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This will be my personal thread from now on. I feel like I hijacked that other thread with my work so I opened up my own. This thread will have everything all in one. I feel like 2017 is approaching so it would be appropriate to start something new. In addition, I feel like this is the year (2017) that something good is about to happen. It's like all of the hard work that I put in will start to shine. Preparations are in place and late 2017 is where things will be happening for sure. I can't be too cocky about it but rather I must continue to put in the hard work to get to my destination. Walk with the lord.

Onto another subject, I think 2017 is going to be when my sister's brand take that leap. ELITE Territory. With unique concepts, art work, trendsetting ideas, etc. You know it is like you're leading the pack. Hard work is still required though.

Lastly, maybe in the later part of 2017, I'll put up a real IG account. lol.

This was supposed to be a Christmas card of sort that I was working on for my sister's clothing line. Just a rough draft.



The Realist guy here period
This is the first time in a very long time that I have felt the holiday spirit. More like enjoying it since I was little. I guess it's because I'm actually doing what I love not what someone else expected of me. The road wasn't easy and I still have a long way to go to where I want to be but definitely heading in the right different. 2017, I definitely have plans on collaborating with some people in the industry. Not concrete yet but I feel like this is when the flood gate will kind of open for me.

Besides, I have felt a surge of energy since this past July. Drama free and stuff. No hatred no nothing. The way to test things out is to see if you still have feeling or not for an individual. If you can look at their picture in a magazine let say and not feel anything then you will know you're good to go. Hate is a feeling and if you hate someone, you still have feeling for them. But for me, I haven't had that since July. And it is a reflection of my ability to come out with creative projects for myself and for my sister's clothing brand. :cheer: And I'm hungry as ever.

Here's my finish product. I've saved the template so I can plug different pics into next time.

My version with music in it. Christmas music was slower pace so I didn't like it for this project.


The Realist guy here period
I was thinking today. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was something like an Ex-girlfriend t-shirt or jean? Nothing negative but more of poking fun at one self. Like for an example, a plain white skirt with an arrow pinning a heart in the middle with a note scribble on it. I've seen this setup somewhere but not executed like this before. haha. On that note would be like Dear with .... behind it and then scribble. And then it would end with Good luck - Sh**** M* on the bottom. Sh**** M* would be the person writing that letter in that respect.

Every where you go, people like limited edition or special edition of anything. Be it color, design, concepts,etc. In this situation,the dear and good luck could be in Japanese or Korean. People should love this two cultures. Must test it out first though to see if it would sell. What would sell in one part of the world might not sell in another part.

In addition, I have learned is that people buy personality and wording. And if you're a growing brand, you gotta think about what your brand represent. I.E fun loving, comfort, playful,etc. Spunky, little attitude, edge etc. The name on a piece of clothing does go a long way. People want to feel a certain way or want to experience a rush of euphoria. Out of those hundreds of brands, you want to stand out above the rest. And above all, know your customers base. More on the business aspect of things later on. Feel like I'm back at the corporate world again. haha. @ shall be included in new promo.

Just a rough draft. Hmmmm. This feels familiar. The situation anyway. :fighting3: :p


p.s. If anyone didn't know before, my favorite color is blue especially light blue. Pisces got to swim. But I might be mixing it up a bit in the future.


The Realist guy here period
A bit of an update on what I'm doing. Well, I'm home for the holiday for the next couple of weeks. Yeah and then bam, the snowstorm came. I kind of missed it because in Southern California, it was hot and I love the cooler weather in the Midwest. I was in my mom's homeland for the summer a couple of years ago and next again. It was like a jungle out there. Everything was nice and but the humidity was unbearable for me away. Even my mom who grew up there her whole life was uncomfortable. I guess, we're used to the cooler climate. lol. I'll definitely be visiting Thailand in the future because it's my heritage and it's where my roots are.

So I'm at home in my room (parent's house now) working on a new concept with robotic arms and I stumbled onto a box in the cabinet and there it was...the box. I bought that box last January and it never got to it intended recipient. Things happen and yeah. I was going to throw it in the BBQ pit at a friend's house early May but decided not to. I didn't want to auctioned off on eBay either so I left it in my cabinet before heading out West for good last summer. So this got me thinking, what should I do with it. And then a brilliant idea came into my head.

Since this is the last bit memory of this person that I have left, I'm hoping I can mail this to my sister's clothing headquarter. Not as a gift of course cuz they deserve something better. My idea is something of a contest for their clothing brand as the grand prize for the winner. People love contest and that is one way to draw more people to a given brand. Yes, it is a very expensive prize but it is a lesson learned on my part. Besides, it doesn't hold any sentimental value to me anymore. It's still in its original box and hasn't been touched. Probably in the summer when I make an official IG account is when I'm looking to deliver the item. I like being in the background that's why no official account. Oh, you'll know it's my official account.

I'm looking to enter my own short filming competition in April. It's the same one from last year but it's going to be more competitive this time I think. But I'm more prepare now than ever. I've been working on my off time time on Premiere Pro and After Affect constantly. I've learned from last year failures and I have worked on shoring up those weaknesses. Plus, I'm partnering up with my good friend Chris with the vfx. I want to win this bad. The win will help validate my hard work and open more doors for me. Plus, if more doors are open for me, I will surely bring my sister's brand along in a sneaky fashion. haha. In the short film that I'm going to be filming, I'mma try to sneak elements of her clothing symbol in. More eyes = more exposure. Influential eyes = influential results. It's like conditioning people to see certain things. And the judges are from people from sitcom on television network, stars, comedians, TV exes and influential people with millions of followers on Youtube. Let's go International.

We shall see. Trust in the lord as always. Believe but put in the work to get results. :thumbup::aaaaa:
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The Realist guy here period
I called this creation removing the mask. Or from the shadow into the spotlight. From the unknown to the known. Removing the darkness to reveal the light. I'm looking to create that Hollywood feel in the next promo when Sh**** M* new line is release. It'll be like a trailer of some sort. If we wanna take it to the next level, it got to feel and look like it. I got another good friend to help me make this super custom intro but saving it for the future. This is like some Hollywood special affect kind of intro. The program that he uses is like 5 grand but it is what they use to create 3D creatures like in lord of the ring, Harry Porter, etc.


There is this one site where I just bought a lot of film-making tools and stuff. But they are giving away custom made Blockbuster and Holomoji iOS Sticker Packs!. And I know my little sister loves her iphone so here it is. The links to download the two packs are below the youtube video. P.S. keep it a secret so people will be asking where did you get that from. hahha.

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Merry Christmas everyone!!! :aaaaa:

Flashback 2016 Part 1. I think my sister's photographer need to shoot in full HD from now on. More like 2K resolution because it'll look better next year. :thumbup: The higher resolution would have taken the whole screen and made the affect look a bit better. Didn't want to stretch the photo because it would look grainy. I will be sending the box in the summer to my little sister to raffle it off. Now something negative in the past can become something positive. Praises the lord. :icon12:


I haven't been writing a lot cuz I've been keeping it low key
Been putting in the work mastering the fundamental you see
Editing, chopping it up cuz I know the contest ain't gonna be easy
Cuz when it's time I'm going to be smackin' em up like Sh**** M*
The road to success comes from GOD who I give all glory
It's funny how life from the past two years feels like a story
I was down, out, and my life was full of misery
But in the process, I've gained a little sister like biblically
That's the best gift any one can get for Christmas you see
The story just started see you all next year for part two.


The Realist guy here period
Part two of the flashback didn't go the way I wanted it to. It turned into a Smells like Teen Spirit intro instead. :eek: It looks pretty good but a bit quick but that's what intro are. They're very fast so don't blink. :risas3: I'm half way through the Hollywood concept that I'm working on. It's more of a promotional piece with that classic Hollywood look and feel. It looks like my little sis got some dude following her big time. :risas3: Ok, it's not funny but it's funny. smh. That guy need to examine himself cuz he reeks with desperation written all over. Dude is everywhere almost on everyone's page. One can only hope he sees the light one day.



The Realist guy here period
Happy New Year everyone. Well, not over here yet but I'm going to get a little lit for this year. Just enjoying life right now and working towards something special. The beginning of last year was not so good but towards the middle, everything started to get better. No baggage just the fresh blue sky. Love the Midwest. So peaceful and calm. More lay back type of life. Need to walk with the lord everyday and continue to work hard. I don't like new year resolution. Never have and never will but I do have goals for this upcoming year. No hidden agenda this year. hehe. :clap::p Like I've said, this year will be when the unknown comes into the spotlight. Removing of the mask.

I love this new look. The look just screams prestige. Raising the bars so the other brands better keep up cuz we won't let up. We won't accept Imitation and will put out the best quality products for our customers. Starting to sound like a marketing ploy. lol. I'll stop it there.

EDIT: Fixed some minor errors. Added @

My Version with Starboy Instrumental. Sound very good. Modern but yet elegant.
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I have to weeks left to enjoy it here but I love it. Cool and windy but home is where the heart is. So I have more free time on my hands so why not put it to good use. I'm always testing new ideas and concepts. And I'm always testing it on my sis's clothing brand. I made a promise to myself last year that I was going to elevate her brand to the best of my abilities. This is just the start. I can see that I'm improving and I have other stuff planned for the rest of the year. I don't want to get ahead of myself. Also, I have to be humble in the eyes of the lord. Keep working hard every single day. This is just the beginning. I'm so giddy cuz there are things I can't say yet. When it's time then it'll be known. :) Foreshadowing a bit. hahaha. :risas3:

Onto this current concept by itself. I'm not a gambling man myself but I do know that the Ace of spade is the top in a lot of games. With the help of a friend, I was able to come up with it. There's no hidden cards in this sleeve. The card is out in the open and there can only be one top card (Metaphorically speaking). P.S. I'm saving this intro until new items come out with the current collection or a when a new collection is release.



The Realist guy here period
All right, I'm back. Been sick with the flu for a week but I'm finally starting to feel better. Just in time to fly out Wednesday. >.< Well, I took the time to write that short story for the short film that I plan on shooting for the contest in May. Five months seems like a long time but time fly just like that. I'm doing all of the prep work and learning from last year failure. Failures will shed light on your weaknesses and what you have to improve. I took that to heart this year. I'm more focus, more serious, and more prepare. I'm buying custom tailor costumes and going for that medieval look. I don't like acting in my shorts but this time, I might have to make a guest appearance. haha. The BMI index is the worse system to measure your body fat. 18.5-24% is normal. So I must be underweight at 12%. I'm aiming for 7% which I was three years ago (athlete level). No way am I cracking 4%. lol. That's elite level. I love my brownies and cake too much. We'll see how it goes. Low carbs and low sugar are the way to go. It's gonna be hard cuz I don't have that much body fat. Very fit to begin with. :crybaby2::facepalm: Likely five meals a day. Well, I'm hitting the gym about 4 times a week now so...:fighting3:

I made call out title like in the movies. I have no footage that I like so I used a photo instead. haha. Very simple but hard to understand. First time doing it.


The Realist guy here period
Here's the one where my friend helped me with. This is beyond my skill level. lol. Very premium stuff just like opening credit in a movie. High class and high grade stuff. I call it Cosmic Lion. I think the logo at the end is fitting for this kind of work. haha. :p:risas3: ;)



The Realist guy here period
Yeah, back out in LA again. In hindsight, I should taken the flu shot in the fall cuz the flu was bad this year. >.< Anyhow, I have to get hype up for this project. The contest is coming and my excitement is pretty high right now. I decided to write a short poem and create this current template with a friend base on my sister's brand.

From Bottom to the Top
They knocked me down last year
I'm back at it again, ain't runnin' scared
Cuz the lord told me I ain't got nothin' to fear
Shored up those weaknesses baby I'm well prepared
Lights, camera, action, leavin' no details to spared
LA is where I'll be
Working with a couple of my friend celebrities.
At the end of the years is where all will see.
Why I put so much work and so much energy
Got three sisters:biological,step and one just like blood from over sea

From the bottom to the elite
Illest brand we won't be beat
Scoring on them, we're on a winning streak
J**** with the design. M*** bring the heat
Chic, unique, just like the best boutiques
Hitting our stride not yet at our peak
If ya hatin' on us just take a seat
They throwing shade on us that's a tree
They tried to gain on us --- incomplete
No.1 for a reason leaving them obsolete
Taking Sh**** M* lightly that's a no,no.
Our resolve is so strong so ice cold
Cuts like the wind when it's 32 below.

Please install adblocker on your browser cuz some of these free file sites are full of ads so don't click on them.


The Realist guy here period
Just like that Rihanna song. Work work work. New year same thing right now. hahaha. Well, my mom seems to be enjoying herself. As she is visiting the homeland again with my step dad next month. Why can't that be me? >.< I'm a planner that's why. I like to plan my year in advance with my goals in mind. Now, I'm pretty flexible but I don't like venturing too far from my plan. The only times that I can foresee myself leaving the continental US is the last quarter of the year. That's when my schedule is a little better. I have so many ideas and concepts that I want to do but so little time. So I told myself to concentrate on one or two.

As I was browsing today, I came across SOS and there were two brands that collaborated and they made a small fashion video. I thought the editing was all right and camera work was all right as well. But if I was doing it for my little sister's brand, it work look something like this. I just don't like static footage. And I would add custom color correction. But that just me cuz I get bored easily. haha. M***, I have many ideas and concepts but I'm not spilling it here cuz I don't like people taking my concepts. It's innovative at the same time too. It would be a lot easier if I was based in BKK. haha. Will explain later towards the summer when I sent you an email. We'll see. May the good lord bless me on my adventures this year. Remember, GOD is in control even in this chaotic world.



P.S. I'm working on a valentine day's promo for Sh**** M*.


The Realist guy here period
So, I've changed my mind about contacting my sister in the summer. Actually, I'll be doing that sooner. haha. More likely before Valentine day so she can put the stuff up. I've made a small wishing the customer Happy V Day video card. And at the moment, I've working on this elegant classy 3d promo. Could be on TV that's how good it is. haha. The two project files are not going to be posted up here cuz these are secret files of mine. I like this one quote and I think I might use it. Not trying to compete with any other brands. Well, friendly competition doesn't hurt from time to time. Almost everyone is found at SOS so it's cool.


Like I've said before, this is a new year, a new beginning. This is the year. It's gonna be lit. :aaaaa:confident not cocky.
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you should have ur poem thread here too !!
My poems are in here too. At the moment, my artistic side is towards making artistic video. Poetry comes and goes. I want it to flow like the river. It can't be forced. lol. hehe.

Sarn, check your inbox.

I hope my lil sister is checking her email. hahahaha. There might be something in the mail.
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The Realist guy here period
M***, check your mail this upcoming Saturday US time. haha. I'm working on something for the current collection. Would give a preview on here but.... hahaha. I think I'll email out the finish product instead. And my identity should not be reveal to anyone nor any mention of the work done by me. Well, you could mention that it is done by your big brother if you want. But that's it. Show Ji**y that's how Sh**** M* is rolling these days. And no, I did not browse her page. But referencing it cuz she got her own brand as I recalled. My identity shall be hidden until .... when the time is right. hahaha.

Well, on a second thought. Here is the outtro for the latest collection. Custom made. Custom parallax slideshow for this Saturday. Could do it for video as well but no footage. hahaha. Oh, I did custom color editing of the photos too. More cinematic and it just added more life to it.


The Realist guy here period
Well, better late than never. Had to make sure the project was up to my standard for mailing it out.

On a side note, I now know how the studio clean up blemishes on their actors. I bought this $1000 plugin last month of After Effect and this is how they do it. This is one feature in this plugin. I was able to work with 300 cinematic looks and clean up the image to the max. I'm still learning the other feature of it. I did a test run on the models working on my sister's clothing line and it does the trick. The proof is in the pudding. My latest project that I've just mail to my sister 30 minutes just prove that it works. I'm going to try it on video footage tomorrow to see how it goes.