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I was hoping Om can pair with someone else, Rodmay is pretty and all but she don't have that extra spark about her. Well, if this is confirm I will watch for Om.


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Oh my gosh. My dearest Rotmay is n'ek again and her p'ek is Om, that's a huge plus. What channel is this lakorn going to air on?


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^ Rotmay acts for both channels ja..

I saw the thread at spicy, but didnt want to post since p'ek wasnt confirmed yet at the time hehe..

i'm glad to see rotmay as n'ek again :) i love her dearly! she's a great actress too!! Om.. i'm satisfied with him.. ehehe oh goodness how i'll love to see rotmay and wan again too lol. XD


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glad Rotmay given chance to play nang'ek btw this lakorn Polyplus Ch3 or Polyplus Ch7?


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i believe this is the interview source of the article. Rodmay starts talking of her role around 2:00. watch her reaction to the reporter ask her who the pra'ek is at 2:35. credit to rakdara123. -godninja


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omg she's really n'ek awk can't wait to see esp she's paired up w/ om. its gonna b good, hope this is confirm soon.


OMG! I love Rotmay, she is such a beautiful actress! Her acting is decent but that's because she's rarely nang'ek. I hope it's with ch7 though because I would love to see her and Om on WWYWY hehehe :)

I need to listen to the clip later because I don't have a mic yet. I want to know what she's saying!

Most of all, she's acting with Om Akapan!!!!! Are you serious? LOL They chose the PERFECT pair! Good looking, sexy, beautiful and HOT!

I can't wait for the fitting ceremony!!! ahhhhhh excited* lol

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She deserves to be nang'ek. She has the look and her acting is much better than most of the nang'ek that is out there. Hopefully she will get more nang'ek roles after this one.


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I loved her with Puri in Sai Soke. I thought they overshadowed the main couple of Rome/Ja so it'll be good to see her as a n'ek.


Lookwise, they match! I had always thought that Om-Rotmay looked good together, he look so much better with her than Min (don't kill me fans).


lol hahah I love Min and Om; but I'm open to Om and Rotmay because Rotmay is such a beautiful actress too. However, I need to see whether their chemistry in this lakron will kill me or not? LOL If it did, I would die for her and Om too. LOL

Rotmay is beautiful and reminds me of Jui for some reason. lol =P Jui is beautiful though. :)


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as much as i love rotmay.. it seems like her being n'ek in the near future won't come.. since she never really had the opportunity to show her talent... and also because she's getting older now too.. so she won't be in demand that much.. it's a pity.. :(

unless she's in a mega-popular lakorn and then BOOM!! her career skyrockets XD.. but i doubt that'll happen :(


Well look at Aff, she was in many supporting roles before she hit it big. Rotmay might be like her.
good point. Aff was supporting in ch7, then moved to ch3, took her years before jlr hit with aum. who knows? rotmay might just hit that route? lol she's very pretty too.