[Ch7] Tida Payayom (Kantana)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
New and Kwan, awkward they were bro and sis in DDH, now i have to forget their sibling relationship. Aof should pair with Kwan again.


sarNie Adult
New and Kwan, Aof and Grace, Sal and Hem. Kwan might not going tomorrow cuz she had to shoot GHP.


sarNie Adult
Old pic of Kwan and New they don't looks too bad *ha-ha*



sarNie OldFart
New and Kwan. :(
I don't like New. Never did and i don't think i will. um.... i should wait to see if the storyline is any good.
if it is then i'll watch this for kwan. but i have a feeling i won't though.

oooo..... Andrew is also in this one. :D