CH7 confirmed Pancake Khemanit and Mai Davika become freelance agent


sarNie Hatchling
:party:  :party: Woohoo! That mean we get to see new pairing!!! OMG my dreaming pair is coming closer and closer.
I would really love to see Mai Davika with...
  1. Mario Muarer
  2. Nadech Kugimiya
  3. Mark Prin
  4. James Jirayu
  5. James Ma
I would really love to see Pancake with...
  1. Great Warintorn
  2. Pope Thanawat
  3. Boy Pakorn
  4. Rome Patchata
  5. Nadech Kugimiya
  6. Mark Prin
My list will just goes on and on...


`my dragon's blood is blue`
This opens up so many doors and possibilities. I still hope to see them working with ch. 7 once in a while though.


Live Love Laugh
There were speculations that Mai will act with Tik, and Pancake will act with Andrew for True Channel three parts lakorns produced by Nat Myria, Aum's wife:   Aum and Noon in part 1, Andrew and Pancake in part 2, and Tik and Mai in part 3. 
Mai first lakorn with CH3 will probably be with Act Art because Khune Dang had wanted to work with her for a while.    Pancake first lakorn with CH3 will probably be with Broadcast or Who & Who Pe Kai because she knows several elders there.


Mrs James Ma


This is great news. If ever possible, I'd want all Dara's to be freelance so that they can work with anyone. But that won't be possible right? Anyway, I would love to see Bie and Mai pair up after watching Bie's MV. Would also love to see Mai pair with Mark and Nadech too.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Oh my. Please let me see Mai pair with Nadech and Ken P. And if she was to act for Act Art, that's such a good opportunity!


sarNie Hatchling
I hope Mai join the ch.3 family hahahaha because there is news of Mai outside of ch.3 building...hehehehe maybe that the only hint that is keeping my saying that Mai is going to ch.3.


sarNie OldFart
Mai already said she's going to be a freelance actor. Channel 3 hasn't offered her a deal according to her manager. Neither has any other channel. It's an agreement between her and Ch.7. That way, she can still work with them in the future. She might sign with them after a year of being a freelance. If so, she's going to burn bridges with Ch.7, which isn't smart. Fans already bash her heavily for leaving. 


sarNie Egg
Just because they deny getting offers from any Channel, doesn't mean that they won't sign with a particular Channel in the future. Besides, how many times have this duo of manager and actress been lying to the media? lol. I wouldn't' take their words for granted. And even if Channel 7 says they they left on good terms, doesn't mean they really did. If they had problems, of course the Channel would be professional enough to stay neutral. If anything, Mai will probably work for Polyplus again but not sure about productions within Channel 7. If you were an employer and you hired, supported, loved and promoted your employee only to have them deny working for you for over a year, would you still want to work with them? In reality, this type of person would have been fired a long time ago. 


sarNie OldFart
That's why I said that she may sign with Ch.3 a year later. The drama is too fresh right now for her to hop borders so quickly.


Mrs James Ma
Mai is mean and ungrateful. She does not want to work hard. Only want name and money. If she only wants to be in more events, magazines she should be a model not an actress :)


sarNie Juvenile
Step said:
Mai is mean and ungrateful. She does not want to work hard. Only want name and money. If she only wants to be in more events, magazines she should be a model not an actress :)
I just thought CH7 never offered her any lakorns. Does this mean she turns opportunities down?