Ch9 Bumbat Ruk Rum Roong sook


♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin
Omg beam so strange now his kind thin little bit. It bank still why I see some pic from the web there don't have bank. Only have the guy in the third pic don't they change bank to him right.


Staff member
Is this being uploaded anywhere?

oops im late on this but...

this lakorn is uploaded on pnFFKvl 's youtube Channel :)

anyways, i find it funny how gybzy is both beam & dan's n'ek for their lakorns LOL.


sarNie Juvenile
i still havent seen this... where can i dl it from?? i should check BUDDIE MEDIA before i ask here... hahaha :scratchhead2: