[Ch7] Pang Sanaeha (Dida)


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Saw this at Cheer Wiki page @ asianfuse. Someone made a topic for this and it said to be awaits to be film.


และบ้าระห่ำอย่าง 'ร้อยตำรวจเอกเตชิต' มีอันต้องอ่อนยวบหวามไหว
เมื่อถูก 'สาวน้อย' ใสซื่อบริสุทธิ์ ไร้หัวนอนปลายเท้าสั่นคลอนหัวใจ
เธอปรากฏตัวพร้อมปริศนา เงื่อนงำ ความลับ และแรงตื๊อขาดใจ
คือ 'สาวสวยต่างภพความจำเสื่อม'


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Tle and Min again?...sighs...I'm more interested in Kan and Cheer's couple if the get together hehe


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I'm kinda disappointed its Tle and Min,but since their past lakorn did well,it's not a surprise that they are doing a lakorn again,I just wish pra'ek was different.


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CH 7 don't have that many p'ek like CH 3, that is the reason that they're always pair for the second time. wish Min will pair with Weir, Vee in the future. She and Om/ Win for the second time too.


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Ch3 also don't have that many p'ke too. If you look at it they always pair up the same couple like more often then Ch.7...I'm just saying.


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CH 7 don't have that many p'ek like CH 3, that is the reason that they're always pair for the second time. wish Min will pair with Weir, Vee in the future. She and Om/ Win for the second time too.
I agree. I want Min to pair up with Wier too. That would be a great change, lol, but I know that won't happening soon. She will most likely be paired up with Om before she does with Wier. Lol.


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I think this lakorn is confirm.

Someone post one of Kan twitter.

Link to pantip


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News on update:

ปอ ทฤษฏี พบ แต้ว ณัฐพร
"แววมยุรา" ของค่ายลูกสาวคุณประวิทย์
วางตัว ชมพู่ อารยา กับ บอย ปกรณ์
"ปางเสน่หา" ของค่ายDida
ถ้าไม่มีอะไรแบบสายฟ้าแลบอีก มี เติ้ล ธนพล / มีน พิชญา / เชียร์ ฑิฆัมพร / กันต์ / และรอลุ้นคิวของคุณเปิ้ล จารุณี(แต่สำหรับคุณเปิ้ลยังไม่แน่นะคะ)
"คมพยาบาท" จะเปิดกล้องพร้อมกับ(หรือใกล้ๆกับ"ปางเสน่หา") นักแสดงยังไม่แน่นอนค่ะ เลยขอไม่บอก แต่ถ้าโผยังเหมือนเดิมก็จะมีอดีตนางเอกหน้าหวานรับบทแม่ และนางเอกดาวรุ่งพุ่งแรงช่อง7รับบทเปีย ส่วนบทเย็นไม่ทราบจริงๆค่ะ
"เพลงรักบ้านนา" อาจได้ลงจอลอตหน้าค่ะ

เครดิต จากวงในค่ายดีด้าค่ะ


To read the first chapter 1 & 2 from the book I think


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Captain Taechyd, a young police caption, a risk-taker whose heart is piratically made of stone starts to change thanks to a certain young woman. She's pure, stubborn, and not exactly well-mannered. She appears with a cloud of mystery and secrets. Captain Taechyd is her last resort for help. To unlock these secrets, however, isn't that easy. Because the girl that Captain Taechyd is secretly falling for is "the girl from another world with amnesia"

I seriously don't get the last part, but that's what it said, heh. I didn't read the first two chapters available though. But from the title, 'pang' also means era or a time period. 'pangkorn' means a time previously. It could mean a time-related plot.


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I hope Mint wont have amnesia in here, because the other one with Tle she was in a wheelchair and now amnesia. Despite that the storyline sounds interesting. Thanks for the summary/translation too.


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Here a pix of Cheer new hair do. Its so red...anyway I hope she have her hair like this in this drama.



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They say ch7 is getting green light for this to do oppening ceremony..
But i saw only Min and Tle name, no Kan or Cheer.


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Thanks SmileBo for the update news. I guest we have to wait till the open ceremony to see if Cheer or Kan are there. I really really hope if Cheer is in here. I know if she in here she isn't the n'ke but for me I just want to see Cheer act. I misss her so much. I haven't seen her in any lakorn since the being of the year or she have any upcoming and its half way of the year all ready.