Chakrit & Woonsen's wedding -- 4/21/12


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cr. ig
Well judging from the photos, what caught my attention the most is Matt's and Bee's companion. I guess finally they came out of the closet, with their respective partners and Great is not Matt's bf *sobs :cry:


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The one thing that caught my attention is actually the wedding cake...i was like "wow".I'm short,so i think i need a sword instead of knife to cut that cake.


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Woonsen is really pretty for me. She has the motherly look.


Boy once agian surrounded by ladies hehehe...and agree tat about time krit git marry...they make such a lovely couple!!! How sweet da house is full of dara hehehe


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Congrats to them. My Krir is finally married. Glad it worked out. I remembered the man who said, " Im the kind of person who doesn't need love all the time. If Love doesn't walk into my life, I won't walk into Love's life."...hmm i wonder if Kat Eng. was there? I know Kat & Krit were long time friends...they even joked that if by 30 they're both not married, they'll be each other's back up plan. I love Dara weddings they're so star-studded...everyone looks great!!

I just have to comment on Ploy's dress, is it beautiful? yes, does she look stunning in that dress? yes, would I be mad, a bit piss at her for showing up dress like that at MY wedding yes? why? because its white and its look no different frm a wedding gown as well...don't steal my seriously...kinda remind me of Ken & Noi's wedding when Janie arrived in that dress *shake-heads*...dresses that shouldn't be worn at weddings...