Current fav. drama

Which is your favorite?

  • Ngao Asoke(Pong&Peung)

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  • Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed(Win,Kwan,Poo)

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  • Badarn Jai(AumA.&Margie)

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  • Teung Rai Gor Ruk(Paul&Namfon)

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  • Koon Noo Tewada(Weir&Pancake)

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  • Pookarn Reuh Rae(PorT.&Yard)

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  • Kom Faek(PorN.&NoonW.)

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  • Satroo Koo Kwan(Yui&Oun)

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  • Sood Tae Jai Ja Kwai Kwa(Alex&Taew)

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  • Jiw Jaew Jing Jai(Kade&Som)

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sarNie Adult
it was hard...i like both ngao asok and bpom ruk roy adeed....but i chose bpom ruk roy adeed since i seem to go to the thread a


sarNie Coma
gotta say neither of those lakorn stands out for me although i am enjoying badarn jai the most. still havent caught up to the recent epi of tueng rai yet but we'll see how it goes..only seen epi 1


sarNie Oldmaid
i actually have two favorite drama rite now that is Satroo Koo kwan and Badarn Jai.. im like
n love wit these two the most..


sarNie Adult
Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed and Kom Faek :dude:

but i'll vote for BRRA :p since Its been on longer. keke.


sarNie Juvenile
enjoying this load of lakorns... i am watching ngao asoke, PRRA, badarn jai and khun noo tewada... however i chose badarn jai cos its the only one i cant wait to watch every week and the only one i download before my family rent in on dvd... soo go BJ


sarNie Fansubber
some good lakorns lately, when its good they all air at same times when boring and nothing to watch it also happens same time so there are busy times for lakorn watchers and resting times lol.

right now.. tueng rai kor ruk.


Expired Sarnie
^ i hear you. i hate that when it happens at some time esp. when i am having a hard time deciding which aired lakorn to watch first.

right now i really like khun noo tewada and badarn jai. havent seen any of the lakorn that's listed up there yet.


sarNie Hatchling
I think I would die if I don't watch Thai lakorn. Life would be boring for me. I can't stand the shows they broadcast in America. The only and I mean only American show I like is CSI:Nevda and Law & Order: Criminal Intent and SVU. Anyhow, to get to the point: I choose Satroo because I'm a fan of her smiles and she was awesome in Nang Tad....great proformance ***bravo*** :yahoo:


sarNie Adult
for mee. the less stressing one would be khun noo kevada. haahah its pretty relaxing =] other than that it would be prom ruk roy adeed & kom faek! =)


sarNie Adult
pom rak roy adeed, khun noo tevda, ngao asoke, badarn jai
I love them all :wub:

But the one i'm enjoying the most is Kom faek... :wub:


sarNie Adult
Ngao Asoke is alright. Pong's nose bothers me at times though. haha. It usually comes on my tv at like 1:30ish or 2..or rite now! haha.