chackrit's new lakorn


sarNie Coma
i was watching Dao Gra Jai and Chackrit said he has a new lakorn. its a romantic/comedy but he cant say who the n'ek will be.


sarNie Adult
oh really? That's great news, so which channel is he going to play for? wonder who is going to be his new n'ek, because chakrit always get to pair up with the new n'ek all the time except for the lucky Bee and Benz. hmm another romantic/comedy? he's really good at it, well actually he's good at any type of lakorn lol, drama, revenge, romantic, comedy, he can pulled off at any role. Please do inform us if you know more about it. thanks


sarNie Oldmaid
reallie?! yay! so off he goes juz rite after mafia tee ruk huh?! seem the directors loves him as much as we do...eheeheee..umm i'm hopin' tat the nang'ek is AOM PHIYADA...they seriously need a lakorn 2gether...argh! eheehee..but any nang'ek would be long as Chakrit is pra'ek..eheehee


sarNie Juvenile
oh i cant wait to find out what kinda of lakorn it will be. huh i would like to see him with Benz again!!! so far she doesnt have a lot of lakorn out. guess we will have to wait and find out. please update us soon when u do find out. thank you!


sarNie Adult
yeah our chakrit is a busiest p'ek lol, he always has many lakorns line up for him, it just that he don't have the time to do all of them...i agree the director must love him as much as we do...why not? He's a great p'ek and he always plays his best and it's good becasue i want to see as much of his lakorns...I'm his lakorns' addictor...hehe..

Aom piyada.. :eek: .hmm she's also a great actress, i've only seen her in Hua Jai Chocolate and the one with Aom and Ken, that was very sad lol...yeah if it from ch 5, then i would like to see her pair up with chakrit at least for once but don't you think she would be too small/short with chakrit?because all of chakrit's n'ek were considerably tall, but anyway Ken is the same tall as chakrit and they did play together, so there's no problem for chakrit to play with Aom either, so yeah give them a try. Anyway if it's from channel 7 i'm rooting for noon and kob.. :unsure: .these two n'ek had great chemistry with him :wub: and i really love to see them pair up again, esp noon."finger cross"...but like Kashie said "any n'ek is long as chakrit is p'ek.." i will still watch him..hehe. :yahoo:


sarNie OldFart
oh darn i was hoping that it would be a lakorn >.< mann i really, really want krit to pair up with aom piyada also they look so cute together in that one MV!


sarNie Egg
he has a new lakorn is Mafia Tee Ruk Ch.3 and New movie is Opapatika in 09/23/07 (in Thailand)