Chompoo Araya & Barry Nadech: Oh My Lovely Babe!


sarNie Coma
credit to clubchom

more of barry to drool on!.. they look like an akward pair lol maybe cuz chompoo is so tall.. barry look more japanese than thai. i wonder how many percentage is he?



Mrs. Kim Junsu
They dont look right together for some reason. his face is long and chompoos face kinda short.. How about chompoo and mak..


Staff member
awwe.. thanks tinah!! YAY!! MORE BARRY!!! XD..

but hmm.. is that a real tattoo or just a drawing on chom's wrist?


sarNie Coma
i think its hard to find someone suitable for araya. barrys tall but araya is taller and wider. hes 5'9 so she must be around 6 foot right lol


sarNie Coma
^^lol naughty cecilia. got to admit i was thinking something too haha


sarNie Adult
nice. they loooks so damn compatible! barry so hot and choompoo so pretty. thanks for sharing.