Costumes in Boran Lakorns

p. Zoua

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Pictures by Samsearn, FB, Lek Jessada forum, etc.
UGH not to bash or anything but man, costumes in the boran lakorns have been ugly over the it's starting to come back a little but some of them were just Fah's purple costume in Tkt here....

Fah is gorgeous but man her costume was just ugly....and the braids on her she matches her hair not braided like that...but Mild only wore the golden outfit throughout the boran lakorn...which was kinda irritating to me....I mean yea she's the main gal but heck, wouldn't she look more gorgeous in other clothings as well? 
and in BUa Kaew juk Krod...UGH...

Aom's pink costume was kinda bleh...and the one Cartoon was wearing with one sholder doesn't match the thai dress...but her Kinaree costume was wonderful. I loved Au's costume in there. She had only three i think. The red, Purple, and orange-ish, but her costumes were gorgeous. Lek's was ok. but man, talk about back then eh? 
I think the ladies in chaiyachet had really nice costumes, but they're colorful and showed their bellies. HEE hee but whatever, at least they all had crowns. I loved the Sung Tong & Nang Sib Song Costumes. 






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yea thats one of the reasons why i stopped watching boran bc of their hideous outfits and CG disaster lol and plus the casts nowadays are not appealing to me
miss the old days of boran where everything was just normal lol


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I agreed too!! i mean the people who makes these customes took a lot of their time but it jux looked not so back in the days!! i love the sung tong's outfits more!! because they remind me of my very first boran lakorn kaew na mah!! :D


p. Zoua said:
I am an old school person so I say these outfits were the best of the best since the late 80s to late 90s. They were what made the ladies in borans look the prettiest and plus the crowns made them look elegant and more of a princess and/or queen.
Dear had the better outfit than the other girls in CYC. LOL.