[Ch7] Maya Sri Mook (Kantana)


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
Credits: Magazinedee

blissfulxoxo said:
Flower gotta go but Green is gorgeous. But not with Vee agaiN!
I actually like the flower in her hair. Really cute and pretty touch! :yes:
phatman said:
Woah...this girl is THIN!
She is...makes her look so tall.
violet6049 said:

cre FB TV Magazine
Wow is all I can say for this picture. I'm sure it's all innocent and cute, but it seems too much. His hand is so low! Awh well, I still find it kind of hot. :D


sarNie Juvenile
The karoke was funny. It's strange that n'ek mom and her manager nino they are Korean director and actress.  Why is that they don't know how to speak korean but speak Thai instead


@ narkrakdin, LOL, I meant the really ugh, kisses like in Pin Anong, maybe they can real kiss on the cheek, but not on the lips. I'm sure a peck is okay? But yeah, that's what i heard. :p


sarNie Hatchling
I dont care for kiss scenes but im not bothered by the ones here. Its actually called for because of Vee's character and most of the time they arent romantic either, more of a shut up kiss or i need my fix lol. PA was just gross and fans overexagerated everything.


sarNie Adult
This looks good...anyone know the storyline? I started watching it and it's so funny.. Vee is so touchy-feely... I wish I understood their conversations...


sarNie Adult
This lakorn really reminds me of the Mia Jum Pen lakorn with Bee Sawis and Numfon... could it be a remake with a twist?


sarNie Adult
I watched this all weekend..and it is sooo good!!!!


sarNie Adult
why is this plot so similar to one i saw a few years back in the 90s. is it a remake?


sarNie Adult
Bieluvr said:
I know right, somethimes the kisses are just too much especially in Pin Anong. It was the one that made lakorn have more kisses. Also, I think it's because channel 3 banned rreal kisses that channel 5 and especially channel 7 had to add more useless and unreasonable kisses into their lakorn.
why would channel 3 ban kisses. isn't that like a huge public magnet? lol


sarNie Egg
It's so quiet here!! Apparently, there's 23 episodes because Manager posted the transcript for Epi. 23. I thought it was ending this week...


sarNie Egg
NinjaKKN will be subbing this sometime in June!! So excited for that! Will definitely be looking forward to that!! Hip hip hooray!
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