Chai Chattayodom and Vicky Sunisa Jett


sarNie Egg
Hello everyone,

I have been searching for P'Chai's and P'Vicky's information on here or other search engine but I couldn't find anything about them. Do you know of any of their fanclub or forum websites? They are another new interests of mine. I really like them both in two of their lakorns. They are very cute together. I want more pictures of them, and interviews of them, biography of them, and many more??? Where can I get more info.?


sarNie Adult
sorry, i don't know any info on them, but would be interested in knowing as well. i love chai! im not a fan of vicky, though i don't dislike her. i think shes really cute & have seen a couple of her work.

are they dating in real life? just wondering because of your signature.