Come back of Kob to play lakorn next year


sarNie Hatchling
You do not dream, for all the fans of Kob, I have an excellent piece of news to be announced to you. Kob is going to mean playing a lakorn which will begin next year. I am so excited that it is necessary to share this news to the fans of Kob.

You can judge it by yourself by looking at this clip of Daokrajai:


Me too! I can't wait.
Her last lakorn. They style her very beautiful.
Hope her new lakorn is a drama not a comedy.I don't like any of her comedy lakorn.

Kob S fan!


sarNie Oldmaid
Her new lakorn is call Reun Son Ruk. Don't know if she be playing the mother role or the n'rai...You can go to spicy forum for more news on the lakorn.

Credit to: Mai @ SPICY Forum