[Ch3] Sud Rai Sud Ruk (Good Deal Entertainment)


sarNie Adult
It's lakorn from new production that is Good Deal Ent of Boyd Gosiyapong who is King of Romantic song.
Pra'ek and N'ek is Alex Rendell and Bua Wansiri.
Fitting pics









sarNie Oldmaid
Omg! Yay for Alex and the n'ek is so pretty but I have never seen her before. I don't know if it was just me but I swear the guy with the microphone was David Choi for a minute. LOL


sarNie Oldmaid
This is the year for talented underrated actors, huh? First, New from Exact...and now, Alex. Congratulations to the both of them. :thumbsup: I hope more get their chance to shine (from all channels)!


sarNie OldFart
janajelly1 said:
Hoping Phet will get a p'ek role next. *crosses fingers* 
I think Phet and Alex will definitely get more p'ek roles in the future. I'm thinking the elders thinks they look too young for p'ek roles, but they will look more mature and handsome as they age and surly get more lead roles.


Mrs James Ma
Is this from this lakorn?? Alex is here, from 1:33


Mrs James Ma
I also want to know. Alex as P'ek and Idk anything about this lakorn


sarNie Juvenile
No, it's not from this lakorn.
They said it's for the series Bantuk Garm, I think it's those series that teach people right and wrong...
This part will air between 12-19 Aug.
As for this lakorn, maybe they isn't doing it anymore???
The title sound like the one book I have bought though, the book I have is about p'ek thinking n'ek is tom-boy and like his sister so he try to do everything to change n'ek. lol


sarNie Hatchling
yay for alex , he deserve it , good year for him and new c surprisingly they look alike for me maybe because both of them is handsome and talented good year  for them

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Its probably on the back burner for now. Ch3 has too many stars and too many lakorns and having two channels isn't seeming to be much help. There are a lot of lakorns that have yet to air.