Clearly It's Called Love (Completed)


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the ending of ch 5 is like: oh my god! *gasp* Liphan is n big trouble! Her dad is here right? oh gosh can't wait to know what happen next! update when u can.


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-Mae Hong Son-

“What? You pulled a Nick? You drank your heart out and woke up next to a woman?” asked Nick over the phone.

Nick hung up the phone after his conversation with Prince. Kwang sat breast feeding Phra as Nick walked over and began to chuckle.

“I can’t believe Mr. Prince has gotten himself into the biggest mess of his life,” said Nick.

-Phet’s Spa-

Gai sat in the office thinking about what she just heard from Prince. He had gotten himself into trouble. She just couldn’t believe Prince could do something like that. Out of everyone she knew she thought he was definitely the most prude and perfect gentleman. She was wrong and she had to go help her best friend out. But, she couldn’t go until she finished business at the spa.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Prince sat in the living room waiting for his mom to call back. He left a message on the phone and he knew she must be visiting Lawyer Toon at the moment. Liphan sat on the couch in shock at what her father had seen and what all the workers had seen.

“It’s all my fault,” said the maid. “Yesterday, when I brought Khun Noo her medicine, I had a sleeping pill with me. I was going to take it for myself, but I accidentally left it with the other pills. I should’ve watched Khun Noo take her medicine before I left. But I was so tired and stressed about my family back home. My mother is sick you know? So I needed the pill to get real sleep. And I guess when I walked out; I forgot to lock the door. Please forgive me Khun Noo!”

Liphan looked at the maid and her heart softened. She told the maid that it was okay and that she isn’t going to get fired so she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

“Ahh, headache,” complained Prince as he lifted his hands to his head and positioned the other way.

Lith walked over to Prince’s side of the bed and bent down to look at the naked man. Prince opened his eyes and saw an angry face look down at him. He was confused as to where he was and realized he was at Liphan’s house. He quickly tried to reach for a blanket when the cool breeze hit his body and realized he is completely naked. But the more he reached without looking away from the angry face, he felt someone’s arm. He slightly turned to look and it was Liphan sitting with her arms covering her chest. His hangover no longer existed and he jumped to sit up forgetting that he is naked. He looked around and multiple eyes were staring at him.

“Get dressed,” said Lith.

Everyone walked out of the room except for Prince and Liphan.

“I…I…I am…” said Prince.

Liphan looked at Prince with anger on her face and slapped him. She got up from the bed and picked up her clothes and got dressed. Prince sat stunned and Liphan looked over at him one more time before heading out the door.

Prince started calling Nick and Gai and his mother.
End Flashback

“When you get a hold of your mother, you tell her I want to talk to her,” said Lith.

“Sir,” said Liphan.

Liphan calling Lith sir was different to him. She used to call him father. He stopped and looked at her. He then requested that the two of them head to a more private room to talk.

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

“We’ll just have to wait a while until your father feels like giving us the money,” said Son.

He had suggested they wait to respond to Beige’s father request of her returning home. He felt that if she didn’t listen to him, he’d eventually transfer the money over knowing his daughter is suffering.

“I can’t believe you’re married,” said Son. “So the other night, you must’ve enjoyed it.”

Beige looked over at Son angrily. He is a jerk and she couldn’t believe she is trapped here with him. She thought about running away from him, but he had the tape. She wished she had a seizure in front of him, but then everyone would know she is with him. He could lie and everyone would never know he is a rapist. She wanted to turn back time and thought things more clearly after the rape.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Liphan sat on the recliner as her dad sat on the other one. She saw sadness in his eyes and she too felt a bit guilty for not calling him dad. She had waited for him all this time, but he never had the nerve to leave his wife to come visit her. She loves her dad, just hates the way he can’t be a ‘man.’

“Liphan, I know this morning’s situation hasn’t really been the best first impression after not seeing each other for years. I’m sorry we had to reunite like this. I was just thinking of coming and surprising you and hoping things between us would be okay. But, I see that it is not,” spoke Lith softly.

“How can it be perfectly fine? I’ve only met you twice in my life sir,” said Liphan.

“Please, can you just let me explain,” begged Lith.

Liphan went ahead and let Lith explain his reasons since she is a reasonable person. Lith began to tell her about what happened when she visited him. Back then he was so busy with work and trying to provide for his family that he never had the time to defend Liphan. He told her he didn’t know how his wife was treating her until recently. He caught her stealing letters from Liphan and telling the maids to throw it away. He had tried forgiving that woman, but she kept doing it over and over again that he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He told Liphan that he began to work even more to get away from home. Finally, he caught her hiding a letter from Tha informing him about Liphan celebrating her 25th birthday at the bay. He couldn’t miss his daughter’s birthday again.

“Wait, what birthday party?” asked Liphan.

Lith had slipped and realized it was a surprise birthday party. Liphan informed him that her parents are in Macau right now. She looked at him suspiciously as he tried to hide what he just said. She told him that she really can’t trust his completely because she doesn’t know him very well. She tried to trust him when they first met, but he let her down. His job as a father will take time for her to accept again because she isn’t a child anymore.

“I will respect you as an elder,” said Liphan. “Just don’t know about as a father.”

-Bangkok Prison-

Toon held on to Yatna’s hand as he told her she can find someone else and not wait for him. His crime will take years before he is forgiven. Two murders. And several attempts. Yatna kept a strong smile and told him she will not give up on him. She told him he can’t give up on himself either. She told him that if he wants a new start on life, he will get it if he endures and live up to his sins.

After their visit, Yatna walked out and picked up her belongings. She walked to her car and the driver let her in. She rummaged through her purse and found her phone with several calls from Prince. She listened to the voice mail and immediately called Assistant Pat to tell him she will be out for a couple days. Assistant Pat then immediately called Nick to come and take over while both Prince and Yatna are out of town.

-Sydney, Australia-

Mary strolled along the beach and looked out towards Thailand. Her curls blew in the wind as she thought of Knight’s smile, his luscious lips, his smooth skin, and the little zit he had on his chin a couple months before she left Bangkok. She remembered he insisted on getting a treatment for it because he was afraid he’d get an abscess and she had to accompany him to get it treated. Mary kept walking along the trail and suddenly froze as a person with long straight hair came bike riding towards her. The girl had a smile on her face and didn’t look like she would swerve away.

Mary recognized the biker and Nappa Florence called out, “Watch out!” seconds before running into Mary.

They both fell to the ground. “Ouch,” cried Nappa.

“Why didn’t you move out of the way Mary?” asked Nappa.

Mary couldn’t believe that Nappa is here and that she recognized her, and is now blaming her for the accident. People gathered around to help the two up and Nappa’s ankle sprained. Luckily Mary only had bruises and scratches and nothing major like a broken leg. A tall Australian man with blonde hair ran towards Nappa.

“Sweetheart, Are you okay?” he asked. Then he turned around about to yell at Mary, but his jaw dropped instead.

“Let’s go honey,” pouted Nappa as she pulled her boyfriend with her. He kept looking back at Mary.

Mary ran back to her dorm and skyped Knight. Mary told Knight what Nappa had just done. Knight didn’t believe Mary that Nappa could possibly be there. He couldn’t believe what a small world they have.

“No wonder she went missing!” called out Knight. “She left to go to Australia. Now she has a new man eh?”

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Lith looked at Yatna as they sat in the den.

“This is a serious matter, what shall we have the children do? My daughter has informed me that your son is married?” said Lith.

“Yes, he is. But, their marriage isn’t legal yet. They just had a small wedding ceremony,” said Yatna.

“Well, shall we have a huge wedding for my daughter and your son?” asked Lith.

the ending of ch 5 is like: oh my god! *gasp* Liphan is n big trouble! Her dad is here right? oh gosh can't wait to know what happen next! update when u can.
Yup her dad finally visited after all those years.

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OH the HORROR, things r always bounded to happen to my Prince lol
Thanks for the update. I can't wait for more.


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-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

“You’ll never win my heart!” shouted Liphan at Prince.

Prince grasped Liphan's wrists and brought them close to his chest as he looked straight into her eyes. Anger raged in him. She accused him of taking advantage of her. Something that he'd never do to a woman. He couldn’t believe that he has to marry this stubborn and spoiled brat. He just had a wedding with Beige and now he has to marry Liphan. Liphan is the woman who made his wife run away with another man. He pulled Liphan closer now wrapped his arms around her back until her arms locked between their bodies and she couldn't move. He continued to glare at her. Her eyes also filled with anger and her eyes about to explode with tears. Prince leaned even closer to Liphans face, his heart beating fast, and losing control of his mind. Liphans chest kept rising and falling as Prince's grip got tighter and tighter. Liphans eyes widened as Prince's hot breath flowed into the open space between her lips. Then his lips touched hers and there was no longer any gap between them. Her lips are the softest and most luscious he'd ever touch. Liphan's heart raced, but her reflexes told her to pull away from his lips, even though her brain wanted to explore this new sensation. Liphan ultimately kneed Prince in the groin. Prince feel to the floor and grasped his pained area. Liphan took a step back and then stepped forward again and swung her hand at his left cheek.

“Thanks for ruining my birthday you jerk!” shouted Liphan.

She ran off to the bathroom to fix her hair. She had to go back to her party. She isn't going to let Prince stop her from enjoying the rest of it.

Yatna did not confirm the marriage of her son with Liphan yet. She told Lith she had to talk to her son about it and told Lith the situation that they are in. She promised that they will take responsibility, but it will be her son’s choice whether he decides to marry Liphan as suggested or not.

“I’m done with the old. I can’t force my son to marry someone like I used to. His heart ached and mine ached as he lost his first love,” said Yatna.

“I too understand,” said Lith. His face cringed. “To marry someone you don’t love.”

Back in the living room Liphan and Prince sat on opposite ends of the seating area. Liphan has no intention of talking to him again. She was embarrassed by what everyone saw. She couldn't believe this guy saw her in her undergarments. She never even showed her past boyfriends her body in a bathing suit even though she is a certified lifeguard. Let alone, she’d never seen a man completely naked before. His naked body still implanted in her mind. The men she worked with always wore undergarments.

Yatna and Lith walked out of the den and Yatna told Prince that he should go back to Bangkok with her for a couple days. Prince got up and obediently followed his mother out. Liphan stood up just as Prince was about to step out of the door.

“I never want to see you again!” Liphan shouted at him.

In the car, Yatna told Prince that Lith described a very detailed scene and that the two could’ve done something without knowing. Liphan’s father really wants Prince to take responsibility for it, either by marrying her to save her embarrassment with the maids and butlers or to let Liphan choose the best course of action. Prince sat quietly in the car before responding to his mother.

“Mom, my wife just ran away and I don’t know why. Now I got myself into this situation and I don’t know what to do. Someone told me stuff about her that is making me view her in a bad way. I can’t read her mom. She’s too difficult to read. She seems so innocent, but then she gets angry so easily. I don’t know what to do,” explained Prince.

Back at home, Yatna had a private meeting with Assistant Pat. The two talked for a long time and Assistant Pat came out and asked to talk to Prince alone. During their conversation Assistant Pat looked at Prince and sternly said, “Prince, take responsibility for her. She is a nice girl and deserves to be spared of embarrassment. You’re a man. Plus…Beige meant to run away from you and even though she is my daughter, she shouldn't have hurt a man like you.”

Lith contacted Tha and Siwah and told them that he ruined the surprise party. They talked over the phone about what had happened and Tha decided to talk to Liphan about everything. Eventually all the adults talked and agreed that Prince and Liphan are to be married. Although Liphan didn't want to see Prince again, she agreed to it only if Prince dared to marry her. She thought he would say no to the marriage, but she was wrong. And she had too much pride to take back her words.

The day of the birthday party arrived. Prince and Yatna went back to the island to celebrate. Yatna had bought a gift and wrapped it for Prince to give to Liphan. At the birthday party, Siwah went up on stage to announce the marriage of his daughter and Prince and the children were invited to the stage. Tha told Liphan to pretend to be happy and Yatna told Prince to pretend as well. The workers began to chant for them to show affection by kissing. Liphan bit her bottom lip in protest and her eyes widened as she eyed her mother. Yatna whispered to Prince and told him to be a little daring. Prince turned to look at Liphan as she stared out into the audience and he quickly planted his lips on her right cheek.

Liphan’s eyes lit up and her jaw dropped. She backed away from his lips and looked at him angrily. She ran off the stage and into the house. Yatna urged Prince to follow even though he didn’t want to. He thought she was bratty.

Liphan poured whisky into a shot glass and gulped it down. She felt the burn and started gasping and choking on it. Prince witnessed her shot and went to assist her by patting her back but she pushed him off.

“You rarely drink do you?” asked Prince.

“Why did you just kiss me? You know I hate men like you. Taking advantage of women!” shouted Liphan.

“I only did it to save your face!” Prince retaliated. “You hate men like me? What did I ever do to you?”

“You know what you did. Now I have to marry you! I don’t even love you! And you don’t love me!” shouted Liphan. “Just because I’m marrying you doesn’t mean you can just kiss me whenever you want!”

“It’s not like I want to marry you either! You just better not fall in love with me!” shouted Prince.
End Flashback

Lith and Yatna came into the house finding Prince on the floor aching. Yatna ran to Prince and asked if everything is okay and he told her he is fine. As soon as Prince felt better he got up with the help of Lith and they walked out to the backyard. Liphan continued to put on a smile and pretended like she was enjoying her party. This could’ve been the happiest birthday she’s ever had, but now she has this guy who she has to marry come into her life and accuses her of being evil to her own cousin. He also doesn't have respect for women.

“What’s so good about him? Why did Beige fall for him anyways?” asked Liphan talking to herself in the mirror in her bedroom.

Liphan had asked the maids after Prince left to Bangkok what it felt like if she had been taken advantage of. The maids told her that she should be able to tell. Her body might be achy because it is her first time. Liphan knew that nothing happened that night, but who would believe her when they saw the two of them naked in her room. That was their proof. There was no use denying something that they won’t believe.

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

“Your dad is too stubborn!” shouted Son at Beige.

“Well, you should’ve known that before you raped me you jerk!” shouted Beige. “Can’t you just give me my tape knowing that this won’t work? He’s not budging!”

“No, I’m not going to budge. I already came this far. I already did the wrong. If I give up now you’re going to arrest me,” said Son.

Beige thought to herself that if she got out she will arrest him. He’s so evil. What’s strange is that he hasn’t attacked her again. It has been 3 weeks since she’s lived with him. She gets her own room, but no internet or cell phone to contact the outside world.

-Phet’s Spa-

Gai hung up the phone with a seamstress. She had to get dressed and ready to attend Prince’s wedding once again. It had only been a month since Prince and Beige’s wedding.

Phet and They decided to visit China before coming back to Bangkok. Gai informed Phet of what had happened. Gai laughed and told Phet, “Life is so funny isn’t it? My Prince has gotten himself in trouble.”

Nick and Kwang had called Gai to let her know that they will be flying into Bangkok and then they will rent a car to drive with her to Phang Nga.

Gai started cleaning the lobby when someone opened the door. It was the perverted client again. He walked up to the counter as she stood staring at him.

“No customers?” he asked.

Gai responded, “We do have customers, it’s just that I’m not taking clients today. I’m going to a wedding and I need to rest up and transfer my clients over.”

“Well, I’m going to a wedding too. Can you give me buffering today? I’m heading out tomorrow for my sister’s wedding,” said the customer.

Gai walked over to her appointment book and everyone working today was already busy. He was perverted, but he seemed not himself today.

“I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” he smiled at her. “About the other night…”

“Forget the other night,” said Gai. She decided to go ahead and give him a massage. He was quiet and kind of not himself. She remained quiet too. The customer paid and left the spa. She stood staring after him wondering what is wrong with him.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Loog Liphan, I know that this isn’t what you wanted. But, you dared him yourself and you’re not backing out of it yourself,” said Tha to her daughter.

“Mom, I’m not going to back down now that we’ve invested so much in this,” said Liphan.

“It’s not something you should pride yourself in, but because I know you I can’t stop you from that pride of yours. Just be careful. And I only pray that you will fall in love with him and that you two will have a happy marriage,” said Tha.

“Mom, a wedding doesn’t seem to be about love nowadays,” said Liphan remembering why Beige ran away from Prince. “Even someone who claim is in love with someone can run away from a marriage.”

OH the HORROR, things r always bounded to happen to my Prince lol
Thanks for the update. I can't wait for more.
He has such bad luck with love :(

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I wonder wat Liphan will do next? it seems as if she totally hates Prince, but like all dramas, she'll eventually falls for him :wub: Thank you for the update


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-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Are you referring to Beige?” asked Tha. “I don’t know what you two talked about while she was here, but I hope that you are making the right choice to go through with this marriage.”

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

Beige stepped out onto the veranda. The clouds started forming into dark gray clouds ready to pour any minute. She looked out into the fields and saw Son pulling a bushel of bananas behind him. She laughed at his struggle forgetting how angry she is with him. She suddenly remembered and couldn’t believe she was laughing because of him. Beige looked down frustrated with herself but then she heard a scream. She looked up and saw Son on the ground clutching his right foot. Beige ran into the house and out the front door towards Son. She saw the strain on Son’s face as she approached him. Beige reached Son and bent down to grab his foot and noticed a sharp piece of glass penetrating through his sandal. Although she knew she shouldn’t pull it out or his foot can get infected walking back to the house, she had to do it. Son cried out in pain as Beige pulled out the piece of glass. She then placed his arm around her shoulder and helped him towards the house.

Son glimpsed at Beige on their way back and saw her struggle. He started to feel something he’s never felt before. He is relaxed and at ease with her around. For a second he thought of letting her go, but then he wouldn’t get his money and she probably wouldn’t let him go free because she’s a lawyer. He has to play smart. He has to get her money or else his family would lose everything. He already went too far to turn back his wrong doing.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

Gai opened the door and pulled Kwang out of the car. She grabbed hold of Kwang’s hand and smiled. Nick went to the back seat and got Phra out of his car seat and carried him towards the two ladies. Kwang loved the smell of the trees and the humidity wasn’t too overbearing. She looked behind her and saw the sea. It was beautiful and she felt the breeze brush against her hair.

“Wow, I can’t believe our Prince is getting married again,” commented Gai.

“Just don’t make him feel bad Gai. He’s already had to bear so much,” said Kwang. “Although I don’t know why Beige left, I hope that Prince is making a choice that will not hurt him more.”

“He could’ve chosen to not take responsibility for this girl. I thought he loved Beige. I would fight to the max to get out of the marriage and find Beige and find out why she left me if I were him,” said Nick.

Gai let go of Kwang’s hand and nudge Nick under his rib cage. “Look at who’s talking. Took you forever to love my best friend here. You hurt her so much before things got settled.”

The three went to the receptionist and directed the three to the house. Maelee saw them approaching and ran up to them. Her eyes rested upon Nick.

“Oh my, you’re the daddy? You have two wives?” asked Maelee. “I want to be your wife too.”

Nick looked at Kwang surprised to be approached this way. The three sensed this girl’s awkwardness and told her they are here for the wedding. Kwang grabbed onto Nick’s arm and pulled him towards the house without saying anything more. Maelee put her hands on her hips and lifted her head up high. She flipped her hair and walked off to grab the hose.

“He was hot,” mumbled Maelee to herself. Then rolled her eyes at his passiveness.

Prince zipped up his trousers and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe he was actually doing this again. Liphan isn’t the one he loves. At least he fell for Kwang when he agreed to his first marriage arrangement. He was also in love with Beige when he married her. Now he’s marrying a woman he despises. She isn’t his ideal girl at all. This woman talks back to him and Maelee told him bad things about her as soon as they arrived at the resort a day ago. Prince hadn’t been able to go near Liphan since his arrival. She even opted out of dinner with the family. Liphan’s parents made excuses that Liphan is a sincere girl, but she just has a lot of pride that nobody can tame.

“Beige, if you come back and tell me you still want me, I will go back to you immediately,” said Prince to himself.

Liphan told her mother that she didn’t want to sign a marriage license for this wedding so that she doesn’t have to worry if they decide to split. The adults had told the children they don’t have to as long as they have a wedding.

Lith, Gaisy, and First arrived at the resort.

“At least I’m letting you come along Gaisy. Otherwise I would’ve only brought First with me,” said Lith.

First excused himself to the balcony after greeting several guests who arrived early. Gaisy made a disgusted face greeting Tha and Siwah. Her face turned even sourer as she greeted Yatna.

Gai stood talking on her cell phone on the balcony to her worker. When she finished giving her orders, she turned around and nearly dropped her phone as the perverted customer stood in front of her with his arms crossed smiling at her. He is wearing a dress pant and a fitted collared white ¾ length shirt. He looks handsome in it, but he’s still the ‘perverted client.’

“Wow, never expected you here,” said First. He smiled even wider.

“How can this be? The wedding you’re attending is this one?” asked Gai.

First walked closer to Gai and Gai walked closer to First. She couldn’t believe that the wedding he told her about is this one. His sister is marrying her best friend.

“What a small world,” said First. “Your best friend eh?”

Prince walked out and saw the two staring at each other. He walked towards Gai knowing that look on her face. She can pounce at the guy with a comeback or even a punch at any second. Gai is a very witty person who is very straight forward and will not dumb down to anyone. She seemed like she is ready to back talk to this guy.

“Ahem,” said Prince. “Gai, are you ready to go inside? Mom told me to come out and get you. The ceremony is about to start.”

“Of course best friend. And Mr. Prince, are you sure you are ready to marry this girl?” asked Gai as she clasped onto Prince’s arm and looked back at First.

First had a smirk on his face and headed inside. He couldn’t keep his mind off of Gai throughout the ceremony. The woman rumored to sleep with her clients is friends with his brother in law.

“Pretty much Liphan is marrying a huge womanizer,” whispered First to Gaisy.

Gaisy smiled and whispered back, “Good. She deserves bad treatment.”

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

Beige found a first aid kit with some antiseptic. Son takes off his sandals and lifts his leg up to look at his bleeding foot. Beige came back and lifts his foot up onto her lap and starts dabbing the injury site with alcohol. Son clenched his fist not wanting to show Beige that he couldn’t handle the sting. She glimpsed at him and saw the pain on his face.

Beige smirked and thought to herself, “Good, you’re in pain.”

“Why did you help me?” asked Son.

“Because, I don’t want to be blamed for murder for letting you bleed to death. Plus, I don’t kill for revenge,” said Beige. “I only arrest. And let the law handle things.”


“Mary, we’re running late to Prince’s wedding. I’ll talk to you later!” smiled Knight as he packed up his things for the ride to Phang Nga.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

Liphan and Prince pretended like they enjoyed the wedding as the guests gave their blessings. Finally, the adults brought out a folder. Prince opened it up and was shocked to see a marriage certificate inside. He looked up at Lith and Lith told him to sign it. He thought the adults agreed they didn’t have to sign a marriage license. He still didn’t want to sign it, but his mother looked at him with a pleading look. After all this time, he still can’t say no to his mother. He lifted up the pen and signed the papers quickly. He then passed it onto Liphan. Liphan did not want to sign. She had thought she didn’t have to bother with legal documents. She didn’t want to steal Beige’s man. But then, Beige did run away with her boyfriend. But, there might be something else between them and Beige didn’t want to sign until she finds out the truth. Siwah looked at her and she picked up the pen. She was about to drop the pen and not sign when one of the workers made a comment.

“Khun Noo Liphan is having cold feet!” shouted the worker. Then First called out as well.

Liphan couldn’t show that she wasn’t brave enough to sign such papers, so she quickly signed. Her mother looked at her and told her to smile and the two looked at each other and faked their smiles.

-Phang Nga-

Blank looked at Knight as they approached the ranch resort. Both panted as they arrived at the ranch. Maelee popped out of nowhere and hooked onto Blank’s arm. Based on the way they were dressed, Maelee knew they are attending the wedding. She led them towards the wedding area and Blank pried her fingers off of him.

“Ma’am, I’m too young for you,” smiled Blank as the two of them walked into the ceremony and stood in the back.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

That evening, Prince and Liphan sat on the floor staring at each other after the adults left their bedroom. This was Liphan’s room and she had no idea what had gone on between Son and Beige in her bed. At least the maid cleaned off the sheets.

Liphan got up to grab her pajamas, but Prince quickly grabbed her wrist and knocked her on her back. He crawled on top of her leaving her stunned.

“What are you doing?” asked Liphan. “This is not what we agreed to do on our wedding night.”

I wonder wat Liphan will do next? it seems as if she totally hates Prince, but like all dramas, she'll eventually falls for him :wub: Thank you for the update
Yup, like all dramas they fall in love. hehe. But, it's gonna be a tough road ahead for them since they both don't love each other right now.

I might speed things along since I am really slow @ writing this. I only wrote ahead to chapter 10 1/2. That's why I've only been posting one chapter a week & my summary doesn't match up with my chapters anymore LOL. I will get motivated soon & write ahead so i can post multiple chapters of this in a week like I did with WTDCL. Thank you for reading :)


HOT! HOT! HOT! lol Prince totally took her by surprise. Update soon! I wonder wat he'll do to her :p


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-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“I didn’t agree to anything,” said Prince as he pressed Liphan to the floor again after she tried to escape him. “We haven't even spoken after your birthday, so how can I have agreed to anything?”

“You harasser!” shouted Liphan. “Always thinking about taking advantage of women!”

Prince pierced his eyes at Liphan and lunged forward to meet his lips against Liphan’s soft cheeks, then her pulsating neck, and lastly her plump lips that taste like coconut from the pina colada she drank earlier. Maelee caught Prince sitting outside again the night of the party and whispered lies and gossip to him. She told him that she found out what really happened between Beige and Liphan’s boyfriend. She said Liphan needed money because the pearl farm is going bankrupt. So Liphan had her boyfriend kidnap Beige and they are holding her hostage. Prince asked Assistant Pat to confirm Maelee’s story whether Beige had called requesting money. Assistant Pat told Prince that she did and there seemed to be a sense of urgency in her voice. A woman who uses her own cousin as bait, deserves to feel shame. Marrying this spoiled, devil woman is the only way he can save Beige.

“Stop it! If you love Beige you wouldn’t do this you jerk!” shouted Liphan.

Those words stung Prince’s ears and stabbed his heart. Beige won’t be happy if she finds out he kissed another woman. He has to be faithful to her.

“How much do you need for your pearl farm? Why did you have your boyfriend kidnap Beige to claim money? How much do you need? I will pay for it,” shouted Prince still pinning Liphan down.

Liphan grew angry at his comment and pulled her hand out from underneath Prince’s grasp. As soon as her hands are freed she slaps his face. Stunned, Prince’s loses control over Liphan and she pushes him off and quickly gets up and runs to the bathroom locking the door behind her. Prince got up off the floor and walked over to the closet. He is still stunned at what he did moments before and how his cheek is still stinging from Liphan’s hand. If he keeps being this close to Liphan, he is basically cheating on Beige. His mind is clouded with confusion and he begins to wonder if he is still sane or not...or if all of this is reality.

Liphan was so angry she forgot to grab her pajamas. She stood looking into the mirror; wanting to scream at the chaos in her life. She let her pride take the best of her and now she is stuck married to a man she doesn’t love. Let alone, he is a man that belongs to her cousin. Worst yet, their marriage is legal. She pulled open one of the drawers in the bathroom knowing there is an extra towel in there. As she pulled out a yellow towel a folded piece of paper dropped onto the floor. She slowly bent down to pick it up and unfolded it.

-Sydney, Australia-

Nappa got out of the shower and walked over naked to her boyfriend. He scanned her naked body and invited her over to his bed. The two locked lips and proceeded to lie in bed together.

Mary picked up the roller blades in her closet and walked over to her chair to put them on. Her friend, Annie Gail Young had invited her to go roller blading at the park. Annie knocked at the door and the two headed to the elevator. Instead of going to the lobby, Annie pressed floor number 3.

“We’re going to visit my brother Thomas,” said Annie.

Annie took out her keys and put it in the key hole. She turned the lock and opened the door. The two gasped at the sight of Thomas James Young naked on top of Nappa.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

Gai took a sip of wine as she walked to the balcony. She drank a little too much already and felt a little light headed and wanted a bit of fresh air. She caught First’s eyes; he walked over and wrapped his arms around her.

“Out here all alone? Isn’t it a little dangerous for a young lady such as yourself?” asked First.

Gai grabbed his arms and pushed it off. “Hey, I don’t take crap from just anyone mister!” Her voice slurred.

Gai walked into the house but fell on the floor. First stumbled to help her up. He too had a little too much to drink.

“Hey you, wake up. I don’t want to carry you to your room you know?” First patted Gai on the cheek.

Eventually First fumbled to get Gai up on her feet and drag her to her room. He got her to lie on her back in her bed and she began to mumble.

“You think I’m a whore don’t you?” asked Gai. “You think I just throw my body at men for money? Let me tell you something Mr. rich, perverted, bastard…I am no whore. In fact, I only had one boyfriend all my life. And the most I did for that loser was show him my breasts before his bitch wife stepped into the hotel room and told me he has been married for a year. Men are assholes!”

“Well, you are a whore. You sleep with men all the time. My friends said so themselves. They’ve all slept with you.” slurred First.

“How can they? I’m still a virgin you bastard!” shouted Gai. “You want to take my virginity to prove it?”

First’s speech slurred, but he managed to tell Gai that he doesn’t take advantage of drunken woman. He also doesn’t sleep around with women when he’s this drunk himself. He sat down on the edge of the bed and started to talk to Gai some more after standing for so long. He began to tell her that went into the spa the other day because he was stressed. His dad loves his sister more than him. He doesn’t even have a relationship with his father because his father works all the time. He told Gai about the time Liphan went to visit and she got spoiled rotten when he wasn’t even given one thing prior to her appearance.

“My father hates my mother and takes it all out on me. He hates me,” cried First.

First also told Gai about her misunderstanding the night she kneed his privates. Gai had already drifted off to sleep and never found out why First grabbed her that night. First started to get sleepy and his head fell against Gai’s chest. As the night went on, First wrapped his arms around Gai’s waist and wrapped his legs around her.

-Sydney, Australia-

Mary and Annie quickly turned around and covered their eyes. Both Nappa and Thomas were shocked that they were caught in the act and Thomas quickly jumped off of Nappa. Nappa wrapped herself with the sheets and quickly picked up her clothes and ran to the bathroom to get dressed.

Annie then called out to her brother, “That is gross! Why are you two doing it in the middle of the day? I told you I was coming over too!”

Thomas frantically put on his boxers and jeans. He then put on a baby blue shirt from Abercrombie. Nappa walked out all dressed and cleared her throat to let the girls know that they are dressed.

“Mary? You know Annie?” asked Nappa, trying to avoid the awkwardness.

Thomas’ eyes lit up as soon as he recognized Mary as the girl at the beach’s bike trail. Nappa noticed his gaze and punched him in the arms.

“Thomas, you promised to go skating with me today. So let’s go,” said Annie.

“Fine,” said Thomas, still eyeing Mary.

Thomas went to the closet to grab his blades. Nappa stood watching suspiciously. She then blurted that she wants to go along, but Annie insisted she shouldn’t because she doesn’t have skates. Annie also informed Nappa that she doesn’t want to wait on Nappa to go buy new skates. It will waste time.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Liphan’s Bathroom-


I’m a selfish failure. I am supposed to be a lawyer that can defend, but I can’t even defend myself. I have no proof to show you that I didn’t want to run away with your boyfriend. I feel as if I have no other choice but to follow him to keep from embarrassing my parents and myself. I know I am selfish and afraid to be exposed. Liphan, I am afraid to tell Prince about what happened between me and Son. I am afraid he will not want me anymore. I’m afraid to tell him that I am not pure anymore. I’m afraid Son will expose me to the man I love. I can only beg you to keep the promise you made me. My plea has no right to be granted; I can only beg. I do not believe I can face Prince again. I feel ashamed and worthless of his love now. I do not deserve to be forgiven. I am sorry.

Liphan dropped to her knees as she grasped the note. Her boyfriend ran away with her cousin. She had denied Son would actually do such a thing, but now she knows for certain.

A knock came at the bathroom door and Prince shouted, “Hey, about what just happened…”

Liphan didn’t answer the door. Instead, she rested her head on the floor and grasped a piece of her dress tightly as she wailed in grief and pain. Many things ran through her mind. She is now married to a man she does not love due to her stubbornness; her cousin’s request is also very hard to endure. She felt just as guilty as Beige for going to Son because she married Beige’s lover herself. She wished Beige would’ve told her what went on so that she could help and everything would’ve never led to this. Now she has a decision to make: to hurt her cousin by telling Prince that Beige isn’t pure anymore or not tell and suffer in this marriage.

Liphan’s wail grew louder and Prince knocked louder. He started to worry about Liphan because he doesn’t know her well and doesn’t know if what he did moments before triggered her negatively in any way. He pounded harder on the door and warned he will knock the door down to enter if he needed to.

Liphan calmed herself down and wiped her tears away. She got up and walked to the sink and sprayed water on her face. She looked in the mirror and sees redness in her eyes from her cries. Prince continued knocking; which annoyed Liphan. After a pause, Prince told Liphan he has her pajamas for her.

She walked to the door and opened it. Prince stared down at a red eyed beauty.

“So, you were crying,” mumbled Prince. He reached for Liphan’s cheeks and gently wiped some tears away.

Prince stood handsomely in front of Liphan, like a knight ready to embrace his princess, whereas Liphan stood facing Prince like a princess ready for her prince to kiss her tears away.

HOT! HOT! HOT! lol Prince totally took her by surprise. Update soon! I wonder wat he'll do to her :p
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-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

Beige returned to her room after providing first aid for Son. He realized that her father wasn’t going to budge on the money so he had informed her of changing his plans. His plan is for each of them to go back to their exes and get money. Beige is to get money from Prince and pay Son off or else he is going to upload the video. He already has the video edited and already assigned a partner to post the video up if she resists to follow his orders. She wondered if the video is even realistic and whether she can take this opportunity to leave without worrying about the video contents.

Beige walked out of the room to grab a drink of water in the kitchen when she heard Son’s voice through the window.

“Father, I told you that I have to change plans again. I know how frustrated you are with everything, but dad, I am even more frustrated than you. I broke the law for you, dad,” cried Son.

Beige continued to listen to his conversation. She found out that Son’s family is about to lose the resort because his father has a gambling problem and has forced him to help out. Beige couldn’t believe that Son would go to this extent to get money for his father to pay off something stupid like gambling.

Son’s voice suddenly got softer and gentler. “Mom, I’m sorry that it’s taking longer. I am working hard to get you the money. I know dad is pestering you at the hospital. Just continue your chemotherapy treatments and don’t let him stress you out. Mom, I love you. You take care of yourself and don’t worry about the treatment costs. I will continue to pay for it even though dad says to give it up and save it for his debts. Mom, don’t you give in to him by giving him the money I sent you, or everything I did will be useless,” cried Son.

Beige couldn’t help but feel sorry for Son. But he also has no right to use her like this to get money. He could’ve asked LIphan for the money and avoided all of this. Liphan is a kind and logical person. She helps out those in need without thinking of herself. As her boyfriend, Son should have known her personality and risked asking her instead of trying to save his pride.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Bedroom-

Liphan snapped out of crying in front of Prince. She didn’t want him to see her weak side. She quickly wiped off her own tears and pushed him back a little to distance him from her. Prince snapped out of the moment as soon as Liphan pushed him. He had thought he slightly cared for her seconds before as they stood facing each other.

“What is the shoving for?” asked Prince.

“You’re standing too close!” shouted Liphan.

Prince handed Liphan her pajamas and she returned to the bathroom to shower. While showering she thought of how to avoid Prince. He is dangerous and men are scary. She suddenly remembers that she has her pepper spray under her pillow. She slaps herself for forgetting to bring it in the bathroom with her.

Back in the bedroom, Prince sits on the bed and then decides to lie down. The bed is pretty comfortable. After an exhausting day, Prince falls asleep.

Liphan quickly opened her bathroom door ready to run to her bed and grab her spray so that she can threaten Prince with it, but he is already lying asleep on her bed. Liphan placed her hand on her hips and thinks of another alternative. Rather than risking waking Prince up, Liphan tip toed to her closet to grab extra sheets and pile it on the ground to sleep on. She also walked over to her dresser and pulls out a clam shell pen. It is sharp enough to jab Prince if he thinks of taking advantage of her again.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Knight’s Room-

“Why isn’t Mary answering her calls?” thought Knight. “She isn’t responding to my texts either.”

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Gai’s bedroom-

Gai felt heaviness on her body as she opened her eyes in the morning. Her body ached and she started to grumble and complain. A voice grumbled and told her to be quiet. Gai doesn’t know where that voice is coming from and starts to fear it. Then, she started to recollect memories from last night. Her mouth opened wide as she realized that First had helped her into her room last night.

“Ahhh!!” Gai screams.

First quickly jumps up and looks around. “Oh crap, why are you screaming?” as his eye landed on Gai.

Gai quickly sat up, even though she is in pain from being kicked and hugged by First all night long. “You!” shouted Gai.

First moves towards Gai and covers her mouth with his hand. He raises his other hand and shushes Gai. “If you keep screaming and shouting everyone will rush in here. I don’t want to be caught with you.”

Gai is angry that First doesn’t want to be caught with her. But, she didn’t want to be caught with him either. She’d lose her face if she was caught losing her virginity to her best friend’s brother in law when it is supposed to be their special celebration. All eyes should be on the newlywed, not two fools. Gai mumbled and nodded her head in agreement to not shout anymore. First released his hand from her mouth. Gai looked sharply at First and stood staring at her, looking confused.

“Crap, did anything happen between us last night?” whispered Gai.

“I don’t know,” said First. “The last thing I remember is sitting here telling you about the other night.”

“Just hush about the other night,” stated Gai.

“Well, then…do you feel different?” asked First.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Gai. “You mean down there?”

First’s eyes focused in on Gai’s thighs, and then what is underneath her skirt. Gai noticed and quickly looks away shyly.

Gai responded, “I don’t know what everything is supposed to feel like. All I know is that my whole body is aching right now. Ah, I need a massage.”

“I can help you with that,” said First.

But, Gai jeered at him and told him he can’t touch her. First then proceeded to ask her what they should do now? He doesn’t know if he slept with her last night or not. He placed his palms behind his head and tried to remember some more, but all he felt was a bigger headache. Gai didn’t want things to jump out of hand and because she is thought lowly of anyways, she tells First that they’ll just forget about last night and go on their separate ways. First will have no contact with her at the spa after she leaves today. He felt frustrated that she is the one to brush him off. Then he remembered her mumbling about being a virgin. Maybe she really is one and he took that away from her. He cringed at the thought of hurting an innocent woman. But then his friend’s story played in his head. His friend told him about Gai and her wild ways if men can get her to bed. He has known his friend longer, his friend is telling him the truth and Gai is no virgin. First opened the door and walked out of the room.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Bedroom-

Prince opened his eyes and remembered that he got married yesterday. He then realized Liphan is not lying next to him. He wondered where she is. Prince rolled his arms under the pillow and felt something under there. He lifted his head and then lifted the pillow He chuckled quietly at the pepper spray and pulled it out from under the pillow. Prince then rolled on his back and stared up at the ceiling. He pondered about what he is to do from now on. How is he supposed to get Liphan to return Beige when she keeps avoiding his questions? Prince sat up and stepped off the bed and walked to the closet.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Ranch-

“Eh, Peurn! Open the door! Why are you not up yet?” shouted Blank as he banged on Knight’s door.

Knight got of his desk chair and walked over to unlock the door. His hair is a mess and Blank laughed at him. Knight told Blank that he fell asleep at the desk because Mary didn’t answer his skypes or her phone. He told Blank he is worried.

-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

Son’s eyes widened as he saw what looked like Liphan on the television screen. Beige stepped out of her room with her packed bag and walked up to Son. She looked at the television screen and saw Liphan in a Thai wedding dress. Liphan looks happy and Beige wonders how Liphan managed to find someone so quickly when Son is here with her.

Beige dropped the cup of coffee she had in her hand as soon as she realized the man Liphan married is no one other than Prince.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Bedroom-

“Ack!” shouted Prince as he fumbled to the ground.

Liphan yelped in pain as heavy dead weight landed on top of her. She pulled the sheets off of her head and her eyes directly met Prince’s. They pause for a moment as both of their hearts pounded out of control because their bodies are touching again. Liphan shook off the feeling and wiggled to free herself from Prince, but the movements only caused Prince to fumble and fall on top of her over and over again. With each movement, Prince's temperature kept rising and his heart racing faster and faster. Liphan kept wiggling underneath him and he couldn’t keep his mind off of all the things he can do to Liphan right now if he is actually in love with her. The urges kept playing in his mind and there is one way to put an end to this sensation. Prince grasped Liphans’s arms, which stunned her. Prince moves his legs slightly to find surface so he can balance himself before making the move to end this stirring feeling.

Thanksssssss. Omg I feel soo bad foe Begie.
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Wow, son is really noce guy toward his mom...
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:thumbsup: :worthy: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! what happens!???
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-Ranong: Son’s Vacation Home-

“I guess I can’t do my part in the plan,” said Son. He turned towards the shatter he just heard and saw tears streaming down Beige’s eyes. “Are you sad that you missed your cousin’s wedding?”

Beige ran into her room and closed the door behind her. She slid down and cried her heart out. Son worried about her and rushed to her door and knocked to see if he’d get a reaction.

“Look, I’m sorry you missed your cousin’s wedding because of me.” Called Son.

Beige wiped her tears and stood up. She turned towards the door and placed her hand on the doorknob. She twisted the doorknob and witnessed Son’s worried face.

“She married my husband!” shouted Beige. She then started to cry hysterically and Son didn’t know what to do.

After standing there watching her cry, Beige began to calm down and Son pulled her towards the couch. They sat down and Son stared at Beige a bit longer before she began to speak again.

“I told Liphan that I loved Prince. How can she just marry him when I’m not present? Why did she marry him? And Prince, I thought he loved me. Why is he so happy at the wedding? Was his marriage to me all an act too? Did he fake his happiness with me?” cried Beige.

“What do you mean, he is your husband?” asked Son.

Beige began to explain everything to Son and Son was stunned too. Then Beige looked at him and asked him how he can be so heartless and not even worry about using Liphan all these years. Son was embarrassed to admit that he is heartless. But, being with Beige has made him a little softer.

Son cleared his throat and said, “If I wasn’t heartless, how can I go through with what I am doing now?”

Beige’s anger grew again because she lost everything because of him. She began to get hysterical again, but Son grabbed her arms and looked at her straight in the eye and said, “You want to win him back?”

Beige nodded and Son proceeded to say, “We now have a new plan.”

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Bedroom-

Prince turned to one side, pressing gently against Liphan and lifted himself off. He stood up and looked down at Liphan and asked her why she is on the floor blocking his path. She got out from under the covers and stood up to face Prince.

“Because we can’t ever sleep in the same bed!” retorted Liphan.

Prince held out the pepper spray he found underneath the pillow. “You think this will actually stop me?”

Liphan quickly tried to grab the pepper spray and Prince let her take it. Her eyes still wide and focused on Prince. Prince smirked and walked pass Liphan to grab his jacket and walk out of the room.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Living Room-

Liphan sat in the living room reading the newspaper as the picture of her wedding appeared on the front. She thought she looked alright and hated the fake grin that Prince had. Lith, Siwah, and Tha joined Liphan in the living room and began to chat about how wonderful the wedding was. Liphan put the newspaper down and glared at all three. They all knew what she was thinking and apologized for forcing the marriage license on them. Yatna then came to join them followed by Gaisy. Prince returned from his jog moments later and Lith called him to sit.

As everyone gathered Lith said, “I have a present for the two of you. I bought land before Liphan came to visit me in Bangkok. I was going to give it to you as a birthday present that year, but you told me about traveling and I didn’t think you’d want to worry about taking care of property if you’re not going to be around. So, I decided to build a home on that land and await your wedding day and give it to you and your husband as your wedding gift.”

Liphan was surprised that her dad saved a huge gift for her. Then she realized the gift is for this douche too.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Living Room-

Hours later, Gai had an emergency at the spa when Kwang told her they plan to stay an extra day to see Prince’s new home. After First left her room in the morning, he returned to his room and tried to sleep some more, but he couldn’t keep his mind off of Gai. He didn’t know if they did anything or not. He looked at his groin and his pants were still buttoned up and his shirt only slightly unbuttoned. He also doesn’t remember ever being this drunk and harming a woman. In conclusion he decided to think that he didn’t do anything to Gai. His mom came knocking at his door after he took his shower. First opened the door and his mother stepped in.

“Look at you, in your own little world. After all these years, you know your father just handed over a big chunk of land to that proletariat?” cried Gaisy.

First was confused at first, but his mom explained what just happened. First was angry that she got a huge present and their dad hasn’t even given him one thing. Everything he owned or received has always been from his mother.

“Well, shit with this,” cried First. He grabbed his things and found a taxi to take him to the airport.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

The next day everyone arrived on Phra Thong Island. This time they are on the other side of the island where the vast meadows and hills filled the area. Liphan never knew this area existed. Most likely it has been because this area was private and nobody on the island dared to cross the line and enter restricted area. This area had more trees than the ranch on the mainland. She couldn’t see the sea from here, but the cool breeze brushed against her hair. Some of the workers from the old house are going to work full time at the new place. Liphan thought back to how she and Prince agreed on things the night before. Prince volunteered to sleep on the floor last night and they discussed their new living situation. However, when they arrived at the home, there was only one bedroom, a very simple house. Lith knew exactly what a newlywed home should be like. The workers all agreed that they will not be living on the grounds at night to provide privacy for their employer. Liphan pouted at the thought. She knew all of this was probably her mother’s doing. Her mother knew the home would only have one bedroom.

Knight carried Phra in his arms and made faces at him. When his phone rang, he handed Phra back to Kwang. He was relieved to hear Mary’s voice. Knight excused himself and stepped out the doors. Mary explained that her computer drowned last night because Nappa had joined them in roller blading and couldn’t control her skate and crashed into Mary sending Mary into the ocean. The laptop and cell phone in her bag went in with her and she explained that she nearly drowned from the heavy equipment on her feet and in her bag. Luckily Thomas jumped in and saved her. Mary explained that she just got a new cellphone and is calling from the phone store.

Back inside, everyone began to say their goodbyes to the newlyweds. After everyone left, Liphan crossed her arms and sat down on the couch.

“Great, what did I get myself into?” she asked herself.

Prince responded, “Well, all you have to do is let me know how much you need for that business of yours and return Beige to me and I will give you your divorce.”

Liphan glared at Prince and is mad that he still thinks she’s holding Beige hostage. “You, sleep on the couch!”

The housekeepers peered in from the kitchen and gasped. They couldn’t believe their boss is already in a quarrel with her husband after only two days of marriage. One housekeeper turned to the other and told her that they are this way because they aren’t in love.

“You know how Khun Noo is. I didn’t think she’d marry a guy to defend her pride though,” said the housekeeper.

-Gai’s House-

“Finally, I can take the day off,” smiled Gai.

She had been working hard for days on the accounting portion of the business. One of the workers messed up the orders and she had to figure out what to return to make profit. Phet and They finally returned the day before. They signed to Gai to go home and relax. Phet smiled and told Gai she deserves a long break for taking over while the couple went on an extended vacation. Gai found out Yatna actually provided for that long vacation.

Gai stepped out of her house and closed the gate behind her. When she turned around First stood there looking really pale. Gai walked up to First and asked him why he is stalking her and she thought they agreed not to see each other again.

“You told me not to see you at the spa,” stated First.

Gai shrugged her shoulders and walked towards the destination she intended to go. First called after her and shouted, “I need to talk. I have no one else to turn to.”

“Here it goes again. Another poor soul begging me for help,” thought Gai.

Gai turned around and told First to follow her and they arrived at a porridge shop. First told Gai about what happened that day at the ranch. “So, you’re jealous of your sister?” asked Gai.

First looked at Gai and asked her why she couldn’t remember what he went on and on about that night. She shrugged her shoulders and told him that when she’s drunk, she talks to people subconsciously when she is actually already asleep. First wanted to laugh at that comment, but then he’d be a hypocrite to himself because he can’t remember moments before he drifted off to sleep either.

“Let’s go visit them. You talk nicely to your sister and see if things can be cool between you two,” said Gai.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

They’ve been at the house for a week now. Prince and Liphan have been bickering like children for days and the maids laugh at them. The workers have tried to bring the two closer by teasing them.

Liphan dropped her picture frame and Prince got up to go assist her. He bent down to pick up the frame, when their hands touch. Liphan looked up at Prince and he looked into her eyes. Both their hearts seemed to have stopped.

Beige walks into the house smiling. She saw the two holding hands and her smile turned into a frown.

Wow, son is really noce guy toward his mom...
His Dad.. :thumbdown:

So sad for Liphan.

Yep, his dad, :thumbdown:

:thumbsup: :worthy: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! what happens!???
I dont like it when u keep me hanging
no no no no!!!! :numchuck: :facepalm:
U doing such a great job! :thumbsup:
Please please udate again!! :worthy:
Just like WTDCL, I keep each chapter @ 3 pages on the word doc. And it just happens to end at 3 pages :p


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-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

Liphan sensed someone was in the room, “It’s not what you think it is,” she said as a reflex and turned to look towards Beige. Her eyes grew big. She thought that it was one of the maids, but it isn’t.

Prince noticed Liphan’s expression and it isn’t the same expression she usually has when she tries to deny their relationship to the workers when they get caught in accidental moments like this. Usually the crease on her forehead would appear and he can see her eyes squint and sparkle at the same time.

“Why do I remember and think her reactions when she protests is cute?” thought Prince.

This time her eyes are big and Prince noticed her mouth open slightly. He can feel her hands getting sweatier and her face a little pale. “Are you okay?” asked Prince.

-Wuti Resort-

Pirot grabbed his son’s shirt collar and shouted, “I waited for so long and you come home with nothing!”

Son looked at his father hard and said, “Then I might as well continue to do nothing. We’ll just separate ways and you figure out how to save yourself.”

Pirot let Son go and walked to the bar stool still shaking with anger. He needed the money soon. Son had only manage to give him some money to pay to keep the resort going, but the interests keep piling up. Plus, he’s paying for all of his mother’s chemotherapy treatment. Pirot thinks that if she dies from breast cancer instead of getting the treatments, Son wouldn’t be wasting his money on those treatments and he can be paying off the debts and they can go on living.

“You want revenge on Liphan now?” asked Son.

“Yes, she knew I loved him and she still took him away from me. I told her I will tell him the reason why I left him myself when the time is right. She knew this clearly. I guess my aunt is right. She is pure evil,” stated Beige.

Son knew this anger will help him succeed in getting his money. He came up with another plan and that is to get Beige to win Prince back and make Liphan jealous so Liphan will divorce Prince and he can try to get into her heart again. Beige will not tell of the rape so that she can still save herself from shame in front of Prince. And Son will just tell Liphan that Beige wanted to hide and he offered a stay at his vacation home. Now, Beige is ready to tell Prince the truth. He plans to make Liphan feel guilty for marrying his cousin’s husband. He knows Liphan is weak when it comes to hurting the people she loves. He needs to use this to his advantage.
End Flashback

Son walked out of the living space to the carport and drove off to visit his mother at the hospital.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

“Prince?” asked Beige.

Prince recognized the voice and turned to look. It is Beige. He lifted his hands off of Liphan and stood up. Prince slowly walked towards Beige. Unable to believe his eyes. Liphan stayed kneeling on the ground, but her eyes now focused on Prince walking towards Beige. Her head confused about the situation. She married Prince because of pride and now her cousin probably hates her. Prince’s pace grew faster and he finally sprinted to Beige and hugged her. The sight of them together sprang another feeling that Liphan never knew existed. She felt guilty, confused, and hurt all at the same time.

-Phet’s Spa-

“Can I request Gai?” asked First.

Phet smiled at him and told him that Gai is actually out for the rest of the day because she is getting ready for her long vacation. First was upset about not seeing Gai today. So, he asked Phet for Gai’s cell number.

“She hasn’t given you her number yet? My husband told me he has spotted you with her a couple times this week with her,” said Phet.

First put on a weak smile in embarrassment. Then Phet smiled and wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to First. He realized numbers are written on it and thanks Phet.

First walked out and started to dial Gai’s number, but before hitting the send button, he got nervous. He walked to his car and sat in the driver’s seat. After a few minutes in the car, he pressed the talk button.

“Sawatdee ka. Gai speaking,” said Gai.

First greeted Gai with a smile and she suddenly snaps, “How did you get my number? From Phet, huh?”

First got nervous, but Gai laughed over the phone and asked him if he is ready for their trip. Gai told First that she already talked to Prince and they booked a room on the island for her. She told First that First will have to contact his sister to get his own accommodations.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

Beige wrapped her arms around Prince taking in the pain she is feeling and releasing her tears. Coming back to see her cousin and husband together is hurting her more than she thought it would. She had to stay strong. If she made it through a rape, she had to stay strong and win him back.

Beige suddenly pulled back from Prince. She glared at him, “You’re married now. I saw it on the news. You really move on quickly.”

“I’m sorry Beige. I did this for you. I married her for you. Didn’t her boyfriend take you to hold you hostage so that they can make money off of you?” explained Prince.

Beige was confused about why Liphan had to hold her hostage. But, she decided to let Prince think whatever her wanted. “Then, do you still love me?” asked Beige.

Without hesitation, Prince answered, “Of course, I do.”

Beige leaped into Prince’s arms again crying with tears of joy. But, the more her head rest against his chest, Liphan’s filled with tears. Prince slightly turned his head and saw Liphan slowly standing up and her eyes filling with sadness like she had the week before. He began to second guess his response to Beige.

“What am I thinking?” Prince asked himself.

Moments, later, Beige turned to look at Liphan. She released Prince and walked towards Liphan. Her heart, now black with feelings of betrayal. Beige swung her hands back and “smack”. Her hands stung as it pressed against Liphan’s cheeks. Liphan touched her face, pained from the sting , but more so from the betrayal that Beige is feeling right now.

Prince stood in shock at what just happened. He hadn’t seen Beige so angry before. Right now she isn’t the same person who he once knew. His eyes shifted to Liphan. Tears now rolling down her eyes, yet she is so silent. An innocence that he had overlooked. His heart began to pound and he knew he couldn’t let Liphan get hurt again and he knew he couldn’t let Beige hurt someone. Beige raised her hands again in frustration and just as she was about to hit Liphan’s face, Prince grabbed her wrist and stared at her sternly. Liphan turned to look at Prince as if in a pleading manner to let Beige slap her. But, Prince can’t let that happen.

“I don’t want to see you hurt someone,” said Prince. “We all need to all talk.”

Beige took some deep breaths and Prince led her to sit down on the couch. Liphan still standind speechless. She thought about what she would say to Beige if Beige ever returned, but she never thought that it would be hard to explain.

Realization just struck Liphan. “Not everyone thinks like I do,” she thought.

Beige had suddenly reappeared in front of Prince and Liphan. Prince is now angry at himself for causing such a huge mess. He lost sight of his logical thinking because he became hysterical over Beige’s disappearance. He had lost to love so many times and ended up hurt. And that feeling of being thrown away had blinded him from reality. He became quick to misjudge and quick to believe words that made no sense. He found someone to blame and that person was Liphan.

Prince sat in his chair and finally spoke. He told Beige that he married Liphan because someone told him that Beige was held hostage and he wanted to know where Liphan hid her. He wanted to marry Liphan and make her suffer for convincing Beige to visit and then holding her ransom.

“Liphan, can we go talk somewhere?” asked Beige.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Patio-

“I’m sorry I misunderstood. I felt betrayed. I thought you married him to steal him from me. You know that I love him,” said Beige after Liphan explained why she married Prince. “Uncle Lith finally stopped hiding and came to your rescue. And tricked you both into signing the marriage certificate” Beige smirked laughing at the situation. “But, misunderstood you. Then you and your pride.”

Liphan gave Beige a big hug. “You know that I can never intentionally hurt you.”

“What do we do now?” asked Liphan. “I can divorce him for you.”

Beige thought about it and said, “Let’s wait a bit longer. I don’t want rumors right now. And I still haven’t told Prince why I left yet. Liphan, I’m sorry for putting you through all of this.”

“Beige, what happened between you and Son?” asked Liphan.

“Nothing happened,” said Beige.

“What about the note you left in the bathroom?” asked Liphan.

Meanwhile, Prince eavesdropped around the corner of the house. He had to make sure neither one of them will hurt each other. He wondered about the note Liphan found in the bathroom and why Beige went silent all of a sudden.


sarNie Juvenile
Getting good....I'm hooked.
Beige understood Lipahn now,GOD...
I hope Beige don't lie about the rape....

1 quesstion, do Son still love Lipahn or do he love Beige???
Seen like Prince is having feeling for Lipahn....
Gai is cutie...


sarNie Oldmaid
Getting good....I'm hooked.
Beige understood Lipahn now,GOD...
I hope Beige don't lie about the rape....

1 quesstion, do Son still love Lipahn or do he love Beige???
Seen like Prince is having feeling for Lipahn....
Gai is cutie...
Yeah, I like Gai. That's why I had to keep her in this. At first I wasn't going to make her important, but I had to :) She's way down to earth to not.

Knight and Mary couple kinda bores me. I kept them in because I can't just leave them hanging since they just started dating in high school. We need to see if their new relationship is long lasting or not.

As for Son...the teaser mv shows that he is with Beige for the most part, but anything can happen :p

So being the procrastinator that I am, I totally forgot to write ahead and I don't have a chapter written to post for Tuesday. Yes, I can write and maybe have it finished to post tomorrow, but I don't have the motivation to type or think. Ughh, my laziness. Now I'm contemplating whether to have a spoiler for Ch. 13, which I haven't written at all. I hope I get motivated to post something up on Thursday. I know my schedule will be off from now on because...I have a job...which I'm assuming is permanent now!! :thumbsup: It's night shift too, so it'll totally screw with my brain.

Oh heck with it, I'll give you a teaser for Ch. 13 and we'll see if it'll actually go the way I plan for this chapter to go.


-First calls his sister for the first time in a long time-

---Beige stays with Prince & Liphan..."No, they belong together."---

Gai will team up with Beige? - THE DILEMMA

What role does Son play? What is he after, who is he after? To make Prince jealous?

Jealous of WHO?​

Update: 1/19/11
K, so behind on everything....will prob not be posting tonight :(

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FINALLY i caught up with all the drama lol (college is killing me)
thanks for the wonderful updates. haha Prince is so nosy :p