Choosing A College


sarNie Juvenile
I've been given some choices for college but I don't know how to really chose a good one with me. I've been looking at some, Winona State University, St.Kate's, Drake University, Hamline University, Luther College,and University of Minnesota Morris. Have any of you heard anything about these schools? Reputation? Academics? I've done some research but I want to know for others experience.
sorry, but I haven't heard of any of those colleges...usually, they have books (updated and published every fall) on the top universities in the nation and so on, with the rankings on academics, class sizes, etc.


As I'm not from Minnesota, I haven't heard of any of these too. Have you done campus tours at these colleges? If not, I suggest you do if you have time, so you can see if you like the atmosphere there and get a feel of what those campuses have to offer. Ask yourself questions if you like big campuses or small ones? Large student to teacher ratio or would you prefer smaller class sizes for more one on one attention? Are you going to have a car? If not, also ask about their public transportation systems or if the school has a student run transportation medium where you can ride for free with student id (helps save cash spent on car issues, insurance, student permits and gas!!!)? Live on dorm or off campus? Cost of rent?, cost of living? what type of stores? like do you need an asian store nearby for asian ingredients, groceries, etc (i'm assuming you're asian...sorry for wrong assumption if you're not), is there a mall? (my college town doesn't have one and it's painful for shopaholics like me but good on budgeting). Also I suggest paying attention to student activities, check out the town (good food is a must if you love food!!! haha), if it's in the suburbs be sure to know the location to the nearest metropolitan in case you need some adventures or a sweet escape...unless you don't like big cities, and if you know anyone attending those colleges, ask if you can go to different classes with them and sit in to get a sense of how lecture is generally conducted. Good luck :D