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I know majority of us here are Asian and many of us reside in Western countries. I have yet to experience the discrimination and racism remark against Asian myself. I wonder if any of you have experience it during this pandemic?

Before the shelter in place took off, my sister and her spouse ate at a Japanese sushi restaurant and noticed that they were seated away from everyone else. At that moment they were the only Asian. What surprise me is that non Asian would still eat at an Asian restaurant if they were so afraid.

Two days ago, Costco finally stocked up with toilet paper and water. My sister was only allowed to get one pack of toilet paper but two other white lady were able to get 2 pack each. She was pregnant and was afraid if she fought back (not physically) she would get beaten so she just let it go. I was super pissed when she told me.
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Sometimes, promises are Forever. ❤️
Whoa, that’s messed up the situations you mentioned. I have not experienced any discrimination during this time, but really, I do feel like people are wary or I feel self-conscious being Asian out in public. So I try to stay my distance. Especially if people are wearing masks and I am not. It may not be explicitly stated or shown but like mentioned, I do feel aware maybe people might be uncomfortable or cautious. It’s unfair.


Sometimes, promises are Forever. ❤️
And it’s so stupid how ppl hear like one cough and it’s like, “ oh they might have it.” Lolll I have had to suppress coughs during this time. I know there have been deaths but I think ppl blow this out of proportion a bit too. The media and government officials are scaring ppl a bit imo.


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I really think it originated in China. If they have nothing to hide, why restrict others from investigating the origin of the virus?