[Ch7] Maya Rasamee (DaraVdo)


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Don't tell me that this is the lakorn that mai say will have a open ceremony soon. Want weir and Mai to be together again in lakorn.


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I kinda wish that Mai wasn't in this lakorn. She'd be better served doing the Polyplus one with Dome.


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Yeah I rather have Mai in Tawan Tor Saeng than this one. From what I remember n'ek got picked on alot in here. N'ek wasn't weak like Dok Kaew but still. I want to say Yui P. played Maya Rasamee in the old one.


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I don't think Mai and New would look good together...oh, wish she was in the one with Dome instead. Sorry to keep sulking.


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Does any one have any news or picture yet...I really wanna see how does they turn out like...


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
Dang Mai is so pretty...But I wish she could pair up with the younger praek or even the middle age praek....anywho I thnk they'll make a cute pair...

Thanks for the picture...


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This is a remake and Thip @ SPICY Forum said they just have the fitting today. Also Gunjae-Sal is in here but not to sure is Ying and Sun are still in here.



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is this the one where the pr'ek is a prince or something?? i forgot this lakorn since i was an itty bitty chlild at the time

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Storyline credit to http://aboutdavikah.blogspot.com/

Ram,11-year-old girl ran away from father's home, Maneekul, for freedom. The girl expected to be released from captivity and confinement from insanity that her cruel stepmother,Chandra, accused. After Rasri, Ram's mother passed away, Ram confronted the dark side of life as clouds obscured the waning moon. The poor girl ran into M.R.Thitirat Kamales by hiding in his unlocked car.

With compassion and a kind, he helped and provided shelter for her willingly.
Ram's careless father, Mern, had been not willed to lead a daughter to Maneekul until Mern's sister, Mali, asked. Then the young girl was necessary to separate with Mr.Kamales and returned to face with Chandra and her daughter, Pen, but Ram was a bit lucky that Pen was completely different to Chandra, her own mother.
In the Maneekul, there was an old maid, Pim, who looked after Ram and also Mali's son named Manthep or Tom who was fond of the poor girl. Chandra's cousin, Chutima, jealous and lack of love girl added. She often bullied and commanded Ram to do everything as if she was a maidservant.

Several days had passed, beautiful lady with good manners , Duenram Maneekul at the age 17 met Khun Chai Thitirat again. He came on as Pen's fiance. By promise of M.C.Theeradhamrong Kamales, Thitirat's father, whom Mern had rescued that if Mern had a daughter he would ask to marry his son. Mr.Maneekul and his wife agreed Pen was more appropriate to be a part of “Silalai Manor” as Khun Chai's wife than Duenram or "Mayarassame" the name M.C.Theeradhamrong particularly gave her before he was gone.

Who's suitable for the Kamales Na Ayudhya(The new surname of the lady who marries with Mom Rajawongse, M.R.). Love and goodness between Ram and M.R.Thitirat could ensure whether everything is resolved or not. To be continued "Mayarassamee" on CH7 soon.