Chakrit On Ratree samosorn


sarNie Oldmaid
Chakrit was on Ratree Samosorn...he talked about his new movie I'm guessing...ah! Cherry is in there too...and i tink she ask him about "love" eheehe eheehe.. can anyone please help tell nong kashie was pra'ek Krit is talking about..

goodness! his new movie looks soo darn good..i hope there'll be english sub!!


Lakorn Obsesser
What the. It has a weird name. His movie's name is "Pa Patika". They've been filming it for 3 years now and it'a about those superstitious/ supernatural stuff... they talk about the girls he's been in news with Like Fang, Kik Mayulin, Ja,


sarNie Oldmaid
yes recent i tink...becuz the date on there was Oct. the tenth? plus if it mentioned Fang then it must be recent...eheehe...

Pa Patika umm..wat does that mean?? anywayz...three years...goodness that's a very long time...i reallie wanna see this movie it looks very good..i hope it'll come out w/ english subs...**cross-fingers**...or if only how is that there'll be a chinese version of the movie w/ a thai audio and chinese & english subs...eheehe..i alwaise get my thai movies tat way..

but thanx Kristy...whaa! he wuz in the news w/ tat one nang'rai..the last gal that they show..she looks to old for him though...ekk


sarNie Adult
wow looks very interesting, i want to see it too, please share if anyone have anymore infor on it. thanks