City of Love event @ Central Rama 2

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Ae and Kwan seem to be real close to each other, probably from working on lakorns together. They both look gorgeous.


sarNie Oldmaid
Loving this shoot. When i see them two together it reminds me of Hong Fah. Love Ae!! And love Kwan!! They're both really pretty!


sarNie Adult
pretty but a little too much make-up for my liking....any1 can look that good with the amount of make-up kwan had on


sarNie Adult
Ae is so funny.
and kwan is so pretty, but to much make up.

thanks for sharing =)


sarNie Granny
she's so pretty. ae still looks hecka young, i still can't believe she played kwan's mom n tle n kwan lakorn.


sarNie Egg
:thanks: For sharing this with us....

the more make up its even better cuz both of them have light skin and it shows their face...

both of them look beautiful... :camera: and lovely...
both of them remind me their movie of mother and daughter...

hopefully they have a lakorn again together...


Kwan is pretty. But there's one thing that bothers me about her. She always wear a cup or two cups larger than her actual size (obviously, judging from almost all of her pics/shoots. It's kind of irritating me. However, back on the Kwan, yes, she's pretty.


sarNie Egg
there's a lot of pretty thai actresses but i just think she's one of the most pretty one. she definitely has unique look. love how she looks in here.