Chakrit Yamnarm with N'ek lakorn 3,5,7


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Now there's talk about the ones with Aom and Anne...he even does lakorns with the newer generation, Pat and Pinky...I loved him with them, can't wait to see him with Aom...there's also Cherry, Bua, Rita, Aff, and Donut, I'd like to see him with them sometime.


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muahaahaha im glad there is finally the lakorn with anne.. yay..... i cant wait for that one keke xp,...


sarNie Egg
i agree with everyone, Chakrit is one of thai talented actor! he's awesome for the fact he can tackle any role given to him. i've seen all his movies & lakorns haven't missed one yet. love his sex appeal! i don't know what the thailand audience has to say about my Chakrit, but he's TALENTED, HOT & STRAIGHT FORWARD. i will always support every project he's in! love him!

yigu loves krit

sarNie Hatchling
krit is really suited many female starts. he is so hot!

looking forward to his new lakorn of "disguised mother", and it seems very funny! :lol: