[CH7] Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai (Mongkol Kan Lakorn) : Mick Thongraya / Pim Pimprapa


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I hope they do make the 2nd part. I don't mind seeing Cherming's love story. I wonder who the girl is???

I also hope they have Daniel and Fahsai in there too!!!


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Isn't Boom still in the military? If so it probably won't be awhile til they do Cherming's story and it has to be Boom and Boom only! I will not tolerate anyone else lol.

And goshhhhh my heart is broken because of

That death scene teddy bear, phone call, ahh!


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so sad that Ah Jo die, why must they kill him :sad6:
hope they will continued with Chernming story, he is so pitiful here, two girls he love don´t love him back.


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Can't wait to watch the final episode tonight. Still working.

If anybody going through withdraw. Try this
I recommend this Japanese drama "Good morning call" Sometimes, the girl could be annoying. But overall they are cute together. I watched on Netflix, but you can watch on KISSASIAN


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it was really nice talking to you guys, now they will delete the thread.:sad6: hopefully, we all will come back once part 2 is on air. hopefully.


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I haven't seen the last episode but...... I really wished we'd get more time with Daniel wooing my girl Fahsai cause he's been making her cry too much
I don't wanna see this end :crybaby2:

Talking about Chenming, considering that Daniel and Fahsai are like his only family left, including Big Bro, I hope this couple gets to meddle into his affairs if they decide to make the 2nd part
PLZ make it happen :thumbup:


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i gotta say i love this lakorn but its just why does Ah Joe has to die? like i cry a lot from this lakorn. theres always gonna be a good person end up dying.


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I cried so bad when ah jo died...even harder when they brushed aside his funeral...was pretty upset about that...i mean, "no one" showed up...wtf...


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Just watched the last episode and i'm just so......
angry? upset? lol
Ch7 usually go 14+ episodes and this being 12 ep is so stupid
the last episode seems sooo packed and so many things left out darn it :mad:

Although the happy ending was amazing...
there's too many things that needed to happen in this episode....
also I really wished to see Daniel and Fahsai really reflect more on whether they want to be together even though they love each other
Will Fahsai be able to stand the mafia life? because when her parents are threatened she immediately gives in to the bad guys too easily
Will Daniel give her up in the future again just because Fahsai's in danger again? Will Daniel actually truly fight for Fahsai??? x_x
I mean... just so much character and plot development still needed :sad6:

I hope the 2nd series expands on the happiness and love of Daniel and Fahsai
Also was that Botan at the end in the airport with Chenming? I thought that was a super nice touch to sorta end things :)


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Fyeah! When Mr. Wang told Daniel not to go but Daniel was all "Ah Biao, let's go!"

Attaboy, Chen Ming! He at least shot Tian Kong once before the bad guy ran away. And ooohoohhoooohhoo! I love how Fahsai ran straight to CM. Daniel gets a taste of his own medicine! Muahahahaha!
Faaaaah! Girl got me in tears. So true when she said if Daniel doesn't fight for their love with her then she'll be tired. I feel you, Fahsai! I like the little scolding she gave Chen Ming. She's fierce and intelligent, very compatible with Daniel <3
I can't believe it's the final episode and they still wasted screen time with p'Itt and the coworkers at Lola. Ah Biao and Ah Jo on the other hand, I love that they tried to set Fah and Daniel up a bit.

Ooooooooh, just when I was thinking that scene where Tian Kong's gang beats up Ah Biao looked real awkward cuz Daniel was just watching ??? Chen Ming comes outta the shadows and beats Tian Kong up! Yay! Boom is so freaking CUTE! I'm so excited for CM's story to continue, they better not screw this up and make me give up hope. Even better if Baifern becomes his n'ek! Anyway, aside from CHEN MING SHOWING UP and AH BIAO SAVING AH MING, that whole fight scene from the moment Tian Kong arrived to the moment Daniel and CM won was not satisfying! I mean, they had rain, they had rock music, they were dodging bullets, and yet... ><

Speaking of which, how in the world does Daniel think he can walk out on Fahsai AGAIN??? Just because Chen Ming says a few words? Seriously? Lord give me strength if it was not for Chen Ming, much of this episode would be so lukewarm for me. I mean, he asked for Fahsai's hand from her parents...FOR DANIEL! And the "love errand" he was running was...FOR DANIEL!

Glad to see that both Ah Ming and Daniel don't have to be mafia leaders. Although, Fahsai putting on her mafia gameface in the ending scene got me itching for a fanfic where they end up in the mafia, heh. The Ending Scene, what can I say. It was too cute for this world. Their white outfits, the scene, the kiss, not overdone, just sweet enough! Fahsai tells Daniel 3 kids is enough and he's like "heck yeah, I'll take what I can get, let's go!" *dies* I love that we finally see wedding rings on their fingers. About time! I'm cackling like a mad person in my room because...once upon a time...<3


sarNie Egg
I really like this lakorn in the beginning, but not so much on the last three episodes. I am glad Danial and Fasai have a happy ending, but other than that it seems to be rush and not development well.