[CH7] Tawan Arb Dao (Prakot Karn Dee): Kem Hussawee/ Thisa Varitthisa/ Chiranan Manochaem


sarNie Egg
According to Thaidramatic Updates, it'll air after Prai Sungkeet.

Siwakorn disguises himself as Siwath, his twin brother in order to investigate his death. He tries to avoid sleeping with Chorprae who is Siwath's lover and meets Daopradub, Chorprae's daughter who was called out from abroad to help with the family's company. (Credit: Mydramalist)


sarNie OldFart
Has anyone tuned in? It started off with a 5.4 rating and got good reviews so I might watch it today.
I just watched the first episode on Thippys website and omg it was really good to me. The story is interesting so far and Kem and Thisa have pretty good chemistry! I regret watching ep 1 already cause now I’m waiting for the subs for the other episodes haha Kems acting has improved compared to his other lakorns not to mention he’s also such eye candy lol