[Ch7] Sao Noi Roy Lem Gwian (Media Studio)

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Nott Noti (kwang's husband) is in this too, haven't seen him since Krung Thep Ratree. Grace Karnklao is in this too i think.


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Thanks for the photos...

Yeah Grace is in here. She is pairing up with Es Kantapong...who is in "Reun Lorm Ruk" that is airing at the moment with Pooklook.


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Thanks for the pics!

Nott Nuti just keeps getting skinnier and skinnier.


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The title seems familiar I think Noon had a lakorn with a similar title but some people call it "Sao Noi Roy Maya" >.< Idk I could be wrong


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Wow. Ouan is back to being Pra'ek again. I miss seeing him as one though. lol
Thanks for the pictures! :)


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Open Theme & End Theme.



To watch Episode 1.2 (I couldn't find eps 1.1)

Episode 1.3

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This lakorn looks really boring, the teaser was awesome but the credits made the lakorn dull.

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Did Nott Noti pull out of this lakorn, he isn't in the credits. Awww, i was looking forward to seeing him again.