[Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)


sarNie Adult
Athit ka, why are you so sad, when you have Nee next to you. *sign* Ai yah I hate the fact that
they have to cut it so short in today's episode. But I'm also really glad that Toon finally know the
truth. That only means, more cute scene from Athit and Nee! ;)
Due to the Olympic opening ceremony, Ch. 3 cut short of TNNKK.

If Ch. 3 doesn't show the rest of episode 14 then we will miss out a lot of nice/sweet scenes and many people will be very unhappy including ME!
I think they'll show the other parts episode 14 tomorrow.

But viewers shouldn't get mad at Athit for kissing Toon or developing feelings for Toon b/c it was Nee's intention all along. How else is he suppose to act when he has a supposedly beautiful woman throwing herself at him and the woman that he loves is the one that is supporting it too. She was the one that pushed him to be with her and didn't give him any chance. She didn't listen to anything he had to say. That's why I'm more annoyed at her than Athit. Athit is a guy so of course when a beautiful girl like Toon throws herself at him, why wouldn't he fall for her? Yeah, maybe if you watch it in subbed, you might change your mind about it.
I agree with you on this.


sarNie Adult
What chance do you want Nee to give him ? She just saw Athit and Toon getting intimate twice in one day !!! How can she conceived the idea after all she has seen that Athit actually love her ???... If i was Nee i would not even dream to have a chance with Athit , it would be obvious to me that he has feelings for the person he is kissing right ??? Athit is more mature, was aware of his feelings for her yet he never said a thing... to put the all responsability of the situation on Nee's shoulders is quite harsh really.
As for Athit being a man that cannot resist the advance of a pretty girl, i am sorry but not all men take what is thrown at them specially when they are in love with someone else ...lol

How is Athit suppose to tell Nee that he is in love with her when he is her guardian? He doesn't even know how Nee feels about him too. Nee herself wasn't even aware of her own feelings toward Athit until she started being the matchmaker and saw Athit and Toon kissing eachother.

When I said "give him a chance" I meant at least let him do what his heart desires instead of pushing some girl onto him. But I don't really blame Nee for doing that b/c I know her intentions were good and she felt bad about what happened in the past with Athit and Thongprasi. What bothers me is when she said to Athit that he doesn't have the rights to give her away to anybody but yet she's the one that gave him to Toon and she also told him to not to push her away but she's the one that actually doing it.

In reality, most men will do worse even if they have someone they love already. They tend to go with their hormones more than their head especially if the girl is pretty and throwing herself at them.


sarNie Hatchling
Athit did what ever to please his Nong Nee. Nong Nee think Arthit would be happy with Toon, what should Nee do becasue before she didnt know her own feeling , she just realise she love him not as brother and sister way after saw Arthit and Toon been close and kissing each other. so after that what should she do told her best friend that she want Athit back or told Athit she love him , how could she do that as she think Athit also love Toon. if i in her shoes i would do the same watch your two love people happy and suffer myself.

for me i think Athit didnt love Toon , he didnt look happy after him and Toon together and when Toon told Nee about the ring.

cant wait for ep15 .sweet sweet .........


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well, I think today episode will be full of sweetness :heart: :wub: and the hot scenes may make me blush :blush: :spicy: .......can't wait to watch ep15 :woot2: :woot2: :woot2:
finally we will get through all pain and sorrow :lmao: :lmao: and enjoy the sweet love between p athit and nong nee :clap: :clap: Kekekeke...... :coverlaf:


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It look like Toon is coming back for Athit for tomorrow epi.
Hope they don't delete some of Athit/Nee sweet scenes like the snake part, Athit is sick, the knitting etc..


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Ahh...today's episode sure was sweet, instead of holding onto a pillow,I held onto the frogs leg cringing, haha... All the eye staring from Atit and Nee are enough to let us know how much chemistry they have!!! Catch Ep.15 here:


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Today's episode was full of nothing but, Sweet gaze from Athit and Nee. *Sign* I seriously
was blushing the whole time. I can't wait for next week epi. with all the hugs, kissis, and more
to keep me from craving! lol...


sarNie Hatchling
today's episode is very very very sweet & cute. Nadech & Yaya are very amazing, very good chemistry. After the end of torranee, they are going to miss me in the screen a lot. But, I am impatient to see their work separately to observe their evolution. They form unmistakably a very beautiful couple in the screen as Ann and Ken. I am anxious to greet their actor's talent. For me, there is that Nadech, Yaya, Boy pakorn and margie who embody very well their character in lakorn for this new generation.


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is ep 16 the ending? hope they don't rush the ending.

they should have make at least 18 episodes. but epi 15 is the most romantic and Yadech is so cute and sweet towards each other. Their chemistry is so amazing. hope they pair again next year.


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I love today's episode too. So many sweet scenes but my favorite was the book scene. It was funny how Nee came behind him and told him that he's looking at the book upside down.


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EP15 is sweet,I love it very much .......can't wait to watch next epi...I just hope ch3 won't cut any sweetness of p athit and nong nee

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sarNie Coma
Out of the entire lakorn i loved and enjoyed only episode 15, i love how Athit had to fake his injury just to get Nee to take care of him. He is definitely going through desperate measures to get his woman! Also when he dealt with naked Nee, Nee had to freaking pretend to sleep she was so embarrassed. Episode 13 was painful to watch and its all because Nee had to stick her head into someone else's business. Why must Nee force Athit into something he does not need, I kind of hate the character of Nee. At first she was just annoying and after she matured she's annoying in her womanly way. If the storyline didn't have Na Kaew i don't know how the hell they will meet, both of them keep on pushing themselves and pushing each other into something they don't need. I like the storyline its just that Pa Jaew spent too much time on other characters, first Thongprasri, then Ve, now Toon, the pra'nang themselves barely got nothing together, i swear Ve has done more p'ek things than Athit has done. This lakorn is definitely the weakest out of Yadech's lakorns, i liked it but it got a lot of things for me to be annoyed, Pa Jaew is losing his touch lately. I hope the last episodes can make me forgive this lakorn.


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This lakorn is definitely the weakest out of Yadech's lakorns, i liked it but it got a lot of things for me to be annoyed, Pa Jaew is losing his touch lately. I hope the last episodes can make me forgive this lakorn.
Actually, regarding their lakorns, this is my favorite for them. In Duang Jai Akkanee, they were cute, but they had so much drama before they could actually get together. I mean, they were cute in there, both stubborn and passionate. In Game Roy Game Ruk, they were cute in the beginning, but Saichon spent most of his time torturing and hurting Nang Fah, they only got back together at the end. Fah's sister was the most evil, most annoying character in the whole drama. The truth was being kept from both characters.

I was not a fan of this lakorn, because Yaya's character was so childish at first, and she was just picking fights with Athit, who was so innocent. But then I grew to like and understand her the same way Athit did. I think everything in this lakorn happened naturally. There was plenty of drama, but there wasn't too much of it. I mean, Athit's Aunt-in-law is annoying for trying to separate Nee and Athit, but obviously it doesn't work, because they have such strong love for one another. I like that Athit's character is so righteous, and always does the right thing, and doesn't compromise on his beliefs. It's a little frustrating that they refuse to admit their feelings for one another, but under their circumstances and people saying things to them, how could they? The servants can't openly encourage their relationship, and the one person that was okay with them together had passed away. I like that the story is more than just about love and drama...but it's about working hard to accomplish your dreams, realizing who will be by your side through the ups and downs.

Honestly, for Yaya, she did better in this drama than her first two. I mean, the girl can cry...but I cried EVERY TIME she cried over her grandma's death. She looked so genuine, and it didn't look like she was acting at all. I give her credit for that. She is to me, one of the best crying actresses that I've ever seen. I mean, I cry during sad scenes sometimes, but I RARELY cry over an actor/actress crying. The only actor that makes me cry when I see him cry is Ken...and now Yaya is the only actress that makes me cry with her. Those scenes for her are just amazing.

And for people who think that these two DON'T have chemistry, I'm sorry, but open your eyes. Even when it's a bad scene between their characters, you can still see the chemistry...especially their sweet scenes. They're one of those couples that you have to leave the room when they're being lovey-dovey...not because it's annoying or gross, but because you just want them to have time alone together cuz they're just so darn cute!

I think by the time it's their next drama, they will just be natural with each other, and the acting won't be hard at all. LOL