[CH7] Cha Cha Cha Tah Ruk (Dida): Hone Thanakorn/Jammie Panichadar/Khawtu Ponpaj/Gookgiik Kochakorn


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I loved the old version. Nothing can compare lol, that was is nostalgia haha. I like Jammie though. Does anyone know the fornite dance?? They incorporated into one of the music scenes!! WHAT IS THAI LAKORN ANYMORE. lmao

look at 0:50 seconds haha

This was my jam back in the days haha

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Khawtu and Gookgik again....

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For ch7 standards this wasn't half bad. I really like Hone and I'd like to see him in more pra'ek roles.

I started this and I felt really confused, I didn't recognize half the cast and then I realized that most of them are Boran actors and that's why I've never seen them. The dad's acting is really terrible though but he makes the best stupid expressions that actual suit his character who is a total dimwit. The plot is really stereotypical but I enjoy my namnao lakorns. I just wish the leads spent more time together, they barely had any scenes together and when they did she was really mean to him. The p'ek is a sweet guy, he doesn't deserve half the things n'ek did to him. The musical scenes could have been better. Hone and Jammie have a ton of chemistry though.