[Ch7] Look Poochai Mai Ta Pode (Kantana)


sarNie Oldmaid


Nat Natasha is also going to be in here also. She be pairing up with Mick Tongraya.

Photo of Mick Tongraya.

Nat...she also in a up coming lakorn with Cee too.


Expired Sarnie
Ch7 newbies have not attracted my attention at all except for Porse. He is growing in me.


sarNie Adult

credit chat's instagram

they look good together :thumbsup: I might be want to watch their lakorn just for pay attention to them


sarNie Oldmaid
This lakorn is airing in a few hours...To watch this lakorn go to TheCityGangChannel she or he will be uploading it on their site its not on YT but on a different site.



sarNie Oldmaid
Cheer went on the set to interview the cast.... I would love to see Cheer & Porshe do a lakorn some day. They look cutie. :wub:

Cr to: Cheer tweet



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ooooo....real kiss?!?!
can't wait!

thanks for all the pics.

really liking this lakorn at the moment.

Love Porshe and Chat!


sarNie Adult
I need Porshe and Chat paring again ....So sad this lakorn will come to the end on this Friday...TT

these scene on this Friday..

other from IG