sarNie Egg
I love the black and white pictures of him, he looks so hot in it.

his not like the handsome type of guy, not the pretty type, but he has some kind of style in him, don't know how to spell it into words
just love him


sarNie Egg
Thank you Lovelana to share photos with us.

I think it's his smiles when he is shy or embarrassed that really makes his face shine. One thing is that he is

really charming. I remembered that the lady owner of "TV Pool magazine" described him as " Poo chai jao

sanae." Any women who have a chance to be near him will be infatuated with him ผู้หญิงคนไหนที่ได้อยู่ใกล้เค้า ก็จะ

ต้องหลงไหลในตัวเค้า and he has so much confidence in himself



sarNie Adult
Oh gawd!

I totally agree with what the woman said about him. I'm not even near him in real life and look how infatuated I am for him.

LOVE Chakri!

This playboy breaks heart for real with this charisma. :wub: