[CH7] Mussaya (Pordeecom) : Mik Thongraya / Mookda Narinrak


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I don't really watch CH7 dramas anymore, but it looks like there are a lot of newbies in here. Most of the gals look so young, but fresh faces are always nice.


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i think what she meant to say was that she don't like his current lakorn with Kwan and Weird b/c it's an action lakorn but she's looking forward to watching this one.
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she seems confused about her english


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I'm watching Andrew's version. Can't imagine Mik bringing the same type of sass that Andrew brings to his characters lol. I'm predicting Mik's p'Lak will be less funny and more khun chai...?


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Yeah Andrew has this irreverent humor about him that's pretty unique. But Mik can be funny too, just in a different way. I caught some clips of him and Bow in Kat Cheuk and he can hit that teasing funny note with n'ek. He also does this childish big kid thing pretty well.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
^I'd love to see the same sort of playfulness from his lakorn with Bow. Their interactions were cute.


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Nice to see Mik in a non-action lakorn. He gets to explore other fields, can't wait for this one. :)


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I'm kinda warming up to Mookda. When she first debuted, I thought she was so awkward but her looks and voice are slolwy growing to me after watching some BTS videos. I hope Pordeecom can bring out the confidence and goodness in her onscreen.


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I actually like Morundee's version more. For some reason there were more pranang scenes. In Andrew's version their interactions were kind of limited but I did like Andrew in there and watched it for him lol. Even when I feel it was boring. I hope they changed some things around and give more screen time with the leads...if not I will keep up with it because Mik is an absolute eye candy in uniform. I have never seen n'ek but I can overlook whomever with Mik hahahah


Mik is HOT as always! But Mookda? Uh no comment because I don't like to be negative towards anyone! LOL :)
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