Chinese Paladin 5


Expired Sarnie
Elvis and Joe.

I havent started. Sub is only up to episode 2 and it is at a very slow pace.


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I watched ep1 raw when it came out... but I need the subs hahaha, since I just want to be sure of what was said in the beginning etc since they explain what happened or the story taking place. I'm unsure if this one relates to the other CP series much. I only finished 1 but not 3 .. so I hope it will still be understandable even if I didn't complete 3.

I actually liked the cast. When I saw the stills a few months back I was like man.. this guy looks like Joe.. but it can't be him.. but then I found out it really was him once it was a month away from airing lol.

The otp sure did meet fast though :D Guli is beautiful and Elvis is adorable~