christmas joke


sarNie Adult
The Born Loser
by Art & Chip Sansom

The son walk up to the father and said:

Son: I made my christmas list! Will you mail it to santa for me?

Father: Yes....but I hope it isn't a phone-book-length document like the past years!

Son: I make sure it wasn't. See it for yourself.

The father took the list from the son.

Father: Good work son. This list is nice and short! How did you manage to limit all the things you want?

Son: Intsead of keeping it short by cutting back on the stuff I want......I decided to keep it short by just listing the stuff I don't want santa to bring me!

by Kevin Fagan

Mother: *sigh*

Daughter came up to mother.

Daughter: What's wrong mom?

Mother: I hate to say it, Penny. But the holidays make me a nervous wreck! I have so much to do! I have so many gifts to shop for and wrap!

Daughter: The holidays aren't supposed to make you a nervous wreck! They're supposed to make you happy! I'd rather not have any presents at all than to see you upset! I know I gave you a long christmas list. But please don't buy me another thing. Whatever you got for me so far is enough, okay?

Mother: Thank you, Penny! I feel better already!

Daughter: Good!

As the daughter walk away.....

Daughter: Besides, Santa will bring me all the other stuff! He always does!