give Parntawan a personality and backbone.


Expired Sarnie
I don't feel like Janie is putting 100% to Tawan.
Despite Tawan's weakness, I have seen nang ek who are portray as weak but they're not 100% clueless. Tawan gives warning to her sister yet she doesn't realize she is the one who is not listening to her own warning. Him turning up at the condo should already have been an alarm regardless of his excuse. 
And it seems like there was only one accident base of from what I am reading. Or that person could have been a troll LOL


sarNie OldFart
Wasn't it during the filming of this lakorn that Janie's marriage scandal broke out? I remember watching a news clip of Dome, Janie had called off sick and didn't come for filming and when the reporters asked Dome to see if Janie was really sick, he, the ungentleman that he is, said something along the lines of, she was fine yesterday, no signs of being sick. Gee. Janie is usually genuniely chummy and easy going with her costars, but Dome? I don't know. Their friendliness behind the scenes seems a bit forced at times. That's probably why Janie seems quite distracted in here.