[CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma


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Original film:

"Song Sanaeha" crew celebrates birthday for James Ma

00:00 Audience friends, Today I am bringing everyone to the "Song Sanaeha" crew.
00:08 The day of the shooting happened to be the birthday of actor James Ma.
00:15 As the heroine, Kimberley volunteered to hold the birthday cake and let James Ma blow the candles.

00:44 Golf Pichaya: Want to eat.
00:55 JMa: Thank you.

00:56 After James Ma blows the birthday candle
00:58 Kimberley enthusiastically volunteered to cut the cake for the birthday star and the crew.

01:07 Kim: Cut the cake.
01:11 Kim: Hurry up, hurry and cut.
01:13 JMa: You want to eat , right?
01:15 Kim: Hurry up.

01:15 JMa: You saw the cake and turned here?
01:18 Kim: Eat this not get fat.

01:25 kim: I will take it for you.
01:27 JMa: Thank you, thank you very much.
01:30 Golf Pichaya: I will take it for you.
01:31 Kim: I hold it by myself.

01:33 Kim: It looks so delicious.
01:34 Kim: But eat this not get fat.
01:36 Kim: Take off the candle, take off the candle.
01:40 Kim: Nobody should touch it.
01:43 Kim: I will handle it.

01:57 Oh die die, did not send the cake passionately
02:01 Instead, it looks like hunger is very strong, eat someone else's cake, Kim.

02:13 Kim: You are too much. (joking)

02:17 Audience friends, after Kim is full,
02:22 Kim blessing James Ma, the owner of the cake, from the heart in return .

02:29 Kim: Hope you...
02:33 Kim: You are already rich. I hope that you are getting more and more.
02:36 Kim: Hope you have a good job, good TV show.
02:39 Kim: Hope that the ratings of each show will increase (up).
02:42 Kim: Hope you be sensible and have money (using a rhythm)
02:46 JMa: Buddha bless.

02:50 Looks like the blessings of the elders in the family to the younger generation.

03:12 JMa: Buddha bless.
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