Chakrit Guest Star


sarNie Oldmaid
have any of you girls watched the episode's episode 7...within the first ten wen the cop guy disguise as Chakrit to go get info from the cult..i have no idea i haven't been following this lakorn...but LOL...Chakrit looks soo good...reminds me of P'Chuen in Mafia Tee Ruk...ehehehe :lol: ..i'm soo sorrie..but tat wuz soo hot wen Chakrit could see P'Ken throwing up and stuff...eheeheh...tat wuz two pra'eks....damn!

Seub Lab Rahas Ruk Ep. 7 [Chakrit]


sarNie Adult
what? Kashier please tell me, so is chakrit played in that lakorn too or is he just there for 10mins? if he really played in that lakorn, i will definately see that lakorn who is the main p'ek lol? chakrit or ken? Wow two top hottest thai actors lol, i can't believe this!


sarNie Oldmaid was only for like ten minutes...but it was good though...i wanna watch the lakorn too..cuz of course it's my P'Ken...but the lakorn is very confusing my non-thai speaking fans like i guess i'll wait to see if i'm luckie enough to see the Hmong dubbed one..eheehee...

but wow! if they ever have Ken & Chakrit all packed up in one lakorn...wonder how the rating will go?..eheehehe