[Ch3] The Cupids Series Part 3 : Kammathep Online (Broadcast Thai Television) Namtarn & Ken P.


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Ken said in a recent interview December of last year that when Kong krapun naree is done filming ( which is already completed filming and set to air very soon ) that he will start filming the cupids online sometime this month along with narkee . But since namtarn was in the hospital maybe they extended the schedule . Or maybe ken just filming his scenes .?.. I can't wait any longer . Ugh


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Just re-watch their old show then again i laugh so hard when the host ask them they can became boyfriend/girlfriend and Namtarn said it is really hard when Ken said it is not hard for him cos he is a guy hahaha
Anyway Tarn out of the hospital days ago so i hope she can back to film lakorn soon.


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Lol,in the interview when she was at the hospital, she joked that her friends said she screamed until her insides burst (literally) while she was on her trip in Japan, and had to fly back to get surgery. Can't wait for them!!! This wait is so torturous.


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Yes... The news about them to pair up again we had heard it about 1 year ago.. Not sure.. Humm.. If.. They can make it faster.. I miss dkd... First time saw dkd didn't believe she's Namtarn that I watch in Majurat See Nam Pueng.. But love her with both ken.. Haha.. Gonna love them more and more..


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I really love this pair <3 Can't wait for this


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Great news !!Cr. kenphupoom_lakorn พี่หน่องคอนเฟิร์ม 8 คู่ เดอะคิวปิด ลงตัวแล้วและจะมีการเปิดตัววันที่ 11 กุมภาพันธ์นี้ คู่แรกคือ เคน ธีรเดช และ ชมพู่ อารยา
คู่ที่ 2 คือ คริส หอวัง กับ ปั้นจั่น ปรมะ
คู่ที่ 3 บอย ปกรณ์ กับ เต้ย จรินทร์พร คู่ที่ 4 เคน ภูภูมิ กับ น้ำตาล พิจักขณา ของพวกเราในตอน #กามเทพออนไลน์ คู่ที่ 5 อินดี้ อินทัช กับ วาววา ณิชารีย์
คู่ที่ 6 เต้ย พงศกร กับ เชียร์ ฑิฆัมพร
คู่ที่ 7 อาเล็ก ธีรเดช กับ ปราง กัญญ์ณรัณ
และคู่สุดท้าย โตโน่ ภาคิน กับ ณิชา ณัฏฐณิชา @nong_arunosha confirmed 8 pairs of The Cupids Series
And The series will be launched on 11 February 2016
Part 1 : @boy_pakorn and @toeyjarinporn
Part 2 : @punjankawin and @crishorwang Part 3 : Kammathep Online
@ken_phupoom ❤ @p_namtarn

Title: กามเทพ ออนไลน์ / Kammathep Online
Also known as: Cupid Online
Cast (Hashtag #Rome_Thecupids)

Ken #Phupoom Phongpanu as Rome
Namtarn #Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin as Praewproud

Part 4 : @toey_pongsakorn and @cheerny

Part 5 : @indianaindy and @wawwa_nc

Part 6 : @lekteeradetch and @ladiiprang
Part 7 : @mootono29 and @nychaa

Part 8 : Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan and @chomismaterialgirl 10h

cool :)

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Yassss. Damn, Buckteeth couple fever is bout to start! Ahhhh! They look so good individually and TOGETHER. And I'm really liking Namtarn's hair color and length hehe. I personally like her hair darker and longer like in MSN, but ofc she can pull off brighter/short hair also. Yes yes yes. I saw other pics this morning too! So happy and excited to see them again :heart:


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Prakaidao said:
Yay!!! More Kichy!!!! <3
Cr. Pichy Namtarn FC Facebook.

Those two in the middle are Ken P 's parents right ? Cos Tarn and Khun Nong went to celebrate  Ken's new house.


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Hmmmm I'm not sure. Probably, Lol ironically I love this pair to death but I don't follow their news at all except for stalking once in a while and looking for lakorn pics to satisfy my fangirl demands 5555!!!!

cool :)

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Lany cassie said:
Those two in the middle are Ken P 's parents right ? Cos Tarn and Khun Nong went to celebrate  Ken's new house.
I know for sure that's his mom but I haven't seen his dad before so let's just all assume HAHA. But gosh if so, ASDFGHJKL. Namtarn and Ken are sooo close omfg.

Makes me so happy hehe. I love their fan service the most tbh :drools: Not too much but not so little. They're pretty good at teasing us. Idk how to explain it. They just act like their natural SELF when they're together and they're like those typical bickering couples hahaha. Oh man I adore them sooo much . Ahhhhh :heart:

Thanks for all the pictures too you guys!