[Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)


sarNie Adult
KhunTom has an American as in White g/f???!!!!!Pat is soo cute though..:)


sarNie Adult
OMG!!!! I just finished watching the episode!!! It was so good!!!!

The very beggining was so cute! He went in and kissed her as she sleeped and then washed her clothes!! He's turning in to such a cute man!!!! Narin really softened Kawee to the brink of worrying for a girl that he ever would of thought about!!!!

I really loved it when she didn't want to food, he would walk to the landlady's bench and sit there!!

Pat and Tom are so cute!! Tom kept on playing around with Pat!!!!

Leela OMG She just pissed me off!! Stop eavesdropping and go get a life!! How long will you go after a man that doesn't love you!!!

Where did the brother go? Go Narins MOM!!!

Kawee stole my heart today when he was worried for Narin!!! He was all scared for her and took such good care of her!!! After she fainted he held her so close he didn't want to lose her at all, he's so sweet!!!! When he was with her at the ultrasound, it reminded me of Oum Ruk days!! He's showing his Chen side!!!! Just love him!!! When he surprised her with the flowers it was just so cute!!! Another Oum Ruk moment was when he talked to the baby!!!! Kawee just stole my heart today!!!!! He's so cute he changed her last name to his!!!

Narin is starting to fall for Kawee!! She's starting to see the side that he's been hiding all this time!! He just needs love!! Narin is starting to understand him more!!! I think she was just staying awake in the hospital to wait for Kawee to come and sweet talk to her!!! :loool: If I was Narin i would never sleep and wait for Kawee, but she's pregnant so I guess she needs sleep!! She held his hand when he fed her that was cute, it showed that she still wants him near her!! When she worried about him, i smiled, She really wants Kawee but still has a hate for what he did to her! But She seemed to have forgiven him, by lettin him sleep in the house!!! I think is cooking is getting to her!!! :loool:

The preview just killed me!! What did she say to him that made him leave!! :( Its just like Oum Ruk again when she was going to raise the child by her self!! Narin Keep Kawee in your life , You have changed him into a better man!!!!!


sarNie Adult
thanks nOy..lol kkk, hopefully it's the "differences" part..haha

iluvjin, i love how Narin's slowwlyy ahah falling for Kawee too..:) can't wait for next week!

i was like crying w/worry when he was with her in the car..rushing her to the hospital....