Clearly It's Called Love (Completed)


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If you enjoyed What the Devil Calls Love

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Credis: Lydia - Plian (*Can't remember the first song b4 Lydia's song starts :()

Synopsis will remain unknown just like WTDCL was. Vid teaser 4 hints.

♥ "I feel guilty" ♥ - Beige

♥ "You will never win my heart." ♥ - Liphan

♥ "Are you pregnant?" ♥ - First

♥ "Love between a man and woman does not exist. Life is shit." ♥ - Prince

♥ "Clearly, she's too easy. Money, money, come my way." ♥ - Son

♥ "Why is he so complicated? Stupid guy." ♥ - Gai

I decided to eliminate weekly polls. I can't think of questions to ask. Please just comment, make guesses, and enjoy the storyline



Miss SMILES :D can i miss this???
WTDCL Part 2, oh, i', so excited.
it's okay Phone, u can take your time, i'm currently in love with "TYPE B" :cloud9:


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oh I love the video...Namfon reminds me so much of my cousin lol...btw, I know Lydia sings the song cuz I can tell by her voice but what song is it?


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oh I love the video...Namfon reminds me so much of my cousin lol...btw, I know Lydia sings the song cuz I can tell by her voice but what song is it?
The song is called Plian :) Good song. & that's cool to have a cousin as pretty as Namfon :)


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-Beige’s House-

Prince Priseth Yodsaman carried his bride, Beige Nattaraka Chattawanpranu into their newlywed bedroom. Beige had designed the room herself and put careful thought into all the furniture and color of the room to suit her and her husband’s taste. Prince gently set Beige down on the bed and started to unbutton his white silk blazer. His glowing brown eyes locked on his bride as he reflected on the day they first met. He refocused on Beige’s natural beauty lying on the bed waiting for him. She is wearing a ruffled ivory dress that laid gracefully against her body and the mattress. She smiled at Prince which made him excited to finally find the love of his life. He had finished laying his top on the hardwood floors and finished unzipping his trousers. Prince took off his shirt and revealed a slender, but muscular frame. He had never taken his shirt off in front of anybody before. Beige gave Prince a luring eye that made him move a little faster and he soon lowered himself on top of her. He waited for the day that he’d reveal his body to his wife. There she is, the one that he had waited for.

-Yodsaman Mansion-

“What a day,” yapped Yatna Yodsaman. “So much to do and it is finally over.”

“Indeed they are Aunt Yatna,” said Kwang Apai Yodsaman.

A cry started to wail out and Kwang turned around in sync with Nick Nickorn Yodsaman towards the cry. Their son was crying in their bedroom. Both ran towards the cry, Nick let Kwang enter the room first. She quickly picked up their baby and cradled him in her arms.

“Aww, did you miss us today? We came back as quickly as we could. Tomorrow we will be heading home. I know this is a new environment for you, Phra.”

“Nick! My water just broke!” screamed Kwang.

Nick came in from the garden and rushed to Kwang. Oh gosh, what did the doctor say to do again? Oh god, oh god,” cried out Nick in excitement and adrenaline.

“Nick, calm down. No need to panic. We just have to walk to the street, get in the car and head to the clinic,” assured Kwang.

Kwang and Nick headed out of their house towards the car. Nick drove at full speed towards the clinic. The couple called their friends and family on the way to the clinic. After another 4 hours of labor, Kwang finally pushed out a baby boy. Nick grasped Kwang’s hand and they looked at each other and then their baby and each other again. Both smiled widely at what they had created 9 months ago. This baby was theirs.

The couple started thinking of names and family members tried to persuade them to name the baby Pathiharn (miracle), Fah (he was blue at birth), etc. But, the couple finally looked at each other and decided to name their baby boy Phra Yodsaman. Very short and simple. Gai Kittaya Payong protested it because she thought it sounded like some religious cult leader, but the couple was adamant about the name they chose.
End Flashback

Yatna came into the room, “Ooh, let me hold him. He’s so precious. I wish my Prince would hurry and have a baby.”

“We’re glad he found someone,” said Nick. “Glad it was quick too because I pretty much stole his girl.”

“Nick, don’t say that,” said Yatna. “You met Kwang first. I just happened to force the two to marry.”

-Blank’s House-

“Mary! Knight! What are you two doing up there? I better not need to beat you up Knight! Hope you’re not fooling with my cousin!” called out Blank Charlie Thammasinh.

Mary Hansen and Knight Parnkorn Sirimath-Pattanaworawet came down the stairs with Mary’s suitcase. Sheis going to transfer to a school in Sidney Australia. Knight is upset about her choice and being far from her, but he also wanted Mary to be happy and fulfill all her dreams.

“Peurn, what happened to calling me peurn? Now you call me by my name. That’s hate,” said Knight.

“Dude, if you’re going to be my cousin in law, is it still natural to call you peurn?” laughed Blank.

“Of course,” said Knight. “Friends stay friends, nothing changes. No way am I going to call you P’Blank”

“Blank, just call my boyfriend Peurn again, would you?” laughed Mary.

They all head out towards the van to send Mary off at the airport. Afterwards, Blank and Knight will drive out to another college in southern Thailand. They decided to be roommates and attend the same college.

-Yodsaman Mansion-

“What?” asked Yatna over the phone.

“What’s wrong?” asked Nick.

Yatna walked over to the sofa and sat down pale. Nick grabbed on to her hands and asked if there was something with Lawyer Toon. She shook her head no and a tear began to drip down her cheek. She started to explain that Assistant Pat had just called about his daughter having a seizure attack.


Prince had put on a white t-shirt before following Beige to the ambulance. Gai was the first to arrive at the hospital and ran up to Prince and hugged him tightly as tears accumulated in his tear glands. She rubbed his back and tried to comfort him as much as she could as they kept a careful eye on Beige lying in the hospital bed.

Beige struggled to get words out as she awoke from her nap, “I’m sorry our wedding night ended this way.”

Assistant Pat Rachapat Chattawanpranu and his wife walked through Beige’s hospital room’s door after meeting with the physician. Assistant Pat pulled Prince aside and urged him to go out of the room to talk. He fidgeted and it made Prince worry even more.

“Prince, I’m so sorry about all of this,” Assistant Pat hesitated to continue. “Beige has had seizures since she was little. We’ve been able to maintain it for the last couple of years, but this is the first time it has relapsed since her last episode. I know that she hasn’t told you about her seizures and I hope you’re not mad at her. She kept it from you because she felt she was cured and free of these deadly episodes. We just feel awful that we never told you about Beige and her seizures.”

Prince looked at Assistant Pat and was amazed that they were able to keep this from him. He thought he knew Beige and he thought Beige didn’t keep anything from him. As forgiving as he is, he told Assistant Pat that everything is okay. But deep down he felt something was odd about the whole situation.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Pearl Bay-

Liphan Aniporn-Wissinh, tied her long hair back in a pony tail prior to checking up on the pearl farm workers. She wore jeans and a t-shirt she got from a rock concert she attended years earlier when she visited her father in Bangkok. That was the first and last time she had seen him because her step mother was harsh on her and she refused to return there once she returned home. She told her father she’d only see him if he came to visit her, he hasn’t stopped by once since then.

“Khun Noo Liphan, ja…I have this message from your mother,” said a worker.

Liphan grabbed the letter and walked towards the little office nearby. Liphan requested her office be built near the pearl farm rather than at the large company building across town. She browsed the area once more and told the supervisors that it was important that they retrieve excellent pearls because they need to satisfy these new clients they had just recently contracted with.

Liphan sat in her office with her legs stretched out and slightly slouched in the big black office chair. She carefully opened the letter from her mother.

“Loog Liphan, I’m writing to let you know that your father and I will be returning to the ranch after our trip to France. We are headed home in about two weeks. Hope to see you there when we arrive. Otherwise, I hope you’re enjoying working at your pearl farm. Father trusts that you will take good care of the family business. We will try to make it out to visit you before we leave for Morocco. Love, Mae”

Liphan continued to think whether she should head to ranch and stay there for a while or continue to work on the pearl farm until they reach their quota. She’s been working nonstop for the past few months because some clients have complained that the pearls weren’t as polished as they liked and Liphan had to make sure they redid some of the pearls to satisfy those customers, which slowed manufacturing time.

Ten years ago, Liphan ran around the pearl bay. She wore old grungy clothes as she took on extra work to wash clothes for the workers at the pearl farm. Finally, one day the workers announced that the owner of the farm is actually going to show up and inspect their work. He is a Singaporean, Thai older man who bought the pearl farm from a local businessman, but never once appeared to inspect the pearl himself. His family was well known in Singapore as a huge pearl company. Liphan carried a huge laundry basket that covered her face and she couldn’t see ahead of her as she accidentally bumped into the owner. He looked down at Liphan and Liphan stared straight into his eyes. She began to gulp as he looked like a strict man. Just as she thought she’d get yelled at by the owner, Liphan’s friend ran down the dock and told urged Liphan to hurry because her mother had collapsed at the beach She immediately dropped her clothing basket and ignored the owner. The man called after her and his body guards asked if they would like them to go after her. He told his guards he wanted to know where that little girl lived and that he would follow to her house.

Later that evening, Liphan took a cloth and dipped it in warm water and squeezed out its excess. Her mother looked at her and thanked her for being a good daughter. She asked her mother if good things come for good people. Her mother told her good things happen when they least expect it. A knock came at the door and in came the owner of the pearl farm. Liphan and her mother were shocked and fearful of a stranger barging into their home. He quietly took off his shoes and sat down.
End Flashback

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Resort-

“Ahhh!!!” screamed Beige as a car came rolling towards her.

I gotta catch up on WTDCL ;)
But I'm starting to like this one xD
Can't wait xD
Glad you are excited about this one. I am introducing all the characters from WTDCL with their full names again, but reading WTDCL is recommended to grasp some of their personalities. Otherwise, starting with this one isn't too hard to follow because the storyline is centered around Prince & his love interests. can i miss this???
WTDCL Part 2, oh, i', so excited.
it's okay Phone, u can take your time, i'm currently in love with "TYPE B" :cloud9:
I decided to write it at the same time!! Hehe, it'll be slower since my motivation for writing is sinking...but I always finish my fics :) So, look forward to both :D

Can't miss this one..
The teaser look good..
:slapandkissse3: maybe..:)

Take your time.
Maybe? Def a :slapandkissse3: :p Hehe. Enjoy!!

Love to read...
Teaser look good.

Thank and take your time.
Our Mr. Prince from WTDCL is the star & for sure he'll find love this time?? hehe. From a man who loves only one woman, to what seems like a quadrangle relationship. Look forward to it!

*screams* LOVE THE CLIP
Thank you. I loved making this one. I'm glad I was able to find clips because I had forgotten that Nat and Beige acted together before. I was going to have Kwan be Liphan, but I loved Namfon and Nat in Jao Sao Rai Som.

i've always had a thing for Prince ya know. :wub: beautiful clip. can't wait for it.
Me too! After he came out in Jao Sao Rai Som it made me think of making part 2 just for him :blush: One thing I can't guarantee is that he is the same Prince we know from WTDCL because love makes you blind.


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aww feel bad for Beige...hope she's okay....i wonder who car is that that hit her?

awww Kwang and Nick story made me smile again...they have a baby boy too


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Will Kwang and Nick couple be in here often???
Cus i love them.....:)
Poor Beige and Prince too...

It's GR8.. :thumbsup:


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“Where did Beige run off to?” asked Gai. “Prince, I can’t believe she disappeared like that. I’ll call around.”

Gai and Prince became closer friends after Nick and Kwang moved to stay in Mae Hong Son. Both of their best friends had moved away from them and they had nothing else to do except to get to know each other and become best friends themselves. Gai gave Prince a lot of advice over Beige and how to propose to her. The three of them became close and Beige would ask Gai many questions about love and choices to make. Beige had to go to the south to represent in a case shortly after dating Prince, but as soon as she was done she rushed back to spend more time with Prince. Phet had also leased half of her business to Gai because Gai had finally told her parents that she was interested in the masseuse and spa business. They stopped asking her for money but she still continues to support them as her mother is going through counseling for gambling problems. Prince assisted with the counseling for free since he studied psychology.

Earlier that day, Prince had gone home to shower, but when he returned to the hospital, the nurse told him that Beige had checked herself out and paid for all the expenses. He couldn’t believe she left and he started calling around.

Now he is heading to Yodsaman Empire to ask Assistant Pat if he knew where his daughter had ran off to. Assistant Pat’s wife had gone to lunch with a friend so she wasn’t home for Prince to ask. At the office, Assistant Pat was shocked himself that his daughter left the hospital. He started to call around and ask everyone he remembered Beige coming in contact with and he called the hospital. The hospital just told him that Beige was fine and in stable condition and the doctor had released her and she left the hospital and was wheel chaired out into a taxi.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Pearl Bay-

“Sawatdee, my name is Siwah Wissinh. I own the pearl bay and I just wanted to check up on your family.”

“Why?” asked Liphan. “I’m sorry about bumping into you earlier today and didn’t even apologize, it’s just I had to rush back to my mother. If it’s about that, I promise I can make it up to you.”

“Indeed you will,” said Siwah. “I would like you to work for me inspecting my pearls instead of laundry.”

Liphan looked at her mother. Her mother, Ta Jarinta Pairit looked at her.

Days later, Siwah trained Liphan to inspect his pearls and taught her little by little how his business worked. She began to enjoy the work and never thought she’d have this opportunity. Meanwhile, Siwah liked to walk the beaches of Phra Thong Island and buy lunch and dinner from Ta. The two began to admire each other and fall in love. Eventually, both asked Liphan for approval of their relationship and married a year later. Since Liphan was only 15 at the time, Siwah decided to send Liphan off to school. Prior to that, Liphan’s real father, Lith Bannalith Ariporn asked if she would visit him for a while. Liphan was excited that her father finally wanted to see her face after all those years of letter writing to her and her mother. When she got to the house, she felt a bad aura with her step mother. Then, a guy her age ran down the stairs and bumped into her without apologizing. Her father tried to calm to Liphan down and Liphan tried very hard to be respectful no matter how mean they were treating her. Her father spent some time with her and even bought her tickets to her favorite band. He was supposed to attend the concert with her and her half brother, but he had to work and she ended up going with her half brother, but he ditched her at the concert site. She had to use her left over money to get a taxi and return to the house. The next day, she realized she had enough and told her father that she wishes to return home and that she will not be coming to this house again. He looked at her sadly, but didn’t feel like he could apologize because he felt that nothing he wants to say will be enough. He granted Liphan’s wishes and told her that no matter what, he loves her and that he will visit her when she returns from her schooling whenever he has time.

After her return to the island, she wrote to her father one last time to tell him she was leaving for high school in England. Her parents moved with her and they spent four years in England while traveling around the world on Liphan’s vacation. Liphan would return to Thailand with her parents to stay at the resort that Siwah brought for Ta as their first anniversary present. The resort was located just below Lak Mountain. They would then take a boat to check up on the pearl farm, in which Liphan brought back new knowledge each time.

Finally, for college, Liphan decided to attend a school in Bangkok. She was closer to her father, and she wrote to him, but he never responded. She swore to never return to the house and as stubborn as she was, she didn’t return. After graduation, Siwah took the family on a trip to Singapore and they spent time with his family there. Siwah’s parents loved Liphan and was glad Liphan was their granddaughter. Siwah can’t have kids of his own and that’s why his first marriage didn’t turn out. But, they were glad he had met Ta. They offered Liphan time to investigate and learn from their pearl farm in Singapore. She often travels there to check up on the farms there as well. On Liphan’s birthday, Siwah’s present to Liphan was his pearl farm on Phra Thong Island.
End Flashback

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Oh god, Beige! Scared the crap out of me,” said Liphan as she helped Beige into her car.

An eyewitness saw Beige limping as Liphan helped Beige into her car.

“You almost killed me!” said Beige.

They rolled into the resort and Liphan stopped in front of the Wissinh house. The housekeeper came running down the stairs to greet Liphan.

“Oh my,” said the housekeeper as Liphan helped Beige out of the car.

Ta came walking out from the side garden and greeted both Liphan and Beige. They all helped Beige into the house and set her down while the housekeeper went to get the first aid kit.

“What happened?” asked Ta.

“Well, little Miss Khun Noo here almost ran me over, that’s what!” said Beige sarcastically.

“Well, mom. Little Miss Attorney here was standing in the middle of the road,” said Liphan.

The two began to laugh at what almost happened. Liphan told Beige she was lucky that she looked up just in time to turn the wheel. Liphan had dropped her cell phone and thought nobody would be walking in the middle of the road and she reached down for it. She looked up just in time to see her step cousin Beige backing away and dropping to the ground with big wide eyes.

Beige’s mother is Liphan’s step mother’s cousin. When Liphan went to stay with her dad, Beige had gone over to the house to visit often and they became good friends. Beige was about to leave for school at that time too.

“By the way, what are you doing here? You didn’t even call to tell me you were coming,” asked Liphan.

Beige’s face turned sour.

-Phet’s Spa-

“Nong Gai, a customer is here and he requests for the famous owner to give him a massage,” said one of the masseuse.

“Fine, I’ll be out in just a bit. Get him prepped and I will make a cocktail,” said Gai.

This will be her last client of the day. She usually picks up requests and walk-ins. Phet had gone on vacation with They again and she was left running the business on her own for a couple days. Because she knew the ins and outs of the workers doing extra work after hours, she had cut down some of it by putting limits on them. She told them three strikes and they’re out if they get caught by her or Phet. Some of the workers have gotten fired and some of them have told their clients that Gai was the one who used to sleep around the most with the clients. Gai knew those rumors were spreading and in no way would she be easy on any clients who wants her to do extra work. Many clients have put on a bet that they can get her to go with them to bed and the price have gotten higher and higher.

Gai walked into a room and the client had a towel on and laid on his stomach like a normal client would.

“Oh, you’re here,” said the client.

“Yep, I see you want the full body massage,” said Gai.

Gai didn’t look at the clients face, but a couple minutes into the massage, the client grabbed wrist and turned to look up at her. Her eyes grew wide as his eyes focused on her. He was a new client and he smiled at her. She pulled her arms away.

“Sorry, I don’t like to be touched in that way,” said Gai. “Let me get back into work and I will let you go on your way.”

The clients smirked and laid back down on his arms and face to side staring at Gai as she put poured some more jasmine rice into the fragrance machine.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Liphan!” exclaimed Son Watchara Wuti as he put on a big smile and ran up to her.

Son and Liphan met in Singapore and had become good friends. A year ago Son asked Liphan to become his girlfriend and Liphan had agreed. She liked him for his good nature and she thought he was a good guy so she accepted his bravery in asking her. Son’s family owned another resort a few miles down. He was sent to Singapore to study business, but had to end his trip early when his family needed him to return home to help out at the resort since they weren’t making profit like they usually did.

Siwah had returned from Singapore earlier in the day for the grand ball room party that the resort holds once a month for their guests to enjoy for free. All the guests just have to dress up and show up. This has helped attract many guests to the area for free dining in a luxury resort.

Beige stepped out with Ta and all eyes turned to her. Son’s eyes widened and began to wonder who this woman was. Liphan slapped Son in the arms and he snapped out of his gaze.

“Let me go introduce you to her,” smiled Liphan. She pulled him along.

“Son, this is my cousin Beige Nattaraka Chattawapranu,” said Liphan.

Son recognized the last name. He knew that Beige’s father is an assistant to one of the biggest real estate company in Bangkok. He was in the tabloids for rising to riches from his job as an assistant.

aww feel bad for Beige...hope she's okay....i wonder who car is that that hit her?

awww Kwang and Nick story made me smile again...they have a baby boy too
You just found out who hit her :p This ff is starting off slow, but hopefully I can pick it up soon.

Will Kwang and Nick couple be in here often???
Cus i love them.....:)
Poor Beige and Prince too...

It's GR8.. :thumbsup:
They'll be in it a couple times. But they're happy in their love life, so I am focusing more on those who are still 'iffy'.


Guess whose eyes I used for the Ch. 2 logo :p


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ooh i wonder who was eye witnessing when liphan and beige met lol


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I really need to star on this story haven't read it yet and I need to finish "What the Devil Calls Love." I'm so behind.


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-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Sawatdee krub,” said Son. He held out his hands to shake Beige’s.

When he grabbed hold of her hand, he gently lifted it up to give it a gentle kiss as he looked into Beige’s eyes.

-Phet’s Spa-

Gai had stepped out the front door of the spa so she could head home. She planned to call some more friends and see if they had seen Beige. She started to walk towards her car when someone grabbed her and pulled her aside. Gai started to scream, but the figure covered her mouth and grasped her arms to keep her from moving around too much. She could tell it is a man. He managed to pick her up and bring her towards the light post, but he tripped backwards and Gai fell right on top of him. She knew she had her chance to escape and tried to roll off to the side, but the man grasped her again and they both rolled multiple times until they finally hit the building. Gai laid on her stomach on top of the intruder. Her eyes locked on the intruder’s eyes as the light from the lamp post shined on them. She recognized the face. It was the client she had earlier.

The client smiled at her and she began to snap out of the shock that this client waited for her to leave work. She decided to knee him in the crotch as she struggled to get off of him once again. One blow and he released her arms and moaned in pain.

“Take that!” shouted Gai.

“Wait!” called out the client.

Gai headed back to her car without turning around to look at the client again. She reached her car and pulled the handle when someone grabbed onto her wrist. Her heart thumped as she thought it was the intruder again.

“I told you…” started Gai. She turned to look at the person holding her wrist and it was Prince.

“Are you alright? I saw you jab that guy’s manhood with your knee as I was coming down the street from my car. I ran to help you, but the guy disappeared as I got closer,” said Prince. “Probably crawled into the alley.”

“What are you doing here?’ asked Gai.

Prince told Gai that he tried to figure out where Beige was all day. He finally couldn’t wait any longer and needed to know if Gai and Beige had friends that aren’t on his contact list.

“Don’t worry,” said Gai. She grabbed hold of Prince’s hand and comforted him. “Let’s go find her.”

-Wuti Resort-

Son arrived home and sat on his white couch as his father walked towards him. His father sat down and pulled out a cigar and lighted it. He looked over at Son.

“Son, it has been a year and still no signs of anything moving along. We need the money soon or this resort will be gone,” said Son’s father, Pirot Wuti.

“I know dad. Liphan is tougher than I thought. She is smart and won’t let me even kiss her once and I’m her boyfriend. She even switched the drugged drink I gave her with a worker. At least she didn’t suspect me. Plus, I snuck into her room once and she talked in her sleep and pulled out a revolver from under her blanket. On our vacation, I tried to present myself as her bodyguard at night, but she pulled a knife out! And a pepper spray!” explained Son.

“What’s your plan now?” asked Son’s father. “You giving up on her all this time?”

“You told me you didn’t care what I did as long as I get you the money,” said Son. “I will get it for you fast.”

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“I’m going to be heading back to the island tomorrow. Bright and early,” yawned Liphan as she pulled off the pearl clip in her hair. Her curls rolled down and bounced softly against her shoulders.

“Leaving me already?” asked Beige in a teasing voice. “I just got here yesterday.”

“I have to go back or else I can’t make the inspection deadline,” said Liphan. “I will return in a couple days.”

Liphan changed her clothes and walked over to Beige. She noticed Beige looked paler than earlier today and asked her if something was wrong. Liphan could see the puff in Beige’s eyes and the red vessels forming as her eyes began moisten with tears.

“I just can’t hold it in any longer. I have to vent,” exclaimed Beige. “I got married a couple days ago.” A tear fell down Beige’s cheeks. “I’m sorry I didn’t invite you Liphan, it was a very small ceremony. I also figured you’d rather not see your father and my aunt. Plus…”

Liphan looked slightly away as her father was mentioned.

“The man I married is a very nice guy and my ideal man. My eyes immediately locked with his the first time we met at a wedding. But, what he doesn’t know is that I’ve kept a huge secret from him. That secret is that I knew we were arranged to be married. My father is his family’s long time assistant. When I was a teenager, his mom gave my father money for my medical bills. You know how bad my seizures were. She also gave me money to study in America. While in America, she was able to pay for a new medication treatment that pretty much controlled my seizures. My father felt that we owe the family so much. When I returned home, father told me that my husband just got over being heartbroken. Actually, I can’t really say he is my husband. We had our wedding, but didn’t plan on signing the papers until the following week because I convinced him not to. I made excuses about having too many clients and being too busy to go sign the marriage license,” explained Beige.

“Why were you so hesitant to sign the papers if he is a great guy? Why are you here?” asked Liphan.

Beige continued to explain as her heart ached more, but her voice became clearer between her sniffles, “His name is Prince Prakorn Yodsaman. His mother, Yatna had talked to my father about his love life and suggested that I meet her son and perhaps mend his broken heart. Father then told me that it might be best if I actually married Prince. At first I was hesitant, but my father kept making me feel guilty and the urgency to pay Yatna back for her kindness. Finally, Yatna spoke to my father and they arranged for us to meet. The reason I ran away yesterday was because I felt like I couldn’t marry a guy with the wrong intentions from the start.”

“But, you eventually fell in love with him right?” asked Liphan.

“Yes, I did fall for him. But, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we were set up. That our relationship wasn’t as spontaneous as he had thought it was. The more I saw him, the more I couldn’t bare not telling him, but the fear of him hating me for not meeting naturally scared me more. He is a believer in love at first sight. And in our case, it isn’t. So, I decided to plan a fake seizure and find an opportunity to leave while I can,” said Beige. “Before he can hate me.”

“Wow,” said Liphan. “You went through a lot to get out of the marriage.”

“Yes. You wouldn’t be able to understand unless you’re in love like I am,” said Beige.

“So, you left because you love him?” asked Liphan.

“Yes,” said Beige. She reached for Liphan’s hands again. “Promise me you won’t let anyone know I’m here. Promise even if the worst happens you won’t let anyone know I faked a seizure. That I ran away from home to come here.”

“Beige, I don’t understand why you ran away if you love him. He married you so he must be in love with you. Since he’s in love with you, he should understand your feelings and you shouldn’t be afraid to tell him,” said Liphan.

“Liphan, it’s hard to explain. I just want time to think and then admit to him when I’m ready to face the consequences. And hopefully our relationship can start all over without having our parents control us,” said Beige. “Just promise me.”

“Okay, I promise,” hesitated Liphan. “I won’t tell a soul you’re here. I will give you your space and time no matter what. Even if I die, I won’t tell a soul about your absence. I know you’re afraid people will judge you Miss Beige.”

“I know you won’t break your promise Liphan,” said Beige. “Until I’m ready, I will tell him and everyone else why I left.”


The surveillance camera at the hospital revealed that Beige got into a taxi and Prince and Gai traced the license plate number with the help of police since it had been more than 48 hours since Beige's disappearance to a taxi driver that told them that he dropped Beige off at a train station. The train station then revealed a clip that showed them the time Beige left and they tracked her ticket to see that she left for Hat Khao Lak in Phang Nga province.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

Beige put on a white satin night gown and got up to turn off the lights in Liphan’s bedroom. She had a nice day relaxing with the view of the mountains. Son had come to visit her earlier in the day and he seemed like a nice guy. She is happy Liphan found a great guy to be with.

She walked to the bed and laid down. Her cheeks nestled against the soft pillow when she noticed a warm presence lying next to her. Her heart began to race and she looked out the screen door. She had left it open to let the cool breeze from the mountain and the scent of the sea flow into the room. Now, she has an unwanted guest in the room with her. She knew she had locked the main door. Liphan’s parents had gone with Liphan to check out the pearl farm and the maids were in another building except for one who had gone to bed early because she had been sick all day.

Beige reached towards the heat to confirm that there is someone here. She felt a shirtless figure wearing just boxers. Her eyes widened and she quickly lifted her hands off the figure and decided to try to rush out the door. Just as she tried to lift herself up, the figure grasped onto her shoulders and pulled her down on her back against the matress. The figure quickly jumped on top of her and Beige felt his bulge press against her silk gown and through his boxers. Beige could finally make out the figure.

“No, no, no,” cried Beige. “It can’t be. This isn’t happening. I’m dreaming.”

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sarNie Oldmaid

*Rated R - 4 u who can't stand r scene, skip 3rd section.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Where is Beige?” asked Liphan as she plopped her keys on the coffee table.

The maid explained that Beige had packed her things two days ago and left. She told the maid to tell Liphan to keep her promise from the other night and that she also mentioned the word ‘sorry’.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): On Boat-

“Help!” shouted a mother crying as her child wrestled with the sea water. “I’m not good at swimming and my son isn’t either!”

Liphan quickly jumped into the water to save the child. She had lifeguard certification and remembered to grab a floatation device prior to plunging into the deep sea water. They were nearing the island, but somehow the child leaned too far over the boat rail and fell into the sea. Once in the water, Liphan handed the child the floatation device. She felt something nick at her legs and she kicked it off. Instead, it ended up tangling her legs. She hooked the child up to the rescue rope as rescuers pulled the child towards the boat. Another rescuer jumped in to help guide the child towards the boat and did not notice Liphan’s struggle with the net.

Liphan sank underneath the sea still trying to get the net loose from her legs. It wouldn’t come off and she realized she was sinking further down.

Before passing out, Liphan saw a glimpse of a handsome face.

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

“I came with you and it’s been three days now. Can you give me the video tape?” asked Beige.

Beige couldn’t believe her eyes. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness as she felt his bulge against her.

“No, no, no,” cried Beige. “It can’t be. This isn’t happening. I’m dreaming.”

“It’s not a dream,” said Son, smiling. “I need you.”

Son, quickly ripped off Beige’s satin nightgown to reveal her naked bare skin. She was nervous, terrified, and mostly shocked. This is Liphan’s boyfriend. The guy that she thought was nice and friendly earlier in the day. He couldn’t possibly be this cruel. It was impossible. Beige cried and screamed for help, but nobody could hear her. The maid who had gone to bed early must’ve taken something for sleep. Beige’s sobs became annoying to Son, but he pulled his boxers down and quickly penetrated her to shut her up. She let out a gasp from the pain that the monster had evaded. She wanted to save herself for Prince only. But this monster took this from her. After a minute of still struggling to resist Son, she gave up. There was no use fighting him as he wouldn’t budge off of her and she was so tiny that she had no strength to push off this heavy monster.

When Son finished, he let out a deep breath and laid on one side of the bed. Beige turned to the opposite side and sobbed throughout the night. She couldn’t sleep knowing that she had lost her virginity to this fraud. While Beige cried, Son crept out of bed and walked over to the cameras he had set up in the room. Beige was too busy sobbing and in such shock to notice that he had videos of her. By morning, Beige had strength to get out of bed and run to the shower. She got into the shower and sank down against the tiles in tears. After she cried her frustration away, she began to think about turning Son in to the police and punish him to the maximum. She is an attorney after all. While she was in the bathroom, Son sat by the laptop making copies of the videos to edit later. He began to feel some guilt for doing this. But, he needed money badly. He would do anything for money. He continued with his plans despite his conscience telling him not to go through with it.
End Flashback

“No, the deal is after you get your father to send us money,” said Son.

“Give me the video clip!” screamed Beige as she kept getting more frustrated.

“I told you, I need you. I need the money,” said Son.

“If you needed money, all you had to do was ask. Why lie to me? Why lie to Liphan? Why? Why did you do this to me?” asked Beige.

“I needed something to get you to give me the money. Who in their right mind would give this much charity money?” said Son.

“Blackmail? Obviously it is working,” cried Beige.

“So, get your father to send us 5 million baht. I need it to pay debts for my family,” said Son.

Beige couldn’t believe she gave into his requests because she wanted the videos back. She thought of suicide while in the bathroom, but then her lawyer instincts told her to keep on living and send this douche to jail for rape. But, when she returned to the room, Son told her he had videos of their night together and he plans to edit the videos. Another shock came to her and she was on the brinks of hysteria. She thought of killing the guy, but she can’t go to prison for murder and bring shame to her family. She feared the videos being exposed and fear of shame on the family for that too. Worst yet, she feared Prince won’t be able to accept her. She thought to herself and wondered how she is even a defense lawyer when she can’t even defend herself. Liphan has the right to not keep her promise. She probably thinks Beige stole her boyfriend and would not forgive her now. Beige picked up the phone and dialed her home number.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

“Khun Noo Liphan. Are you all right?” asked one of her pearl farm workers.

Liphan looked around the room confused as to how she had arrived in her bedroom on Phra Thong Island. The worker told her she had passed out for a couple hours and that a gentleman had saved her in the sea. Liphan began to remember the events of what had occurred hours ago. She smiled at the thought of the handsome face that saved her life. She asked the worker who the man was, and the worker told her his name is Prakorn Yodsaman.

The name rang a bell in Liphan’s head, she just couldn’t connect where she heard that name. A knock came at the door and the worker called to give permission for the knocker to come in. A man’s hand gripped the edge of the door and big almond shaped eyes peered in. His skin is perfect, not a single blemish. His eyebrows squinted together as he looked in. He revealed his face some more and Liphan began to smile. His lips were luscious and he pressed his top lip against his bottom lip. Liphan was about to ask if this is Prince. But, Prince beat her to it.

Gai called some friends and told Prince she knew of someone Beige could be staying with. Prince went and confirmed with Assistant Pat that Beige was close to a cousin named Liphan in Phang Nga. Assistant Pat had called the resort but they denied Beige was there due to privacy issues. When Prince arrived in Phang Nga, he admired the scenery even though he was concerned about his wife and her whereabouts. He stepped out onto the muddy path towards the receptionist’s desk. He explained that he is married to Beige and that he wanted to see her. The receptionist wouldn’t budge. She had to have the guest’s consent to reveal their whereabouts. Prince walked out saddened that he couldn’t find Beige. He asked for permission to walk around the premises.

Prince found a stump and sat down to think. The air was humid but cool because of the wind. He began to sweat since he’s not used to the weather. He unbuttoned his white blouse and revealed specks of hair on his chest.

“Wowzers!” exclaimed Maelee, the groundskeeper at the resort. “I never saw a guest strip in front of my eyes!”

Prince was startled by her sudden presence. He was about to button himself back up, but Maelee dropped her rake and rushed over to him and grabbed his collar and popped it out.

“Now, don’t button back up. This look is better on you,” smiled Maelee.

Prince’s eyes widened as he gulped. He was nervous, this groundskeeper was very touchy. She asked him what he was doing out in this part of the garden all alone. He stuttered as he responded and told her that he was out here because he came looking for his wife. Maelee asked more questions and found out that the person this handsome man was looking for was Beige. The girl that the resort owner’s daughter had ran into. Prince’s eyes grew even wider and his heart raced at the thought of Beige being in an accident.

“No worries handsome,” said Maelee. “I saw Miss Liphan leave to the island a day before your wife left with another guy. You know who that guy was? Miss Liphan’s boyfriend! Miss Liphan came back yesterday and is planning to leave to the island again after her meeting.”

Prince looked at the groundskeeper confused and grabbed her shoulders to shake her for more info.

“Hold your horses handsome,” said Maelee. “I think they had a quarrel over the boyfriend. I called Miss Liphan Miss instead of ‘khun noo’. She’s so stuck up. One time she told her mom to fire me because I was cleaning the pool and a guest had asked me to massage him. The ‘khun noo’ title is only for someone I respect, not a lunatic. I think she murdered them for their adultery.”

Prince was confused about what Maelee had told him. He couldn’t believe that this cousin of Beige would kill her just because they had a fight over a boyfriend. Maelee told him that Liphan had hurt other people in the past because she was bitchy. However, Liphan always got away with things. He thought about Liphan pretending to leave and setting a trap to blow up her boyfriend and Beige’s tires as they drove off together. Then Liphan taking the body and burying it somewhere. Perhaps, throwing their bodies in the Adaman Sea. Prince could not think straight anymore. His imagination ran wild. He couldn’t read people like he used to. He doesn’t know Liphan, but he doesn’t like the sounds of her.

On the boat towards the island, Prince had stood on the rear of the boat. His boat would arrive at the island first before Liphan’s. Then out in the middle of the sea he saw rescuers help a little boy back into the boat, but he saw another hand sticking out from the sea. He wondered why nobody was paying attention to the struggling figure. He jumped into the sea and swam towards the figure. Prince gasped for air before lunging deeper. He finally saw the person and released the net and swam towards the woman’s head. He reached underneath both arms to measure her circumference and get a better grip on her. He release one arm and held her with his other arm and swam towards the surface. Prince thought that it would be faster to just swim towards shore than to wait for the rescuers to jump back down. At the house, he found out he had rescued Liphan Aniporn-Wissinh,
End Flashback

Prince couldn’t control his anger and confusion. He was a wreck and couldn’t think straight anymore.

Prince looked at Liphan smiling at him, “You killed my wife.”

His eyes glared at her angrily and her face displayed confusion and fear.


sarNie Oldmaid

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

“What are you talking about?” asked Liphan.

“You know very damn well what I’m talking about,” insisted Prince. “You killed your cousin over a boyfriend!”

“Excuse me, but I di…” stated Liphan.

Prince cut her off and told her that the groundskeeper at the resort told him that Liphan killed Beige because they had an argument over her boyfriend leaving her.

“Get out of my room!” shouted Liphan at Prince.

She couldn’t believe this guy would come into her room and accuse her of such a horrid crime. She bit her lower lip and turned to pick up her bowl of soup and toss it at Prince. He stood there speechless and Liphan cried out one more time for him to leave her room and never to show his face again. She turned her head away from him and crossed her arms. The worker insisted Prince leave the room and pushed him out the door.

Liphan sat in bed angry at the accusation. He is her life saver, but in no way is she going to accept a murder she didn’t commit. His name suddenly clicked and she thought how this crazy guy could be Beige’s love. That gardener he heard all this from must be Maelee. She’s always been trouble, but Liphan couldn’t fire her because Maelee’s family depends on her for money. Maelee’s father had sold her into prostitution and her mind became corrupt and mentally broken down. Siwah’s friend broke down the prostitution chain and Siwah decided to employ Maelee after Maelee’s mother was released from prison for her husband’s murder. Maelee’s mother worked for the resort before she got hit by a car and became paralyzed.

Liphan began to wonder how Son and Beige had anything to do with each other. Perhaps the two did run away together. Son did stare at Beige for a really long time at the ball. But, Beige had told Liphan she loved Prince. And Son is a nice guy. He wouldn’t treat her badly. Maelee’s story must be false. Liphan picked up the phone and dialed Son’s number. Nobody picked up. Liphan called Son’s resort and his father picked up the phone.

“Sorry honey, I think you’re done for,” said Son’s father.

Liphan slowly lowered the phone to her heart. She gripped the phone tightly and a tear slid down her cheek. It can’t be that the two really did run away together. Son could have at least told her he fell for Beige and not just run away like this. Beige could’ve told her if she fell for Son. Son and Beige are not bad people in Liphan’s eyes. She felt betrayed by the two of them. Liphan let go of the phone and placed her hands on her temples. She shook her head side to side. A scream let out and a worker ran into her room.

“Khun noo, what I wrong?” asked the worker.

Prince stood near the entry way at the house and could hear Liphan’s scream. He looked in the direction of the scream and ran towards Liphan’s room.

“Spoiled. Why scream to let the world know you’re insane?” asked Prince.

“Shut up!” shouted Liphan. “Who are you to accuse me of such things!?!”

“Where did you hide their bodies?” asked Prince.

“I didn’t kill them!” shouted Liphan. “Are you insane? What kind of man are you? No proof and you’re accusing someone of murder!”

Prince knew Liphan was right and that Maelee’s story didn’t quite make sense to him, but his mental state of not knowing why Beige left him is blinding him and making him foolish. Prince asked the worker where their liquor rack is and the worker pointed in that direction. Prince ran there and pulled out the first bottle of vodka.

“I’m going to pull a Nick today. Drink and be a crazy fool.” smiled Prince.

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

“Beige, where are you?” asked Assistant Pat, worried about his daughter.

Beige looked over at Son sitting in the sofa chair staring at her, “Father, I couldn’t go through with the marriage. Our relationship is a lie. Father, I need time to think.”

“Beige, honey, your relationship with him isn’t a lie. You fell in love didn’t you?” asked Assistant Pat.

“Like you and mother? You two fight all the time,” cried Beige. “You married mother because your family owed her family. Look at you two now. Always bickering.”

Assistant Pat let out a sigh. “But Beige, we fell in love when we got married.”

“And you’re out of love now? Father, just give me time. Father, can you transfer money to me? I need a lot of it,” Beige struggled to let out those words.

“Beige, you don’t sound alright, is something wrong?” asked Assistant Pat.

“I need 5 million baht,” said Beige.

Assistant Pat’s eyes widened as he turned to look at his wife sitting at the bar stool. “Honey, I can’t give you that much at once. Come back home first. I can give you the money without transferring it.”

Beige hung up the phone. Her hands trembled at the lie she had just told her father.

Son got up from his seat and walked towards Beige. She turned pale and started to fall to the ground. Son ran and reached her before her head hit the side table. She completely passed out so he carried her to the couch and ran to get some warm water and something to relieve her. As he wiped her forehead he admired her beauty. He did think she was pretty the first night he saw her. But, who would’ve thought he would go as far as rape her to get what he needs.

-Ariporn’s Mansion-

Lith’s wife, Gaisy Ariporn, yanked at his arm screaming for him not to go and visit his daughter. He pried her fingers off his arms and picked up his suitcase and walked out the door towards the car. Lith sat in the car and turned on the ignition and raised his right hand up in a gesture to say goodbye to his wife. She screeched and jumped in anger that her husband decided to take a stand against her and go visit his daughter.

“Mom, it’s 8 in the morning, our neighbors will call the cops for disturbing the peace,” said First Sakkul Ariporn.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Liphan came to her senses and crept out of bed. The maid had retrieved another bowl of soup for her and she finished eating it. She then told all her workers they could go to bed. She will be taking her medicine and rest up herself. The maid informed Liphan that Prince was still sitting at the bar drinking. She told Liphan Prince is smiling a lot and quiet. Liphan told the maid to just leave him there and he can stay in one of the empty rooms.

A couple minutes later, Liphan took her medicine and it made her drowsy. She decided to go change her clothes. She took off her purple t-shirt and had on her sports bra. She laughed at what the workers and maids had chosen for her to wear. She then pried off her shorts and switched into her favorite night boxers. Her head started to spin and she walked over to the bed and sat down.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Prince finished a bottle of gin. He never drank this much before. Everything was blurry and he knew he had to go lie in bed or something. He walked sluggishly down the hall towards the living room. He remembered a male worker telling him he could sleep in one of the rooms, but he wasn’t sure which room it was. His vision was fuzzy, but he kept walking. He bumped into the edge of the sofa table and mumbled to himself. Finally, he reached a door and opened it. The worker told him it’ll be the only door not locked. All the other doors are usually locked since it’s a pearl company and some room may contain private information and expensive items. This door is unlocked and Prince walked in. He kept stumbling and pulled off the t-shirt a worker had lent him. He unbuttoned the pants he borrowed and pulled it off. He didn’t have clean underwear after jumping into the water, so he went commando. Prince stumbled around the bed and jumped into bed. He felt something under him that was definitely not a flat, soft bed. He moved his hand around to feel for a softer part of the bed and shifted there to lie down. His eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.

-Phang Nga-

“Peurn, isn’t it great they we’re here visiting this awesome place? Phuket is nice and all, but look at all this here!.” exclaimed Blank.

“Yep. I agree. This is awesome. I wish Mary is here to enjoy this with us,” said Knight.

“She will enjoy it if you just relax and she’ll be back in no time. And come on, you’re all whipped and everything now. Loosen up. Have some fun. Plus, you skype with her every night,” said Blank.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

The maid got up from her bed and started to get ready to check up on Liphan. The butler outside was waxing the car when a car pulled up. Lith got out of the car and introduced himself. An older maid ran out to see Lith and shouted in excitement.

“Oh my, I recognize you from the newspaper that Khun Noo clips. You’re her father!” exclaimed the maid.

Meanwhile, inside the house the other maid opened Liphan’s bedroom door. The sight shocked her and she screeched a cry. “Khun Noo Liphan!”

Lith, the older maid, and the butler‘s eyes widened and they ran inside. Lith pushed through and saw the sight. A woman in her undergarments lied on the bed with sheets draping her legs and a man lied naked on his stomach with his legs swung between the women’s legs. Lith recognized that it was Liphan. He had kept pictures of her from the news and knew it was her.

“Khun Noo Liphan!,” shouted the older maid.

Liphan opened her eyes and felt flesh next to her. She quickly sat up in bed and turned to look at the crowd of people staring at her. She realized she was in a bad situation. She was basically naked in front of all these people and the man next to her is naked. Clothes were scattered all over the floor.

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