Araya would look good if paired up with Stephan. It might be because they're both half white haha.

But yea...actually by the cast, seems interesting. But whats the genre and what's it about?


sarNie Hatchling
wow! this is a weird couple, but i cant to watch this. Im waiting to see Vee and stephen and araya im not a real big fan of aump. but i cant wait to see it.


sarNie Adult
shubby said:
Vee and Aum, Stefan and Araya..i think...but Araya is not the main character...
If this is true, it will be interesting. I want them to make araya role important, but will see.


sarNie Hatchling
This lakorn has had so much problems. Originally Araya was set to play, but then they thought she was too old cause n'ek is young. So they picked Pu Praiya. The p'ek was suppose to be Pete Tongieur.

Now the N'ek role is back to Araya and they switched the role of P'ek to Stefan.

Hmmm...wonder how Aum is going to like coming in second in this lakorn.


sarNie Hatchling
i really want to see this lakorn the cast is good, i wanted to know if this lakorn would be a drama one or not?


sarNie Adult
I thought I read somewhere that the n'ek was supposed to be half-white which would make Araya more believable as n'ek and that the p'ek was middle-eastern? Or am I totally off-base?


middle eastern pra'ek role? stephan probably wouldnt LOOK the part. the part should, in my opinion, go to Sam Chotiban or Willy...they could pull it off as being Middle Eastern. Or the Oliver Pupart...

anyway...araya should be nang'ek if the character of nang'ek is half-white. Aump?'d be a little twisted if Aump was nang'ek when she does not look mixed with white at all. People would be like "how come araya didnt get the role?" Heh...


sarNie Adult
yay!! can't wait to see this lakorn!! another lakorn with aum and vee!! but too bad araya isnt nang ek too! :( ... but oo well :)


sarNie Adult
it would be so cool if araya & stefen got paired together =] cross fingers.. hope they do!!! and yeah how come araya doesnt really play as neke anymore?? i love seeing her as neke... hmm anyways it would be nice to see aump play as a second role and nott neke this time =] i just wanna see stefen and araya together!


sarNie Hatchling
vee w/ Aum? hmm....Aum looks too old for him... but we'll see... araya & stefen are a good match...I'm glad they're promoting araya these days. She's a pretty actress with lots of talent and potential..


sarNie Adult
Like to see what the story going to be 7 likes to pair two p'ek and two n'ek together...lets see how going to steal the show...when there is two couples...usually one couples will be better than the other, even if they tried to give each couples a good when the couples
Cee and Mo took the show of Cheer and Tle...


oh wow I can't believe the casting! But who's the n'ek and pr'ek in this lakorn? I would think it's Stefan since he's being pushed but who's the n'ek?


sarNie Adult
huh interesting pairs. gonna have to watch this lakorn to see if there are any on screen chemistry