[CH8] Keuy Rot Kha Poh Tha Rot Khing (8 Infinity)


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The first lakorn to be on RS, channel 8 Infinity.

Keuy Rot Kha Poh Tha Rot Khing
English title: Son-in-law flavor is galangal, Father-in-law flavor is ginger
Production Company: RS Promotion
Channel: Channel 8 or 8 Infinity
Episodes: ???
On Air: May 27, 2011

Fluke Jira Danbavornkeart as Mathin
Four Sakolrat Woraurai as Omchai
Num Santisuk Phromsiri as ???
Mai Sukonthawa Kerdnimit as Sandy
PanJan Kawin Imanotae as ???
Noon Ramida as ???
Andy Kempimook as ???


Mathin (Fluke) a playboy whose mother force him to marry Omchai (Four) the daughter of her ex-lover. With a contract saying that the next generation must get marry with each others. However, Mathin don't want to marry Omchai because he already have his eyes on another girl and doesn't get along with Omchai or her father.



Credit to: pleng.com | hoihoihoi02​


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Hmmm...The storyline does sounds familiar! aha
Anyways, Can't wait to see this lakorn. I think Fluke looks cute but then again, he looks kind of weird in the teaser. He has this korean look. lol


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some fresh faces!!! i'm starting to get bothered by how many familiar faces i was seeing in lakorns recently... it's nice to see faces i'm not familiar with at all! btw, they look very cute together too!


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aiyah.. i really wanted to watch this one.. gonna have to go power search for it now >_<