[CH7] Dtrakruat Tohn (Coliseum) : Kem Hussawee/Noey Paphada/Hone Thanatorn/Jammie Panichadar


sarNie Hatchling
its doesn't matter if she'sa winner, she still look plain to me, because she quite often play a support role. not all the winner should take n'k role and she have no charm no sexness at all. ch7 have a lot of young actresses and they should choose her.


sarNie Adult
I started on this lakorn over the weekend. It's pretty interesting. I agree on having a diff n'ek. She's been getting a lot of n'ek roles too.


sarNie Hatchling
Yes when she act as a support actress it's ok with me but when they upgrade her as a n'k, I think that person is crazy.


sarNie OldFart
Noey doesn’t look bad, she’s better looking than Peak! Lol. Ch7 will give anyone n’ek role at least once.


sarNie Hatchling
she and peak make no different, noey tall as stick and peak look like a ladyboy. peak is the most ugly n'k i have ever seen.


sarNie Oldmaid
So I decided to watch this cause my parents actually liked it and they never watch these type of lakorns. My parents literally only watch drama lakorns or lovey type of lakorns like BPS. They never watch anything with action or anything with snakes and stuff lol. They watched this for Kem though. He’s like their favorite newbie. Anyways, even though they only watched it for him they said the storyline was good so I was like I guess I’ll try.

I finally watched it and I won’t lie, it was pretty interesting. I can understand why this had good ratings. It’s something where you can’t really skip episodes. I don’t find Noey pretty at all but this lakorn didn’t focus too much on the pranangs so I was fine with Kem not having too many lovey scenes with her haha. This Lakorn focused more on the arkom and all the prisoners trying to prove themselves innocent. Pretty interesting and different than my usual taste lol. Glad I gave it a try cause it was not my type of lakorn but enjoyed it for the most part.

Last but not least, I really liked Hone’s character. He’s funny lol. Reminded me of his character from Pleng Ruk Pleng Bpeun. He made it really enjoyable and I really like the four Jone friends. They were funny and all Southern Thail people so reminded me of my mom since she’s from the south of Thailand as well. When they spoke their southern language, it reminded me of my mom cause she speaks it all the time with her siblings lol. I can speak regular city Thai but definitely not southern and sometimes can’t understand southern at all haha.