[Cheer Thikumporn] : Have any relate thing about Cheer, talk here


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Decide to make this thread for anything who want to talk, share news clips, anything about Cheer here. It be easy that way so we don't have to go into different thread to talk about her so it won't be mess or interfere with other people.


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Cheer Invterview ;
English translation ;
Question : Your FC saw Toey had dinner with a lady and so they are disappointed because both of you make them imagine that there is something between you two .
Answer: Actually this is his personal life. We didn't cheat our FC. But they may imagine from our drama. (She means Cupid Series) .
Question : Have you talked with Toey about this ?
Answer: No ,No . never . He has his personal life. So do I .
Question : Are you serious with this topic? Do you have to make understanding to FC ?
Answer : No. We can not change anybody's opinion. This is normal story. Things has changed. I may have some fans who still follow me since the beginning until now or change to follow the others , so it is normal. I just want them to be happy


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Thanks for sharing the clip and translate of the clip for us none Thai fans. :thumbup:

Those fans are crazy. Toey have his own life. He can date, go out with anyone he like. Same with Cheer. She can go out with anyone she like. Its not like they are a real couple. I'm so dispoint in the CT fans saying that Cheer and Toey trick (CT fans) into jin CT. What about all of the stars out there with their fans jin them wanted them to be real couple. Do their fans going around saying their couple trick them into jin them. No. So disappoint in CT fans.


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Will here something good. Cheer and Cartoon company Chame endorse Aum for their brand. This is the first time for the company to have a face on beside Cheer and Cartoon.

The cfs just been realest today.

Here the cfs:

I'm so proud of Cheer have come so long with her company to finally have a presenter on the brand and to finally have a cfs. This is the first cfs for her brand.


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I thought they have other CF beside this . I have seen a few of Cheer's Chame' CFs before.
Did you mean the one with Cheer? Yes those are her first cfs she stared in. I was saying this is like the very first time for Cheer and Cartoon to choose someone to be on their brand and have a cfs with that person.



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Here are a few more photos from today events and also Cheer interview? I hope someone can help translate what it said. K'Nong was there and there some news relate to her too?

Also is Big (that special someone in Cheer heart?) If so I'm happy for Cheer.