Cyclone hits Myanmar


sarNie Adult
I was on track to go on tour for 30 days there and to just take in the country since its been a while the last time I was there.

Now because of this I've convinced my mother to help the area. So basically me and my mother are going to help in the big mess. For now I'm thinking of just doing labor moving stuff and helping in distribution since I can speak thai and burmese. Alot of aid are coming through thailand so that will probably come in handy.

Anyway we're probably going with ADRA or redcross.

Time for me to gather some karma. 30 days of hard labor is probably going to mean alot of karma ;)


Sarnie Clown!
So this is where the news section is at now. Man, SW has changed a lot. Anyway, that's awesome Darv. Seriously, if I could get out of here, I would love to help too. Maybe since I'm not white, the junta will be less against me going in to help the people. But yeah man, if you're going to videotape stuff there, be careful. I don't want you to disappear and the government to say you "never was there."


i read a comment someone that was involved with the disaster said something like "now i really think the world is ending" or whatever, but yeah this breaks my heart T_T